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Fascinating Fact 2472

18th November 2006

Actress TEA LEONI has donated her salary from her new Di Modolo jewellery ad campaign to children's charity UNICEF.

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Fascinating Fact 2332

29th October 2006

Actress TEA LEONI's grandmother HELENKA PANTALEONI was the president of the US Fund for UNICEF for 25 years.

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Duchovny + Leoni Lose Building Battle

27th February 2006

Hollywood couple DAVID DUCHOVNY and TEA LEONI have lost their bid to stop developers building a apartment block which will tower over their Malibu, California home. The couple had hoped to block the multi-million...

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Carrey Seduced By Leoni

20th January 2006

JIM CARREY was seduced into starring in the remake of FUN WITH DICK AND JANE by his feisty co-star TEA LEONI. The rubber-faced star confesses he hates remakes, but was convinced when told he...

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Carrey Related To Dick And Jane's Poverty Plot

13th January 2006

JIM CARREY was drawn to new movie FUN WITH DICK + JANE, because its plot about a desperate bankrupt couple reminded him of the financial fallout when his father lost his job. As a...

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The Things They Say 941

3rd January 2006

"I think I was born to be 40. I think women are so sexy at 40... Your 20s are just embarrassing and your 30s, for the most part, is spent sort of looking back at...

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The Things They Say 938

2nd January 2006

"If it were up to me I'd have 10. It's so easy... I mean making 'em." Mother-of-two TEA LEONI dreams of a big family....

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Duchovny And Leoni Hatch Plans To Turn Daughter Off Santa

23rd December 2005

DAVID DUCHOVNY and his wife TEA LEONI have dreamed up a plan to turn their six-year-old daughter MADELAINE WEST off Santa Claus they're going to blame him for giving her a set of bad...

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Leoni's Interview Confusion

23rd December 2005

Actress TEA LEONI had a troubling moment while promoting her new movie FUN WITH DICK AND JANE in Europe, when she thought her interviewer asked her about co-star JIM CARREY's manhood. Leoni and Carrey...

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Carrey Agreed With Daughter's 'Ugly' Assessment

21st December 2005

JIM CARREY was left devastated when his daughter called him the "ugliest woman" she'd ever seen after watching him shoot a scene in new comedy FUN WITH DICK AND JANE. Carrey, who stars opposite...

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Waitressing Nightmares For Tea Leoni

8th December 2005

Actress TEA LEONI could only stomach a waitressing career for three days when she was a struggling actress - because diners in New York were so gross. Like many wannabes, the DEEP IMPACT star...

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Leoni Sought Fonda's Permission To Remake Her Film

7th December 2005

TEA LEONI would have walked away from starring in the remake of FUN WITH DICK + JANE if her heroine, JANE FONDA, had disapproved of her taking the role she made famous in the 1970s....

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Leoni Learns She Is Sonny Bono's Size

5th December 2005

Actress TEA LEONI was horrified to discover she has exactly the same body type as late hippie TV icon SONNY BONO when she tried on one of his old costumes. Leoni and FUN WITH...

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Quaid Is Top Golfer

5th November 2005

American actor DENNIS QUAID is Hollywood's champion golfer, according to special interest magazine Golf Digest. DEEP IMPACT star TEA LEONI tied with ROCKY hardman SYLVESTER STALLONE for 34th place, but was the best out...

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Duchovny Phones In His Acceptance Speech

19th July 2005

Former X-FILES star DAVID DUCHOVNY was too busy holidaying with his family to accept his Lifetime Achievement Award at the third annual Fire Island Golden Wagon Film Festival in New York City on Saturday (16JUL05),...

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Duchovny's Girl Follows In Family's Charity Footsteps

21st April 2005

DAVID DUCHOVNY's actress wife TEA LEONI was delighted to see the couple's daughter has picked up her family's passion for charity after she set up a lemonade stand to raise funds for tsunami relief....

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Duchovny Plans Tattoo Honour For Son

15th April 2005

Actor DAVID DUCHOVNY is preparing for a trip to the tattoo parlour, so he can bear his son KYD MILLER's name permanently on his body. Duchovny, married to actress TEA LEONI, feels guilty that...

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Leoni Maps Out Suicide Spot On Cruise Ship

13th April 2005

DEEP IMPACT star TEA LEONI came up with a bizarre way of entertaining herself on a recent cruise - by scoping out a range of possible places to commit suicide. The actress, who took...

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Leoni Urges Duchovny To Quit Los Angeles

13th April 2005

Actress TEA LEONI is urging her husband DAVID DUCHOVNY to quit Los Angeles so they can move back to their native New York. The stars have been living in California for a number of...

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Britney Forces Duchovny Out Of Home

18th March 2005

Hollywood couple DAVID DUCHOVNY and TEA LEONI are considering leaving Malibu, California, after BRITNEY SPEARS moved into a house nearby with husband KEVIN FEDERLINE. The idyllic area has been besieged by paparazzi photographers since...

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Stripping Stars Honoured At Anatomy Awards

23rd February 2005

BO DEREK, PARIS HILTON, NEVE CAMPBELL and OSCAR nominee NATALIE PORTMAN are among the beauties being honoured for showing off their flesh in steamy movie scenes as the MRSKIN.COM website announces its sixth annual ANATOMY...

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Leoni Avoided Acting Like Fonda

15th February 2005

Actress TEA LEONI refused to watch the original version of FUN WITH DICK AND JANE while filming the remake - because she feared she'd end up copying JANE FONDA. Leoni, married to actor DAVID...

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Christina And Sheryl Step Up For Tsunami Victims

5th January 2005

LATEST: CHRISTINA AGUILERA, SHERYL CROW and country star TIM McGRAW have signed up to perform on an upcoming US TV telethon which aims to raise funds for the victims of the 26 December (04) tsunami....

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Duchovny And Leoni Dreaming Of A White Christmas

21st December 2004

DAVID DUCHOVNY and TEA LEONI have left Los Angeles for the holidays to give their children their first ever Christmas in their native New York City. The screen stars, who both hail from the...

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Jim Carrey Dominates Us Box Office

20th December 2004

JIM CARREY's movie LEMONY SNICKET'S A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS has debuted at the top of the American box office, after raking in $30.2 million (GBP15.8 million) over the weekend. The film, based on...

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Allen's Kissing Skills Rated High By Leoni

19th December 2004

Actress TEA LEONI has named WOODY ALLEN the best on-screen kisser - ahead of AL PACINO and NICOLAS CAGE. Leoni and Allen locked lips in the 2002 movie HOLLYWOOD ENDING and the actress, married...

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Shue And Leoni Make Anti-cosmetic Surgery Pact

10th December 2004

Acting pals ELISABETH SHUE and TEA LEONI have made a pact with each other - never to go under the knife. The stars have agreed to talk each other out of cosmetic surgery plans...

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Sandler Beaten Up In Love Scene With Tea

7th December 2004

ADAM SANDLER's latest love scene with his onscreen wife TEA LEONI was a painful experience - he was beaten up in bed. The scene in SPANGLISH called for Leoni, who is married to DAVID...

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Leoni Models Jewellery In Aid Of Unicef

29th September 2004

Actress TEA LEONI is currently modelling a range of luxury jewellery for children's charity UNICEF. Leoni, wife of DAVID DUCHOVNY, is a goodwill ambassador for the UNITED NATIONS CHILDREN'S FUND, which her grandmother helped...

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