The Angry Birds game that first made its foray into the big wild world via the iPhone is about to make an enormous leap, from a phone screen to the silver screen. 

Since it's first release in 2009 Angry Birds, owned by the Finnish company Rovio, it has been downloaded over 100,000,000 on Android alone. Now, capitalising on its enormous success - particularly with the key bracket of 16-25 year olds - Rovio have teamed up with one of the Despicable Me producers, John Cohen and David Maisel, the former chaimen of Marvel Studios, to turn the game into a movie, reports MTV. 

Mikael Head, the CEO of Rovio Entertainment said that they were "delighted to have [John] join the flock" adding "these two [John and David] are the dream team for making a movie outside the studio system. Both professionals have the ideal skills and vision to achieve incredible things." 

According to MTV, Rovio are planning to make and finance the movie 'in-house' which may or may not be a good thing. While it could be an incredible product of clear vision, however what it may lack from the outside could be what stymies the finished movie from seamless adaptation. It's not expected to be out until 2016 so they've got a lot of time to perfect things and there are certainly elements to make it a true success.