'The Biggest Losers' proved themselves to be just that after kicking up a hissy fit when told that there was going to be a twist in the final show of the US reality program. The twist is described as such, but in fact has been employed several times before in past series, with contestants booted out earlier in the competition coming back at a later date in an attempt to win their way through to the final. If any of the competitors had watched the previous seasons they'd have known this, evidently they didn't though because it caused an almighty stink, according to MSNBC.com.
Remaining contestants Mark, Buddy, Conda, Jeremy and Kim all ditched their show shirts, microphones and threatened to walk out after receiving the news, causing executive producer Todd Lubrin to exasperatedly ask "You're quitting the show because you think it's unfair?".
"Because I know it's unfair," Jeremy answered, with Mark agreeing. The situation got so bad a lawyer had to remind the contestants what they'd signed up for, reading out the contract which read "All contestants, including all eliminated contestants, will be invited to participate in the final challenge for the series, and the one contestant who wins it will be automatically eligible to win the grand prize." Despite this though, Mark and Buddy left, a baffling end to their tenure on 'The Biggest Loser.'