Netflix is losing more titles? Oh no, say it isn’t so! Unfortunately, dear TV and film addicts, yes, it is so, another great purge is here, as today is the day when nearly 2000 film titles disappear from the annals of Netflix history for good. These include, of course, titles that nobody has ever heard of, but sadly, we will also have to say goodbye to some of our favorite “watched, loved, would never admit to liking” titles. The reason behind this cleanse? Licensing agreements or rather, lack thereof. Netflix failed to strike a deal with MGM, Universal, and Warner Bros. over the content that’s being pulled and so it will now be moved… no one knows where. While there were initial reports that Warner would be moving its content to its own streaming website, Warner Archive, the company’s reps have denied this, so it will all presumably fall into the void. Rest in peace, sub-par shows that we used to love.

Yes, they may be old and quickly becoming irrelevant and yes, Netflix might be coming up with heaps of original content in the coming months, but taking away Cruel Intentions, now that’s just... evil. That’s not how you thought the sentence would end, is it? Anyway, there is some light in the darkness, like Arrested Development coming back for example. In addition, Netflix has added 500 new titles to its service as of today, which isn’t exactly a consolation, but it is something. The company has made it clear that they intend to develop as an online content producer, rather than a mere distributor, so it’s not unlikely that we’ll be seeing more and more original shows and less and less Teen Mom. That last one might prove especially true, since Netflix execs have announced plans to let the deal with Viacom expire too. Oh well, suppose we’ll always have Arrested Development.