Now with almost three full seasons airing to-date, 'The Flash' has been entertaining audiences on The CW after originally coming to viewers as a spin-off to the hugely-successful 'Arrow'. Having officially stood on its own two feet and gained legions of new fans as well as those that came to it from the Oliver Queen-centric series, 'The Flash' is one of the most successful superhero shows available on television, arguably leading the way for the rest.

Andrew Kreisberg serves as executive producer on 'The Flash'Andrew Kreisberg serves as executive producer on 'The Flash'

Gearing up for the finale at the beginning of next week - where fans will see Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) go up against his biggest threat to-date in Savitar - there's a lot of action expected from season 3's final hour, as the superhero seeks vengeance for his loved ones.

Viewers have already seen Iris West (Candice Patton) brutally murdered by the villain, and it looks as if this event will serve as the launching pad for a major battle.

"There will be an ultimate showdown with Savitar in the finale," teased executive producer Andrew Kreisberg when chatting to EW, "but their [battle] isn't probably quite what you're expecting. Just because [Savitar] is a version of Barry, it does play out exactly as people would expect."

Hearing Kreisberg's words about an 'unexpected' result is certainly something exciting. Many would have believed the end of this match-up was a foregone conclusion, but when fans read what the EP has to say, they may come to realise that it's not that simple.

With showrunners already confirming in recent months that the overarching villain of season 4 would not be a speedster, you would expect Savitar's story to be fully wrapped up next week. Now though there's the chance that his presence could be something that creeps into the next season...

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'The Flash' season 3 concludes on Tuesday in the US on The CW, and continues on Sky 1 in the UK.