The Prophets’ Billy Scott has died, at the age of 70, in North Carolina. He had been suffering from pancreatic and liver cancer and is understood to have passed away at his home, according to

Billy was a revered Rhythm and Blues singer; he began his career as one half of The Prophets (later The Georgia Prophets), along with his wife of the time, Barbara, in 1966. He was known for championing ‘beach music’ and a close friend and employee of his, Lulu Quick, said “He was an excellent entertainer, just a sweet person. Would give you the shirt off his back.” Scott celebrated his 70th birthday on October 5, 2012 and was not known to be ill at the time, A few days later, though, he began to suffer from stomach pains. His illness eventually worsened and forced him to cancel a scheduled appearance at the North Carolina Hall of Fame Induction ceremony on October 11.

Prior to his death, which was relatively sudden, given the rapid development of the cancer, Billy had been working on bringing beach music back to North Carolina’s youth. The Beach Music Association’s president, Harry Turner, paid tribute to the late singer, saying “He was one of the most amazing people you’ll ever be around.” 

Listen to Billy Scott performing 'California' with the Georgia Prophets