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Loken: 'I Could Beat Up Rodriguez'

30th November 2005

TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES beauty KRISTANNA LOKEN is warning her pal MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ never to start a fight with her - because she's certain would win. While Rodriguez is often regarded as...

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Terminator Tv Series On The Way

10th November 2005

A TV show based around the hit TERMINATOR films is in the early stages of production. The US show will pick up the action at the end of TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY and will...

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Schwarzenegger Signs For Big Money Sequels

11th October 2005

Hollywood action man ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is set to juggle his role as California Governor with a return to the big screen - he has reportedly agreed to star in two big money sequels. The...

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Schwarzenegger And Chan To Tackle Chinese Dvd Pirates

3rd October 2005

TERMINATOR legend ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and martial arts action pal JACKIE CHAN are joining forces to kick out Chinese DVD pirating. The Hollywood hard man - now Governor of California - is set to front...

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Schwarzenegger Playboy Video Hidden By Pecker

13th September 2005

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER was reportedly saved embarrassment in the run-up to his 2003 California Governor campaign when American Media Inc boss DAVID PECKER allegedly bought a 1983 Playboy video hosted by the Austrian movie star....

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Cameron To Be Sued Over Terminator Character

16th August 2005

Director JAMES CAMERON is to be sued by an Australian couple over allegedly stealing their idea and using it to create 1991 blockbuster TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY. FILIA and CONSTANTINOS KOURTIS insist they created...

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Arnold Reunites True Lies Cast To Talk About A Sequel

14th July 2005

JAMIE LEE CURTIS and TOM ARNOLD have signed on to make a TRUE LIES sequel as soon as California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER gives up his political dreams and returns to acting. Arnold has confirmed...

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T3 Star Stahl Lands X-men Role

9th July 2005

TERMINATOR 3 star NICK STAHL is set to join the cast of another movie franchise, the X-MEN. The actor, who also appeared in SIN CITY, has reportedly signed up to play ANGEL in X-MEN...

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Schwarzenegger Speaks Up For Stunt Artists

1st July 2005

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has hit out at Oscar organisers for refusing to honour stunt coordinators with their own Academy Awards category. The outspoken California Governor, who has appeared in a bevy of stunt-heavy action films...

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Schwarzenegger's Advice To Kasabian

16th June 2005

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER was a huge fan of KASABIAN - until he saw them and discovered how thin and pale the band members are. The beefy TERMINATOR actor works out in the gym to the...

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Schwarzenegger 'Suspects Stallone Of Nazi Smear Campaign'

24th May 2005

California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER suspects his former rival SYLVESTER STALLONE of leading a secret 1980s campaign to give the TERMINATOR star a reputation as a Nazi sympathiser, according to a new book. The two...

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Furlong Dating Ring Star

15th April 2005

TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY star EDWARD FURLONG has been romantically linked to THE RING actress RACHAEL BELLA. Furlong, 27, and 21-year-old Bella co-starred in the recently wrapped movie JIMMY + JUDY, in which they...

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Smith To Play Depressed Superhero

18th February 2005

WILL SMITH has become the latest star attached to superhero drama TONIGHT HE COMES, a project which has spent years in pre-production hell. VINCE GILLIGAN's dark script, about a depressed, bored superhero who drinks,...

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Arnie's Presidential Hopes Stalled

29th November 2004

Three million Americans are opposed to the idea of California state leader ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER getting the chance to become President of America. The movie star-turned-Governor cannot run for the White House because he wasn't...

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Godfather Ii Is Top Sequel

8th November 2004

Gangster sequel GODFATHER: PART II has been named the top movie sequel in history, in a new poll. Users of website MOVIES.COM voted the 1974 FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA crime classic the number one follow-up...

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Schwarzenegger Aide To Be Sued For Libel

1st November 2004

A British judge has cleared the way for ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's spokesperson to face a libel lawsuit in Britain, after he publicly blasted claims the former actor groped a TV presenter. In a documentary about...

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Schwarzenegger Learns 'Lesson' Over Sexual Harassment Charges

10th October 2004

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER was so upset about his recent sexual harassment charges, he's taking lessons to help cure him of his flirtatious manner towards women. The TERMINATOR actor, who became GOVERNOR of California in Nov...

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Schwarzenegger Terminates Smoking In Prisons

28th September 2004

California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has signed a bill banning tobacco from the state's prisons. The 57-year-old wants to ban inmates from lighting up - even though the cigar-smoking TERMINATOR actor has a tent set...

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Terminator Will Be Back Without Schwarzenegger

24th September 2004

The next installment of the TERMINATOR series will hit cinema screens in 2005 - but reportedly without ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER. Schwarzenegger recently ditched acting for politics by becoming governor of California and, according to sources,...

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Schwarzenegger Could Be Next President

19th September 2004

ARNOLD SCWARZENEGGER could become a future US president, if a Republican politician successfully wins a campaign to change the law banning foreign-born citizens from the top job. The Austrian-born Governor of California, 57, is...

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Furlong Arrested For Lobster Stunt

17th September 2004

TERMINATOR 2 star EDWARD FURLONG has been arrested after attempting to free live lobsters from a grocery store while drunk. The 27-year-old, a longtime animal rights supporter, was caught with pals trying to help...

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Carnivale Tops Creative Arts Awards

13th September 2004

Bizarre circus drama CARNIVALE was the big winner at yesterday's (12SEP04) Creative Arts portion of the annual PRIMETIME EMMY AWARDS. The period drama, starring TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES star NICK STAHL, picked...

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Michael Moore Praises Arnie

3rd September 2004

Controversial movie maker MICHAEL MOORE has nothing but praise for ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER after watching the TERMINATOR deliver a rousing speech at the Republican National Conference. The movie action man-turned-politician thrilled Republicans on Tuesday (31AUG04)...

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Blade Runner Voted Top Sci-fi Film

26th August 2004

HARRISON FORD's 1982 film BLADE RUNNER has been crowned the best science fiction film ever - by top scientists. The RIDLEY SCOTT-directed classic has topped the poll of the world's leading scientists, including...

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Arnie Settles Car Advert Dispute

22nd August 2004

Actor-turned-politician ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has settled his dispute with Ohio car firm FRED MARTIN MOTOR COMPANY after they used a photo of the star without his permission. The car company used images of the Hollywood...

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Kingsley To Play Videogame Character

12th August 2004

OSCAR-winning actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY has signed up to play the bloodsucking ruler of the BLOODRAYNE videogame in a new movie. The GANDHI star will play KAGAN, the leader of a vast and dangerous...

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Barbarella Tops Sexy Poll

10th August 2004

Swinging sixties space heroine BARBARELLA has been hailed the sexiest sci-fi babe of all time. The scantily-clad intergalactic beauty - played by JANE FONDA in the 1968 space-age film - topped a prestigious poll...

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Schwarzenegger: I Was Abused As A Child

4th August 2004

California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has spoken out about the physical beatings he suffered at the hands of his father while growing up in Austria. The TERMINATOR muscleman says he refused to conform during his...

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Cameron Gets Titanic Research Honour

21st July 2004

OSCAR-winning director JAMES CAMERON picked up an honorary degree at Britain's UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHAMPTON on Tuesday (20JUL04), for his contribution to marine science and maritime archaeology. The TERMINATOR film-maker won an incredible 11 ACADEMY...

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Prochnow Lands Arnie Role

20th July 2004

JUDGE DREDD villain JURGEN PROCHNOW has been picked to play ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER in a new biopic about the action man-turned-California Governor. The German actor will play the modern Arnie, while unknown ROLAND KICKINGER will...

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