Conspiracy theories have always been a crowd pleaser, but they seem to be in even higher demand in recent years. Enter The Conspiracy, an aptly titled mockumentary, starring Aaron Poole and James Gilbert as two filmmakers on the hunt for a new documentary subject. The trailer shows the pair meeting a hysterical conspiracy theorist and picking him as their main character, only to discover soon after that he has vanished, leaving behind a paper trail of evidence which might point to an enormous global conspiracy.

Check out the trailer for The Conspiracy below.

The trailer, shot in a the classic documentary handheld style, which often seems to morph into what Roger Ebert dubbed the "La Shakily Queasy-Cam" in his infamous review of Cloverfield. Don’t worry though, there are no monsters to be found in this one, only reenactments of a supposed stunning journalistic investigation, some fairly good acting and shaky footage of what looks like a high society party. Of course, it’s all a front for a secret society, as you have probably guessed – The Tarsus Club. And they’re working towards…drumroll please…the New World Order.

Ian Anderson, Classic Rock'n'Roll
Ian Anderson co-stars as...himself.

The premise doesn’t seem wholly original, but at least from the trailer it looks like the Christopher MacBride-helmed flick provides enough suspense to keep you interested throughout. And there’s enough realism to justify the initial claim “Everything in this story is true… trust us.” Overall, if the trailer is anything to go by, then conspiracy buffs will definitely get a kick out of this one. The Conspiracy is out this year on October 11.

Angela Besharah, Gemini Awards
Angela Besharah, of American Pie: Beta House fame will also make an appearance.