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Beyonce Knowles' Parents Finalise Divorce

19th December 2011

Beyonce Knowles' parents Tina and Mathew have finalised their divorce.The couple - who were married for 31 years - were issued with a final decree of divorce last month in Texas two years after she...

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Rob Kardashian Is Moving To Texas With Khloe

14th December 2011

Rob Kardashian is moving to Dallas with his sister Khloe and her husband Lamar Odom.The former 'Dancing with the Stars' contestant is moving to the city in Texas to be near his sibling and brother-in-law...

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Leighton Meester's Mother Drops Legal Action

13th December 2011

Leighton Meester's mother has dropped her lawsuit against the 'Gossip Girl' actress. Constance Meester had claimed the pair had an oral contract guaranteeing Leighton would pay her $10,000 a month after the 'Gossip Girl' star...

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Jason Orange Plans Romantic Road Trip

30th November 2011

Take That star Jason Orange and his girlfriend Catherine Tate are planning a road trip together. The 'Patience' singer and the comedienne are planning to drive the along the iconic Route 66 from Chicago to...

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Roksanda Ilincic Fan Amber Heard

28th November 2011

Amber Heard is a "big fan" of Roksanda Ilincic as she is "edgy" but "feminine".The model says the label - which has fans such as the Duchess of Cambridge, Lady Gaga, Emma Stone and Michelle...

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Slipknot Singer Blasts Rick Rubin

24th November 2011

Slipknot's Corey Taylor has blasted "overrated" and "overpaid" producer Rick Rubin. The group worked with Rick on their 2004 album 'Vol 3: (The Subliminal Verses)', but despite his being widely regarded as one of the...

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Radiohead Announce Us Tour Dates

7th November 2011

Radiohead have announced a string of live dates for 2012.The band will kick off their first US tour since 2008 in Miami on February 27, just over a year after the release of their last...

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Video Of Judge Who Beat Daughter For Online Piracy Goes Viral

3rd November 2011

A video of a Texas judge who meted out punishment on his daughter by beating her with a belt when he discovered that she had been illegally downloading copyrighted material from the web has gone...

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Marilyn Manson Has Wild Absinthe Night In Vegas

3rd November 2011

Marilyn Manson went on an absinthe binge and tried to hijack a limousine on Saturday night (29.10.11).The shock rocker was in Las Vegas to celebrate Halloween weekend, and after "numerous shots" of the strong alcoholic drink...

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World Series Soars In Week's Ratings

2nd November 2011

The seventh game of the World Series attracted an average of 25.4 million viewers to Fox last Friday, making it the most-watched baseball contest since 2004. Overall, the series between the Texas Rangers and the...

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World Series Lights Up Friday Night

31st October 2011

Who says people are abandoning their TV sets on Friday nights? Give them something worthwhile to watch, it would seem, and they'll tune in. And tune in they did en masse Friday for the seventh...

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Conrad Murray Cries In Court

26th October 2011

Dr. Conrad Murray cried as he listened to defence witnesses give evidence in his involuntary manslaughter trial today (26.10.11).The physician's defence team called five character witnesses to take to the stand to speak about Murray's...

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World Series Is An Mvp For Fox

26th October 2011

Game 5 of the World Series, in which the Texas Rangers beat the St. Louis Cardinals, aided by a spectacular bat-and-glove performance by Rangers catcher Mike Napoli, averaged 14.3 million viewers Monday night, peaking in...

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Johnny Depp Plays 'Surprise' Show

26th October 2011

Johnny Depp played a surprise concert in Texas.The Hollywood heartthrob is currently in Austin to promote new movie 'The Rum Diary' and stunned the crowd at the Continental Club by performing an impromptu set with...

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Madonna To Perform At Super Bowl

26th October 2011

Madonna is to perform at next year's Super Bowl.The 'Hung Up' hitmaker has reportedly beaten off competition from Lady Gaga to headline the annual NFL match in February and will use the show to re-launch...

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Demi Lovato Follows Zooey Deschanel At World Series

25th October 2011

Demi Lovato has followed on from Zooey Deschanel by singing at the World Series.The 'Skyscraper' singer found the experience of performing at the Major League Baseball championships game between Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals...

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Study Tea Party Candidates Boosted By Media

18th October 2011

A study by the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism analyzing broadcast, print, and online reports has found that -- conservative commentators to the contrary -- the news media have by and large...

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Alcs Championship Game Draws Big Ratings

17th October 2011

Despite a blowout score of 15-5, Fox's Saturday telecast of the sixth and final game of the American League Championship Series, in which the Texas Rangers beat the Detroit Tigers, attracted an average of 7.51...

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Val Kilmer's Ranch Sells For 18.5m

14th October 2011

Val Kilmer has sold most of his New Mexico ranch for $18.5 million.The 'Top Gun' star has finally managed to offload the property after originally listing it for sale for $33 million in 2009, before...

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Tim Allen Returns To Tv, Improves Abc's Ratings

12th October 2011

Last Man Standing , Tim Allen's new sitcom for ABC, landed on its feet Tuesday -- yet another new comedy that appears to have caught on with viewers. Two half-hour episodes airing back-to-back at 8...

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Ashton Kutcher Enjoyed 'Real Moments' With Sara Leal

12th October 2011

Ashton Kutcher enjoyed having sex with a blonde receptionist because it was "real", it has been claimed.Sara Leal, 22, alleges she slept with the 'Two and a Half Men' actor - who is married to...

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South Park Wades Into Controversy Again

11th October 2011

Political correctness may no longer permit kids to play cowboys and Indians these days, but it has not prevented the South Park kids from playing Texans and Mexicans. In an episode due to air tonight...

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Sports Boosting Cable Ratings To Broadcast Levels

10th October 2011

High-profile sports events increasingly make cable-TV networks competitive with broadcast network programming, recent ratings results suggest. For example, if cable network TBS had been a broadcast network, it would have ranked third Thursday night with...

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Sam Worthington's Arrogance Worries

29th September 2011

Keira Knightley will take a "long time" to stop seeing Sam Worthington as "arrogant". The British actress appeared alongside the 35-year-old hunk in movie 'Last Night', and because of his decision to approach the role...

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Chace Crawford Won't Face Marijuana Charges

28th September 2011

Charges against Chace Crawford for marijuana possession have been dropped.The 'Gossip Girl' star was arrested when he was a passenger in a parked car in the Dallas suburb of Plano last May and charged with...

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Jessica Chastain To Play Tom Cruise's Lover

27th September 2011

Jessica Chastain will play Tom Cruise's love interest in a new sci-fi movie.The 30-year-old beauty - who most recently starred in 'The Debt' alongside Dame Helen Mirren and Sam Worthington - will take a leading...

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Alec Baldwin Sets Record On Saturday Night Live

26th September 2011

Alec Baldwin has set the record for being the most frequent host of 'Saturday Night Live'. The '30 Rock' actor hosted the programme for the 16th time on Saturday (24.09.11) which saw him play the...

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Will Audiences At Debates Sway Voters?

23rd September 2011

The reaction of audiences at the upcoming political debates may prove to be as influential as comments made by the candidates themselves. A case in point may have become evident during Thursday night's Republican debate...

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Kelly Clarkson Owns 50 Pets

23rd September 2011

Kelly Clarkson owns 50 animals.The 'Because of You' hitmaker admits her home has become like a "rescue ranch" as she is so willing to take in sick and abandoned creatures.She said: "It's like a rescue...

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Kings Of Leon To Return 'Better Than Ever'

25th August 2011

Kings of Leon will return "better than ever".Betty Ann Murphy - mother of band members Caleb, Jared and Nathan Followill and aunt of guitarist Mathew Followill - insists the group will not splitting up, despite...

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