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Rock In Rio Festival Headed To Las Vegas With Taylor Swift And Metallica

By Stephanie Chase | 28th September 2014

The Rock in Rio festival is coming to the United States for the first time ever next year, with a four day event being held in Las Vegas. Taylor Swift and Metallica are among the...

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Rock In Rio Festival Expanding To America, Taylor Swift To Headline

By Hannah Woodhead | 28th September 2014

Good news for American music fans! The organisers of the massive Rock in Rio music festival have announced plans to hold an event in Las Vegas.Taylor Swift will be headlining the brand new festivalAccording to...

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'We Let Them Have That One': Taylor Swift And Selena Gomez Laugh Off Feud Rumours

By Holly Williams | 13th September 2014

As the press speculate over Taylor Swift's alleged feud with Katy Perry after a recent comment she made regarding a new song, the 'Shake It Off' star is quick to brush off rumours that she's...

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Taylor Swift Reveals Feud With Unnamed Female Pop Star On New Track 'Bad Blood'

By Ed Biggs | 9th September 2014

Taylor Swift not only has issues with her ex-boyfriends, it seems, but also with colleagues in her industry. Ahead of the release of her new album, she has revealed that one of its tracks, ‘Bad...

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Taylor Swift Opens Up Serial Dating Tag: "I Don't Have The Energy To Be In Love"

By Nick Hill | 9th September 2014

Taylor Swift is undoubtedly one of the music industry's most popular female artists, and this is mainly due to fans around the world relating to her lyrics depicting failed romances and broken hearts, but it...

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Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' At Number One! But Here's 4 Other Amazing Max Martin Songs That Were Never Singles

By Joe DeAndrea | 1st September 2014

In pop music, what's just as important as who is behind the microphone is who is behind the scenes - the ones crafting the lyrics, the vocal direction, and the overall song itself. Most times,...

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Taylor Swift To Join 'The Voice' For Season Seven As Celebrity Advisor

By Nick Hill | 1st September 2014

As Taylor Swift is one of the music industry's most popular and celebrated artists, she will undoubtedly be full of useful tips of the trade when it comes to every aspect of being a live...

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Those Lucky "The Voice" Hopefuls Will Be Mentored By Taylor Swift This Season

By Victoria Pavlova | 31st August 2014

Well this is a piece of news noone was expecting… Taylor Swift, another pop star at the height of her career, has joined Season 7 of The Voice as an advisor. As the title suggests,...

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Is Taylor Swift Joining The Voice?

By Hannah Woodhead | 31st August 2014

She's just announced her new album that will be dropping in October, but it looks like that isn't enough for pop star Taylor Swift. The singer/actress is set to add singing mentor to her resume...

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The Mtv Video Music Awards Line-up Has Been Announced

By Stephen Caswell | 21st August 2014

The line-up for MTV's VMAs has been announced, and now it's time to take bets as to whether this year will serve as any less controversial than last year, following the infamous 'Miley-gate' incident. The...

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Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' Video Is Racist? Is Earl Sweatshirt Right?

By Michael West | 20th August 2014

Taylor Swift has come under fire for her new music video for 'Shake It Off', with numerous artists including Odd Future's Earl Sweatshirt branding it "inherently offensive" for referencing black culture. As you will probably...

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The Als Ice Bucket Challenge - Everybody's Doing It (But You Probably Shouldn't)

By Victoria Pavlova | 20th August 2014

This week in news: celebrities are filming themselves getting buckets of ice poured over their heads. This is what millions of years of evolution has led to. Ok, so the latest celebrity trend, the ALS...

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Taylor Swift Releases New Single, Music Video, And Album Details

By Stephen Caswell | 19th August 2014

Taylor Swift continues to move away from her country music roots at a rate of knots. The new single, Shake It Off, from her upcoming album 1989, is a bitter fight back against people criticising...

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Who Is The Young Actor Brenton Thwaites?

By George Percival | 19th August 2014

An impressive cast of screen veterans, promising young newcomers, a multi-millions selling pop star and Katie Holmes have assembled for the dystopian sci-fi pic The Giver, due for imminent release. Of course, a PG-13 sci-fi...

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Taylor Swift Shakes Off The Haters In New Video. Also, New Album 2k14!

By Victoria Pavlova | 19th August 2014

Hello, if you’re not a Taylor Swift fan, we apologize in advance for the next couple months. Everyone else, THIS IS NOT A DRILL. There is a new T Swift album coming in soon and...

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The Giver: What Do We Need To Know?

By Charlotte Court | 18th August 2014

American social science film, The Giver, was recently released on 15 August in the USA and is due to hit UK cinemas in the next few months. The film centres on a ‘perfect’ utopian society...

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Taylor Swift Puts Awkward Award Show Dance Moves Down To Nerves

By Nick Hill | 16th August 2014

As well as winning multiple music honours, Taylor Swift is also known for something else when she appears at music award shows. Whilst the 24 year-old singer isn't performing or presenting, she is known for...

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Taylor Swift To Perform At The Vma's

By Hannah Woodhead | 16th August 2014

The 24 year old star who moved to Tenneesee aged 14 to pursue a career in country music made the announcement whilst appearing on 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon'. Swift did however remain quiet...

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Weinstein's 'The Giver' Relies On Experience Of Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep

By Michael West | 13th August 2014

There were nervous, twitchy looks around the various Hollywood studios when Harvey Weinstein announced he was dipping his toe into the young-adult genre. That said, The Giver - based on Lois Lowrys beloved novel of...

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This Is Not A Drill. Lorde Is Curating The Soundtrack To "Mockingjay - Part I"

By Victoria Pavlova | 1st August 2014

Ella Yelich-O’Connor, whom you may know better as Lorde, is 17 years old, an outspoken feminist and took the music industry by storm in 2013. It’s hard to think of anyone better suited to curate...

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Taylor Swift Offers Advice To A Young Fan With A Broken Heart

By Nick Hill | 28th July 2014

If her songs are anything to go by, then Taylor Swift is definitely the person you should ask for advice if you are unlucky with love.Swift responds to teen fan's cry for helpThe 24 year-old...

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Twitter Explodes Over Ryan Gosling's Baby News: Five Other Celebrity Crushes You Have No Chance With

By Victoria Pavlova | 10th July 2014

Hey girl, did you know that Ryan Gosling is about to be a dad? Neither did anyone else until this week, but when he and girlfriend Eva Mendes broke the news, the internet exploded with...

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Taylor Swift Offers Solution To Save Plummeting Music Industry

By Nick Hill | 7th July 2014

Taylor Swift is one of the music industry's most successful female singers, so her opinion on the whole industry is definitely worth a listen.For the firs time ever, the 24 year-old songstress crossed over into...

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Taylor Swift’S Mansion Was The Place To Be This July 4th: Ask Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield And Lena Dunham

By Lauren James | 7th July 2014

Taylor Swift has yet again proven her flair for getting people together after having hosted a star-packed yet sophisticated Independence Day bash at her Rhode Island mansion. Lena Dunham, Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield, Hart of...

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Taylor Swift Celebrates Fourth Of July Weekend In Style, And Shares Celebrity 'Family Portrait'

By Nick Hill | 7th July 2014

Taylor Swift knows how to make the most of a holiday weekend.The 24 year-old singer and many of her celebrity friends seem to have had one of the most amusing Fourth of July weekends imaginable,...

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Snow Patrol Stretch To 'The Far Reaches Of The Universe' With New Album

By Holly Williams | 19th June 2014

Contactmusic interviewed Gary Lightbody's side-project Tired Pony recently, and the Snow Patrol frontman revealed we may not have long to wait for a new Snow Patrol offering.When it came to talking about the next Tired...

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Three People Arrested Outside Taylor Swift's Summer Beach House

By Nick Hill | 19th June 2014

Taylor Swift's Rhode Island Home is under attack.The multimillion dollar property, in White Hill, was targeted by three unruly fans this past weekend, which ultimately ended in their arrests.On Sunday (June 15th) the three individuals...

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Ed Sheeran Is Talented, Hardworking, Friendly And All Things Good And Lovely, According To New Mtv Docu-series

By Victoria Pavlova | 11th June 2014

While Taylor Swift relaxes from her busy schedule by making Drake-themed crafts for Ed Sheeran, her BFF just launched a new MTV docuseries. Nine Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran premiered last night on the...

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Taylor Swifts Gifts Ed Sheeran With Drake Embroidery Of Friendship

By Lauren James | 10th June 2014

Taylor Swift has expressed her friendship with Ed Sheeran once more by gifting her fellow singer-songwriter and BFF with a unique and charming hand-embroidered creation. The thoughtful needlepoint features cartoon-like representations of the pair with...

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Are You John Mayer's Ex? He Dares You To Write A Song About Him

By Lauren James | 4th June 2014

John Mayer has addressed the news that his ex-girlfriend Katy Perry is planning on writing songs inspired by their relationship. The singer songwriter is usually pretty guarded about his personal life but for some reason...

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