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Will Hollywood Finally Get A Museum?

5th October 2011

A Hollywood museum -- something that has been kicked around by industry moguls, local politicians, and cultural preservationists for decades -- may finally see the light of day. After failing to raise the funds needed...

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Lohan Moving In With Yahoo! Boss' Daughter

19th December 2007

LINDSAY LOHAN has found the perfect new best friend - Yahoo! Chairman TERRY SEMEL's sober daughter COURTENAY. The reformed Mean Girls star has reportedly leased a Beverly Hills home with the 28-year-old, an old friend...

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Cruise Reenacts Oprah Moment

24th March 2006

TOM CRUISE reenacted his sofa-jumping escapade on THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW when he appeared at Yahoo's Influential Speakers showcase on Tuesday (21MAR06). The MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE star took to the stage in Sunnyvale, California, with the...

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