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The Things They Say 2700

21st August 2006

"Oh, Jesus. It probably was in Prague when we were shooting Brothers Grimm. I got so paralytic that I was under the table casting demons out of myself. It was a good evening." Director TERRY...

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Gilliam Shock At Child Star's Movie History

16th August 2006

Movie director TERRY GILLIAM was stunned to find his latest child star has appeared in more movies than him. The former MONTY PYTHON star wanted an orphan for his disturbing new film TIDELAND and thought...

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Bridges' Flowery Cadaver

15th August 2006

Actor JEFF BRIDGES was so thrilled when a model corpse of himself was created for new TERRY GILLIAM movie TIDELAND, he wanted to take it home as a souvenir. THE BIG LEBOWSKI star admits he...

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Bridges Defends Heroin Scene

14th August 2006

JEFF BRIDGES has defended a shocking scene in new TERRY GILLIAM movie TIDELAND in which his on-screen daughter prepares heroin for his drug addict character to take. The AIRPLANE! star insists audiences need to be...

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Palin To Reunite With Gilliam

14th August 2006

British actor MICHAEL PALIN will make his first film in a decade when he starts work on new movie WATER MUSIC with MONTY PYTHON pal TERRY GILLIAM. The 63-year-old last appeared on the big screen...

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Gilliam Honoured At Arena Awards

9th June 2006

Acclaimed director TERRY GILLIAM was honoured at the Arena Awards in London last night (08JUN06). The TWELVE MONKEYS film-maker was presented with the Inspiration Award by the British men's magazine in honour of his progression...

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Gilliam Renounces American Citizenship

10th May 2006

MONTY PYTHON star TERRY GILLIAM has relinquished his US citizenship, because he wants to die a true Brit. The US-born film-maker emigrated to the UK in 1967 and has held dual citizenship for thirty-eight years....

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Bridges To Sing Gilliam Movie Theme

24th April 2006

JEFF BRIDGES is set to show off his singing skills in his next movie after recording the theme to director pal TERRY GILLIAM's new film, TIDELAND. The actor, who records his own albums and releases...

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Gilliam Joins The Circus

15th March 2006

TERRY GILLIAM is heading to the circus to direct the new show DIABLO, which stars renowned clown SLAVA POLUNIN. The TWELVE MONKEYS film-maker has at last given in to the persistent demands of the Russian...

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Gilliam Calls For Better Movie Piracy

27th February 2006

British film-maker TERRY GILLIAM has outraged Hollywood studios by calling on illegal movie pirates to produce better quality DVDs. THE BROTHERS GRIMM director insists the piracy isn't a problem for the movie industry, because...

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Idle Convinced Pythons About Spamalot

22nd February 2006

ERIC IDLE convinced his MONTY PYTHON castmates to let him use their work in hit musical SPAMALOT, by playing them a song he had written for the show. MICHAEL PALIN, JOHN CLEESE, TERRY JONES...

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Deneuve Set For Thai Honour

10th February 2006

French film beauty CATHERINE DENEUVE will be the guest of honour at the Bangkok International Film Festival in the Thai capital this month (24FEB06). The BELLE DE JOUR actress will receive the 2006 Golden...

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Gilliam Slams Weinstein Brothers

7th February 2006

TERRY GILLIAM blames movie mogul brothers BOB and HARVEY WEINSTEIN for the critical mauling his new movie THE BROTHERS GRIMM endured in the US. The former MONTY PYTHON star insists the Miramax founders, who...

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Lee Eyes Don Quixote Role

27th January 2006

Veteran movie star CHRISTOPHER LEE is desperate to land the role of literary hero DON QUIXOTE in TERRY GILLIAM's forthcoming film. Lee, 83, has been linked with the title role in THE MAN WHO...

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Stars Come Out For Bangkok Bash

21st January 2006

A galaxy of superstars including VANESSA REDGRAVE and CHRISTOPHER LEE are set to light up Thailand next month (FEB06) for the fourth Bangkok International Film Festival. WILLEM DAFOE, DIANE LADD, DAME HELEN MIRREN and...

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Prague Shop Named In Gilliam's Honour

25th November 2005

Director TERRY GILLIAM made such an impression with his eye-catching socks while filming THE BROTHERS GRIMM in Prague, he's now had a shop named after him in the Czech Republic's capital. While the 65-year-old...

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Gilliam Extension Upsets Neighbours And Builders

22nd November 2005

Movie director TERRY GILLIAM has upset his north London neighbours with a mezzanine extension one local resident has slammed as "grotesque", while a building firm is chasing him over a reported non-payment. The TWELVE...

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Gilliam Poised To Get Back To Work On Quixote Disaster

10th November 2005

LATEST: Maverick director TERRY GILLIAM has confirmed reports he is on the verge of finally getting his THE MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE movie back off the ground. The 64-year-old's labour of love turned...

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Gilliam Got Childish Arrogance From Monty Python

8th November 2005

Animator-turned-director TERRY GILLIAM credits his participation in British comedy team MONTY PYTHON with giving him the arrogance needed to make movies. THE BROTHERS GRIM film-maker, who worked alongside famed funnymen JOHN CLEESE, TERRY JONES,...

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Gilliam Vows Never To Direct Harry Potter

7th November 2005

Veteran film-maker TERRY GILLIAM has vowed never to direct a future HARRY POTTER film after being passed over for the first two instalments. The former MONTY PYTHON star was "enthusiastic" and "excited" about making...

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Gilliam: 'Trust Me Or Fire Me'

4th November 2005

Director TERRY GILLIAM almost walked out during the final stages of filming THE BROTHERS GRIMM after an artistic disagreement with Miramax bosses. Gilliam, who wrote and starred in the MONTY PYTHON TV series, refused...

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Gilliam Sick Of Grimm

2nd November 2005

TERRY GILLIAM is sick and tired of new movie THE BROTHERS GRIMM, after spending three months promoting it around the world. The movie, which stars MATT DAMON and HEATH LEDGER, was filmed early in...

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Gilliam's Python Attack

2nd November 2005

TERRY GILLIAM has launched an astonishing attack on the former members of comedy legends MONTY PYTHON, labelling them "washed up has-beens". The director insisted he would never work with surviving members MICHAEL PALIN, JOHN...

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Gilliam: 'Bellucci Has Italian Sex Appeal'

25th October 2005

Director TERRY GILLIAM has hailed Italian women as the ultimate screen goddesses after working alongside MONICA BELLUCCI in THE BROTHERS GRIMM. The former MONTY PYTHON star was enraptured by Bellucci's sex appeal during filming,...

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The Things They Say 336

4th October 2005

"MATT had to become the ultimate ladykiller, Prince Charming, with absolute confidence and arrogance. He had to be BEN AFFLECK for a brief moment." Director TERRY GILLIAM on why he insisted his THE BROTHERS GRIMM...

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Gilliam Gets To Work On Quixote Disaster

13th September 2005

British movie maverick TERRY GILLIAM is keen to get his THE MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE movie back off the ground and he's looking at GERARD DEPARDIEU to play the befuddled literary hero. The...

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Exorcism Movie Scares Up Audiences At Us Box Office

12th September 2005

A new film based on a real-life exorcism has scared up a small fortune at the American box office and taken over at the top. THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE has crashed in at...

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Gilliam Slams Cynical Critics

5th September 2005

TERRY GILLIAM is convinced THE BROTHERS GRIMM has been critically slammed because an adult audience is too narrow-minded to appreciate his fantasy-driven work. The quirky director insists the film was a "desperate attempt" to...

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Gilliam Still Upset About Harry Potter Snub

30th August 2005

British film-maker TERRY GILLIAM is still bitter about being snubbed as the director of the first two HARRY POTTER movies. The eccentric former MONTY PYTHON star felt sure he had landed the dream job...

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Gilliam Stunned By Lack Of Interest In Depp/williams Film

29th August 2005

Movie maverick TERRY GILLIAM is amazed that a planned movie starring JOHNNY DEPP and ROBIN WILLIAMS is still on the shelf - because American investors can't raise $15 million (GBP8.3 million). The former MONTY...

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