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John Cleese Furiously Lashes Out At British Press As He Mourns Ex-wife

By Lauren James | 14th August 2013

Less than a fortnight after the passing of his ex-wife of nine years, actor John Cleese has decided to vocalise his opinions about the UK press. Cleese was married to model Barbara Trentham until 1990...

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'Planes' Crash-lands As Pixar's Worse Film To Date: Critical Round-up

By Joe Wilde | 9th August 2013

Planes is the latest animated feature from Disney-owned animators Pixar. Set in the same anthropomorphic world as previous Pixar hits Cars and Cars 2, the new film takes to the skies to see this animated...

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Teri Hatcher: A 'Desperate Housewives' Movie Is Unlikely

By Elinor Cosgrave | 31st July 2013

Teri Hatcher would be happy to star in a Desperate Housewives movie, although she does not think such a project is likely. The 48-year-old actress starred in the show as Susan Mayer and revealed, during...

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