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Movie Reviews Oogieloves In The Big Balloon Adventure

31st August 2012

How does a grownup critic seriously review a movie titled Oogieloves in The BIG Balloon Adventure ? The answer, judging from those who did with serious distaste. "If only there were something on screen to...

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Boyle Olympics Opening Ceremony Will Be Like A Film

12th June 2012

What is British director Danny Boyle up to with his plans for the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games? Boyle, who was named artistic director for the Olympics in 2010, had initially suggested that...

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Teletubbies Risks Ban Over Homosexual Character

29th May 2007

BBC TV children's show TELETUBBIES is under investigation in Poland after officials claimed the series endorses homosexuality. The programme, which features four coloured oversized Teletubbies, has been criticised by children's rights groups over male character...

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Depp Enjoys Kids Shows

12th July 2006

Hollywood star JOHNNY DEPP has to watch his favourite children's shows TELETUBBIES and THE WIGGLES on his own - because his own kids have grown out of them. The PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN actor became...

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China Bans Live Action/animation Films

25th February 2006

Film authorities in China are banning cartoon animations which feature live actors in an attempt to promote Chinese animators. China's State Administration of Radio Film and Television are yet to announce which shows will...

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Blanchett's Son Goes Punk

13th May 2005

Australian actress CATE BLANCHETT was delighted when her first-born son DASHIELL fell in love with punk music, instead of tame children's artists. The OSCAR-winner and husband ANDREW UPTON are huge punk fans and were...

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