Both industry professionals and television fans are mourning the death of Bonnie Franklin today, after the star passed away in her Los Angeles home yesterday, Reuters reports.

According to a statement released by CBS, complications from pancreatic cancer was the cause of death, and she passed surrounded by relatives and friends. "My heart is breaking," Valerie Bertinelli, who played the younger daughter, Barbara, said in a statement. "Bonnie has always been one of the most important women in my life and was a second mother to me. She taught me how to navigate this business and life itself with grace and humour, and to always be true to myself. I will miss her terribly," Bertinelli added. "Ms. Franklin helped define and illuminate the role of single, working mothers within the cultural landscape," CBS said in its statement. Best known for her role in the Norman Lear-produced sitcom One Day at a Time, Franklin’s career spanned six decades, with appearances in more than 30 television series and made-for-TV movies. And during all of this, she still maintained a presence on the liv theatre scene.

“To my mother, getting married and having kids were synonymous with security," Franklin said in a 1977 interview with Family Weekly. "I used to tell her that was not always so, but I couldn't convince her. Then I got married, divorced, the series came along, it was a hit, and something remarkable happened: She came around to my point of view."