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Russia's Anti-gay Laws May Affect Film About Tchaikovsky

26th August 2013

Yuri Arabov, a screenwriter working on a Russian biopic of Tchaikovsky, has insisted that a recently enacted law barring gay propaganda had no bearing on his decision to remove any reference to Tchaikovsky's sexual orientation...

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Mccartney's Choral Dreams

25th September 2006

SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY jumped at the chance to switch pop for choral music on his new album and fulfill a lifetime ambition of singing with a top choir. Classical record ECCE COR MEUM was commissioned...

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Van Dammes Tries Ballet

1st May 2003

In one of Hollywood's most unlikely castings Belgian action hero JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME is in talks to star in a movie version of SWAN LAKE. The 'Muscles from Brussels' and star of high...

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