In That 70's Show, the protagonist Eric had a tearaway sister, Laurie Foreman. She was a college drop-out and constantly disappointed their parents by not getting her act together, she tortured her brother and effectively forced a breakup between Kelso and Jackie. Mirroring the bad behaviour of this character, the woman who played her, Lisa Robin Kelly, has been arrested for assault, reports Yahoo.

She and her 62 year old husband were both arrested. Robert Joseph Gilliam was arrested for misdemeanour assault against a female and Kelly simply for misdemeanour assault. Having both been taken to the local Count Detention Centre they were both released for a $500 bond apiece and have been ordered back into course on January 25th 2012. 

Kelly suffered problems even while she was working on That 70's Show and has since admitted that she was facing troubles with alcohol addiction. She ended up being replaced by another actress. In 2010 she was arrested for drinking while under the influence of alcohol, and earlier this year she was arrested for a domestic dispute for "corporal injury upon a spouse", as TMZ reported at the time. She was jailed on a $50k bail charge. Apparently, her room mate was entirely uncooperative with the police which meant that no prosecutions could be made.