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De Niro And Scorsese Discuss Taxi Driver Sequel

19th January 2005

Screen legend ROBERT DE NIRO has reunited with iconic director MARTIN SCORSESE to work on a sequel to their classic movie TAXI DRIVER. The OSCAR-winning actor, who starred as disturbed Vietnam veteran TRAVIS BICKLE...

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Scorsese Baffled By His Oscar Failure

24th December 2004

Acclaimed director MARTIN SCORSESE is surprised he hasn't won an ACADEMY AWARD, but has grown to accept he may never pick up a coveted OSCAR. Scorsese's latest film, THE AVIATOR, is hotly tipped to...

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Wisecracking Keitel Amuses De Niro Ceremony Guests

24th November 2004

HARVEY KEITEL left guests in fits of laughter as ROBERT DE NIRO renewed his wedding vows with wife GRACE HIGHTOWER - by joking about the rarity of seeing the GOODFELLAS star wearing a suit....

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De Niro's Taxi Driver Line Tops Poll

22nd October 2004

ROBERT DE NIRO's threatening "You talkin' to me?" taunt in TAXI DRIVER has been crowned the most memorable line in movie history. The quote from the gritty 1976 MARTIN SCORSESE film - starring De...

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Scorsese: No Such Thing As Pointless Violence

10th October 2004

Veteran director MARTIN SCORSESE refuses to accept onscreen violence can ever be gratuitous, because it forms an integral part of the human experience. The 61-year-old legend, who has captured some of cinema's most graphic...

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Romijn-stamos: De Niro Intimidated Me

11th June 2004

Actress REBECCA ROMIJN-STAMOS was terrified when she first arrived on the set of forthcoming movie GODSEND - because she couldn't believe her co-star was ROBERT DE NIRO. But the 31-year-old beauty soon realised the...

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Ditched Exorcist Movie To Be Released On Dvd

15th April 2004

Veteran director PAUL SCHRADER is furious his axed prequel to 1973 horror classic THE EXORCIST will be released on DVD at the same time as its replacement - because he wants it to receive a...

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De Niro And Scorsese Join Forces For Memoir

11th January 2004

Hollywood pals ROBERT DE NIRO and MARTIN SCORSESE are reteaming once again - to write a book about their 30-year friendship and the eight movies they've made together. Director Scorsese, 61, and actor De...

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De Niro Voted Best Movie Star Ever

24th December 2003

Legendary movie actor ROBERT DE NIRO has been voted the greatest film star of all time. The RAGING BULL OSCAR-winner beat out competition from STEVE McQUEEN, AL PACINO and JACK NICHOLSON in the poll...

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Taxi Driver Writer Sacked

25th August 2003

Hollywood screenwriting legend PAUL SCHRADER has been fired from a film he was directing - because there wasn't enough blood and guts in it. The celebrated writer of screen classics like RAGING BULL and...

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De Niro To Receive Lifetime Honour

12th June 2003

Legendary actor ROBERT DE NIRO will receive a lifetime achievement award at a star-studded dinner tonight (12JUN03). The AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE (AFI) is paying tribute to the MEET THE PARENTS star for his three...

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De Niro.s New Religious Role

4th April 2003

Screen veteran ROBERT DE NIRO is to begin work on a film where he plays a priest in the Spanish Inquisition. The TAXI DRIVER great will star alongside HARVEY KEITEL and KATHY BATES in...

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