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Miley Cyrus Fan Bret Michaels

16th March 2010

Bret Michaels admires Miley Cyrus for not taking "any s**t".The Poison singer - who has collaborated with the 'Hannah Montana' star on their new single 'Nothing to Lose' - is in awe of the 17-year-old...

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Role Model Miley Cyrus

5th November 2009

Miley Cyrus doesn't want to be "an idol" for her young fans.The "Hannah Montana" star insists she would rather be a role model who people look up to than an idealistic figure that teenagers want...

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Bad Influence Miley Cyrus

29th October 2009

Miley Cyrus has been voted Worst Celebrity Influence.The 'See You Again' singer scooped almost half of votes cast thanks to her controversial behaviour which included appearing in racy photos published in Vanity Fair magazine, dancing...

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Britney Spears' Teen Honour

26th October 2009

Britney Spears will receive a special award at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards.The 'Womanizer' singer - who is due to perform at the annual event on Sunday night (09.08.09) - will be presented with the...

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Nick Cannon's Lengthy Love Chase

23rd September 2009

Nick Cannon spent years trying to woo Mariah Carey.The rapper had been smitten with the 'Hero' singer for a long time and did everything he could to try and meet her by letting everyone know...

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Billy Ray Cyrus Proud Of Pole-dancing Miley

21st August 2009

Billy Ray Cyrus has defended daughter Miley's pole-dancing at the recent Teen Choice Awards.The 16-year-old singer-and-actress caused controversy with her provocative performance at the annual event but the 'Achy Breaky Heart' singer insists there was...

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Britney Spears' Foul-mouthed Sons

12th August 2009

Britney Spears' sons shocked onlookers by swearing in public.The 'Radar' singer took three-year-old Sean Preston and Jayden James, two, to a 'swag suite' - where invited guests are invited to select a variety of goods...

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Twilight Takes Big Bite Of Teen Choice Awards

10th August 2009

Predictably, Twilight walked away with the major film prizes at Sunday's 11th annual Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles -- 11 of them. Favorites Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart took the two acting prizes in...

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Gossip Girl, Jonas Brothers And Beckham Win At Us Teen Awards

4th August 2008

Gossip Girl, the Jonas Brothers and David Beckham were the big winners at the Teen Choice awards, held in Los Angeles on Sunday.The CW drama - which screens on ITV2 in the UK - tells...

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The Things They Say 2743

25th August 2006

"That's the thing that not a lot of people realise about J.SIM (JESSICA SIMPSON). She knows how to bring the ha-ha!" DANE COOK on his EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH co-star and TEEN CHOICE AWARDS co-host...

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Spears Refused To Get Rid Of Gum

24th August 2006

Pop star BRITNEY SPEARS angered organisers of the TEEN CHOICE AWARDS on Sunday (20AUG06) by refusing to get rid of her chewing gum before going onstage. The heavily pregnant singer made a special guest appearance...

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Spears Snubs Simpson At Award Show

23rd August 2006

JESSICA SIMPSON was rudely snubbed by pop star BRITNEY SPEARS backstage at the TEEN CHOICE AWARDS on Sunday (20AUG06), when Simpson innocently asked if she could kiss Spears' pregnant belly. Simpson was hosting the show...

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Federline To Star In Films

3rd August 2006

BRITNEY SPEARS' husband KEVIN FEDERLINE may still only be a fledgling pop star, but he is already eyeing a career on the big screen. Although Federline is trying to establish himself as a singer by...

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Sharon Osbourne Slams Paris Hilton

2nd November 2004

SHARON OSBOURNE has accused PARIS HILTON of being a bad role model for children - because she's "only famous for sucking c**k". The reality star and talent show judge argues, in comparison, her son...

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Valderrama Designs Jewellery Line

22nd August 2004

THAT '70S SHOW star WILMER VALDERRAMA is planning to branch out from acting to launch his own jewellery line. The actor, currently dating FREAKY FRIDAY star LINDSAY LOHAN, has been donning a flashy 10-carat...

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Barton Censored On Teen Choice

16th August 2004

Fans of THE OC beauty MISCHA BARTON were shocked when her t-shirt was censored during the broadcast of this month's (08AUG04) TEEN CHOICE AWARDS. The English-born actress won a Best Actress accolade for her...

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Hilton Hassled By Bees

12th August 2004

American socialite PARIS HILTON amused other celebrities at Sunday's (08AUG04) TEEN CHOICE AWARDS when she was chased by a swarm of bees. The wannabe pop star and her best pal NICOLE RICHIE were hosting...

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Lohan And Usher Big Winners At Teen Choice Awards

9th August 2004

Rising star LINDSAY LOHAN, R+B heart-throb USHER and hit drama THE OC were the big winners at the TEEN CHOICE AWARDS last night (08AUG04). Redhead beauty Lohan, 18, picked up four awards for her...

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Paris And Nicole To Host Teen Choice Awards

28th July 2004

Best pals and reality TV co-stars PARIS HILTON and NICOLE RICHIE have been chosen as the hosts for THE 2004 TEEN CHOICE AWARDS. Newly-engaged pop beauty BRITNEY SPEARS will also appear at the...

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King Kutcher Rules At Teen Choice Awards

6th August 2003

ASHTON KUTCHER will be crowned king of the teens tonight (06AUG03) when Saturday's (02AUG03) TEEN CHOICE AWARDS is aired in America. The winners at the event had been kept under wraps, but now news...

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Jim Carrey Lets It All Hang Out

4th August 2003

Rubber-faced comic JIM CARREY horrified crowds at the TEEN CHOICE AWARDS in Los Angeles awards on Saturday (02AUG03) when he arrived with his face swathed in bandages. The MASK star then peeled off the...

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Jennifer Joy At Teen Choice Awards

17th June 2003

The JENNIFERs look set to rule at the upcoming TEEN CHOICE AWARDS in August (03) with J.LO nabbing six nominations including female fashion icon. FRIENDS stunner JENNIFER ANISTON is a favourite to walk off...

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