Apparently, The U.K is ready for subtitles dramas now; that’s what the media are saying anyway. But The U.K has been ready for them for ages. They munched down The Killing, washed it down with a cup of hot Borgen, and did it while remembering a platter of Wallander.

Sure, they’re all Scandinavian crime/political dramas, but so ready is The U.K for a subtitled drama, a French one about zombies has taken over the middle class living rooms on Sunday nights everywhere. The Telegraph, after asserting that episode one has posed more questions than it had answered, were impressed, giving the episode a four-star review – much like the first episode. Den of Geek were also enamoured with the slick, original French drama, saying: “As proved by the over-use of interrogation marks in the above paragraphs, episode two of The Returned left us with question after question. The acid test for any show that sets out that much mystery is how badly its audience wants to find the answers. Me? I’m dying to know.”

Like Den of Geek say, the real quiz will be in a few episodes time, as we start to unravel the mythology behind the people coming back from the dead, see how the human psyche – as portrayed in The Returned – comes to deal with these supernatural events. There’s also loads of real life crime to be sorted out, like people getting stabbed under bridges – or was that the doing of a raised corpse? Tantalising.

 kenneth BranaghKenneth Branagh Starred In The BBC's Wallander