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Mottola To Be A Father?

3rd April 2006

Music mogul TOMMY MOTTOLA has sparked rumours he's going to become a dad, after drawing up plans for another New York City home - complete with a toddler's playroom. The former Sony Music head has...

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Thalia's Jewellery Caught Up In Lead Fight

23rd July 2004

Latina pop star THALIA SODI's low-price jewellery line has come under fire from watchdogs, who claim the sexy singer's gems are dangerous. California's attorney general has swooped on Sodi's accessories, which she sells in...

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Hershey Hires Thalia For Ads

13th April 2004

Latin singing beauty THALIA SODI will appear in a Spanish language print and television advertising campaign for American confectionary giant HERSHEY FOODS CORPORATION. Hershey also plans to introduce a line of chocolate products featuring...

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Thalia Gets Busy With Sexy Cheap Clothes

4th August 2003

Latina pop superstar THALIA SODI is following her heroine JENNIFER LOPEZ's example by using her name to launch a line of sexy clothes and cosmetics. The singer, who is married to MARIAH CAREY's ex...

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