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Danson's Wife Suggests Cheers Star For Gay Role

17th December 2007

Former CHEERS star TED DANSON's first gay movie role came after his actress wife suggested he'd be perfect for the part. Mary Steenburgen was among those first considered for new film The Amateurs but when...

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The Things They Say 5654

18th September 2007

"He would have been much better than Woody." TED DANSON jokes that his current DAMAGES co-star TATE DONOVAN would have made a better barman than WOODY HARRELSON on sitcom CHEERS, upon hearing the two actors...

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Fascinating Fact 3893

7th September 2007

HILARY DUFF's actress sister HAYLIE is dating A CLOCKWORK ORANGE star MALCOLM MCDOWELL and MARY STEENBURGEN's son CHARLIE. The hunky 24-year-old is also former CHEERS star TED DANSON's stepson....

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Make-up Artist D'amore And Husband Found Dead

20th December 2006

Emmy award winning make-up artist HALLIE D'AMORE and her photographer husband RICHARD were found dead on Friday (15DEC06) at their home in Venice, California. Hallie D'Amore, 64, who was nominated for an Academy Award in...

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Danson Refuses To Run For Office

11th December 2006

Former CHEERS star TED DANSON is very active in political causes, but refuses to be pressured by friends and family to run for office. Danson and his wife, actress MARY STEENBURGEN, have been long-time supporters...

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Baltimore Tv Station Airs Spoof As Actual News

6th December 2006

The news staff at a Baltimore TV station was left with egg on its collective face when the station broadcast -- at least twice on Monday -- a report that Michael Richards had appeared in...

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Danson Returns To His Roots

20th July 2006

Former CHEERS star TED DANSON has refused to dye his locks for his latest sitcom and is revealing his real hair for the first time on TV. The veteran star is returning to TV in...

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Steenburgen Desperate To Dance After Film Shin-kicking

8th April 2006

MARY STEENBURGEN is desperate to take the dance lessons her husband TED DANSON bought her as a gift after kicking the hell out of partner DONNIE WAHLBERG in her new film. The actress had to...

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The Things They Say 560

7th November 2005

"We're on tour - we're going to Guam." Former CHEERS star TED DANSON jokes about his family Christmas (05) plans....

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Danson + Valetta Team Up For Fish Alert

7th November 2005

Former CHEERS star TED DANSON and model AMBER VALETTA have teamed up to warn pregnant mothers about the dangers of eating certain fish. The odd couple have signed up as spokespeople for awareness group...

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Danson And Harrelson In Cheers Chess War

28th July 2005

TED DANSON is confident he will finally beat his former CHEERS co-star WOODY HARRELSON at chess, thanks to his latest film role. Danson is playing real-life chess expert DAVID McENULTY in forthcoming US TV...

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Danson And Steenburgen Consider Renewing Vows

26th July 2005

TED DANSON and MARY STEENBURGEN are considering renewing their vows to mark their 10-year wedding anniversary. The couple will celebrate a decade of marriage on 7 October (05), and they're planning to mark the...

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Plummer To Play Shamed Cardinal

27th April 2005

CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER has signed up to play US Catholic Church head CARDINAL BERNARD LAW, who was forced to resign after failing to stop evidence of child abuse by clergy in his diocese, in new TV...

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Friends Stars Top Kissing Poll

2nd February 2005

FRIENDS characters ROSS and RACHEL's first smooch has topped a new poll of TV kissing scenes. The couple, played by DAVID SCHWIMMER and JENNIFER ANISTON, set hearts aflutter when they locked lips in fictitious...

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Danson Gets Environmental Award

14th November 2004

Former CHEERS star TED DANSON has become such a fervent supporter of environmental groups attempting to clean up the world's oceans, an award is now given annually in his honour. Charity group AMERICAN OCEANS...

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Danson Campaigns For Kerry

3rd October 2004

American star TED DANSON returned to his hometown of Flagstaff, Arizona on Wednesday (29SEP04) to urge his townspeople to vote Senator JOHN KERRY for president. The CHEERS funnyman, 56, is a staunch Democrat and...

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Danson Flashes His Buttocks On Film

10th August 2004

Former CHEERS star TED DANSON will be showing fans a new side of himself in upcoming movie THE MOGULS - his naked buttocks. In the comedy, the 56-year-old plays a closeted homosexual in a...

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Danson Bares All

18th June 2004

Former CHEERS star TED DANSON is set to bare all on the big screen for the first time in a new comedy movie. The actor will play a wannabe movie maker, who turns porn...

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Danson Tends Bar At Benefit

4th May 2004

CHEERS star TED DANSON went back to his bar-tending roots over the weekend (01/02MAY04) when he served drinks to celebrate a bar's centennial. Danson joined his wife MARY STEENBURGEN in her native North Little...

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Danson Convinced His Show Is Cancelled

21st January 2004

Award winning TV star TED DANSON's American sitcom BECKER is set to be cancelled for good. The actor's show about a moody New York doctor was originally axed last year (03), but bosses at...

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Danson And Wife Become Screen Couple

21st January 2004

Former CHEERS star TED DANSON and his wife MARY STEENBURGEN have teamed up to play an onscreen couple in a new TV movie. IT MUST BE LOVE, which hits screens next month (FEB04), is...

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Danson Supports Presidential Hopeful Clark

20th January 2004

TED DANSON and his wife MARY STEENBURGEN have joined the ever increasing list of celebrities backing Democratic presidential hopeful WESLEY CLARK. This week (ends23JAN04), the screen stars are travelling around their native America "campaigning...

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Christmas Is A Big Deal For The Dansons

24th December 2003

Actress MARY STEENBURGEN and husband TED DANSON make Christmas extra special for their family and friends - going to great lengths to make it magical. The Hollywood couple create hilarious Christmas cards with a...

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Eagles Back Future President As Ben + J.lo Rock On

21st November 2003

LATEST: Rock legends the EAGLES gave America's new presidential hopeful GENERAL WESLEY CLARK the seal of approval by performing at his inauguration ceremony at the weekend (15NOV03). Details of the exclusive $2,000 (GBP1,176)-a-head political...

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Danson Tends Bar To Raise Cash

9th November 2003

Actor TED DANSON put his many years of work behind the bar on hit comedy CHEERS bar to use to raise cash yesterday (08NOV03). Danson, 55, who played SAM MALONE in the sitcom for...

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Danson Suggests Frasier's Ending

29th October 2003

TED DANSON wants pal KELSEY GRAMMER's hit show FRASIER to end with a reunion of all the cast from classic sitcom CHEERS. Grammer, whose current show is a spin-off of '80s comedy Cheers, has...

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Ted Can't Stop Talking About His Perfect Marriage

15th October 2003

Actress MARY STEENBURGEN is trying to stop her husband TED DANSON from talking about their personal life on chat shows, but the romantic actor can't help himself. The former CHEERS star loves to talk...

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Steenburgen Befriends Another President

15th October 2003

Former American President BILL CLINTON's actress friend MARY STEENBURGEN has now become pals with the man hotly tipped to replace current incumbent GEORGE W BUSH. The actress and her CHEERS star husband TED DANSON...

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Steenburgen Takes Ritter's Son Under Her Wing

13th October 2003

TED DANSON's wife MARY STEENBURGEN has offered JOHN RITTER's actor son her affection following the sudden death of the sitcom legend last month (SEP03). JASON RITTER stars as the actress' son in the series...

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Degeneres Saves Danson's Wedding Anniversary

8th October 2003

Former CHEERS star TED DANSON had his wedding anniversary saved by comedienne ELLEN DeGENERES, after he ran out of ideas on how to celebrate it. The actor and his wife MARY STEENBURGEN celebrated their...

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