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Martin Scorsese: 'Taxi Driver Would Have Made A Great 3d Film'

14th December 2011

Moviemaker Martin Scorsese wants to go back in time and remake Taxi Driver in 3D.The film icon has won critical acclaim for his first 3D film, Hugo, and there's a classic he'd like to go...

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Keanu Reeves And Chloe Moretz Recreate Taxi Driver For Photoshoot

13th October 2011

Keanu Reeves and Chloe Moretz have transformed into Robert De Niro and Jodie Foster to recreate a famous scene from Martin Scorsese's classic movie Taxi Driver.The Speed star donned a checked shirt and manic stare...

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Raging Bull Writer Making Killer Sharks Movie

4th August 2011

Taxi Driver screenwriter Paul Schrader is turning his attentions to the deep blue sea and stepping behind the camera for a terrifying new shark movie.The famous Martin Scorsese collaborator and moviemaker, who also penned cult...

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The Things They Say 22340

20th July 2011

"I sat through Taxi Driver and went, 'That's me. I'm Travis.' I didn't feel like a murderous psychopath, but I did feel, at times, psychopathic." Curb Your Enthusiasm creator Larry David identified with Robert De...

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Martin Scorsese Depressed By Taxi Driver Shoot

29th April 2011

Martin Scorsese has dark memories of shooting his seminal movie Taxi Driver in 1970s New York - because it was "hell" filming on the sleazy city streets.The veteran director was determined to include as much...

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Paul Schrader Dreamed Up Taxi Driver Predicament In Hospital

11th March 2011

Hollywood screenwriter Paul Schrader came up with the inspiration for Martin Scorsese's 1976 classic Taxi Driver as he lay in a hospital bed suffering from a painful ulcer.Schrader was 26 and homeless when he began...

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The Things They Say 19520

16th December 2010

"The first thing I did when I moved to New York was to go and visit all the locations in that film and took pictures. It was 1983 so everything was still there, where Harvey...

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No Taxi Driver For Von Trier

16th February 2010

LARS VON TRIER's business partner has dismissed rumours the Danish director is in talks with MARTIN SCORSESE and ROBERT DE NIRO to resurrect TAXI DRIVER - blasting the reports as "rubbish."The new movie was rumoured...

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Scorsese And De Niro Planning Taxi Driver Sequel?

16th February 2010

MARTIN SCORSESE and ROBERT DE NIRO are planning a sequel to their hit 1976 movie TAXI DRIVER, according to industry gossip at the Berlin International Film Festival.The new movie is rumoured to be a collaboration...

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De Niro Stole Taxi Driver Line From Springsteen

1st June 2009

ROBERT DE NIRO stole his famous "You talkin' to me?" TAXI DRIVER movie line from rock legend BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN.The line, which De Niro's character recites to himself in the 1976 Martin Scorsese movie, has become...

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The Things They Say 5594

14th September 2007

"On the first day of shooting... I cried because I had to wear hotpants and I had to wear those terrible shoes. I was a tomboy." JODIE FOSTER hated her look in TAXI DRIVER....

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Scorsese To Give Cannes Master Class

6th April 2007

Oscar winner MARTIN SCORSESE is to deliver a master class on moviemaking at the 60th annual Cannes Film Festival in France next month (MAY07). The acclaimed director, who won the event's top prize with TAXI...

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De Niro Yet To Watch His Extras Cameo

1st February 2007

ROBERT DE NIRO's cameo on British TV show EXTRAS may have wowed the critics - but the Oscar-winning actor admits he's yet to watch his appearance. The TAXI DRIVER star filmed the self-referential scene after...

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Dicaprio Backs Scorsese Oscar Bid

18th January 2007

Hollywood star LEONARDO DiCAPRIO is backing director MARTIN SCORSESE to win an Oscar for THE DEPARTED, and finds it ridiculous the film-maker has never won an Academy Award. Despite making acclaimed movies including TAXI DRIVER,...

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De Niro Wanted Dicaprio Over Damon

23rd December 2006

Director ROBERT DE NIRO originally selected LEONARDO DiCAPRIO to star in THE GOOD SHEPHERD, but had to recast after the TITANIC star dropped out because of scheduling conflicts. The TAXI DRIVER star had all the...

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De Niro Loves Fine Dining But Can't Cook

21st December 2006

Oscar winner ROBERT DE NIRO loves fine dining so much, he has invested in several restaurants but has never actually learned to cook. The TAXI DRIVER star has put money behind restaurants in New...

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De Niro Buys Apartment From Weinstein's Ex

15th December 2006

ROBERT DE NIRO and his wife GRACE HIGHTOWER have bought the exclusive Central Park West, New York City apartment that was formerly owned by movie mogul HARVEY WEINSTEIN's ex EVE. The TAXI DRIVER star paid...

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Screenwriter Schrader Dead At 62

5th November 2006

Screenwriter LEONARD SCHRADER died of heart failure after a lengthy battle with cancer on Thursday (02NOV06). He was 62. Schrader co-wrote the screenplay for TAXI DRIVER with his brother PAUL and was Oscar nominated for...

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Dicaprio Dreamed Of Working With Scorsese

9th October 2006

LEONARDO DiCAPRIO always dreamed of working with acclaimed movie director MARTIN SCORSESE, ever since he was a teen actor trying to make it in Hollywood. The Oscar-nominated star has made three films to date with...

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Scorsese Made Dicaprio Into A Man

6th October 2006

Director MARTIN SCORSESE insists his protege LEONARDO DiCAPRIO has finally matured as an actor, because he was still a "boy" when they teamed up for 2002 movie GANGS OF NEW YORK. Under the TAXI DRIVER...

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Schrader: 'I Lied To Fbi About Hinckley'

6th July 2006

Hollywood film-maker PAUL SCHRADER has admitted lying to the FBI about whether JOHN HINCKLEY JR had contacted him before his assassination attempt on US President RONALD REAGAN in 1981. Hinckley shot and seriously wounded Reagan...

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De Niro Donates Film Memorabilia To Students

7th June 2006

Generous actor ROBERT DE NIRO has donated his collection of movie memorabilia to film students at a US university. The Academy Award winner presented more than 3,000 of his own costume items and props to...

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Lane Prays De Niro And Keitel Will Play Odd Couple

8th April 2006

THE PRODUCERS star NATHAN LANE hopes rumours about ROBERT DE NIRO and HARVEY KEITEL becoming Broadway, New York's next ODD COUPLE are true - because the pairing would be make for a quirky take on...

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Foster Worries Her Children Will Follow Her Into Acting

14th October 2005

Former child star JODIE FOSTER has warned her kids CHARLES and KIT they will have to work hard if they want to follow her lead and launch an acting career. The Oscar-winning actress, who...

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Foster: 'Scorsese Inspired My Career'

12th October 2005

JODIE FOSTER credits film-maker MARTIN SCORSESE with firing her passion for acting, because she didn't rate the profession before she starred in his hit movie TAXI DRIVER. Foster, who found fame as a child...

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The Things They Say 289

27th September 2005

"He kept picking me up and taking me to cafes and, at the time, ROBERT DE NIRO didn't talk very much - he wasn't a very good lunch partner. I was pretty bored." JODIE FOSTER...

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Dylan Hit Makes History

5th August 2005

The release of BOB DYLAN's 1965 hit LIKE A ROLLING STONE has topped a poll of the most revolutionary moments in popular culture. The influential track has been hailed as the inspiration for...

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Classic Gone With The Wind Line Tops Movie Quotes Poll

22nd June 2005

RHETT BUTLER's GONE WITH THE WIND line "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn" has topped an in depth new poll to find America's best-loved movie quote. The words, uttered by CLARK GABLE...

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Banned 'Exorcist' Prequel To Be Released

25th March 2005

PAUL SCHRADER's EXORCIST prequel, PAUL SCHRADER'S EXORCIST: THE BEGINNING, is finally hitting the big screen after extended controversy saw the film initially being abandoned. Schrader, who wrote TAXI DRIVER and RAGING BULL, was...

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Scorsese Accepts Vienna Film Museum Honour

19th January 2005

Legendary director MARTIN SCORSESE has accepted the honorary presidency of the VIENNA FILM MUSEUM. The 62-year-old was offered the prestigious position for helping create an American foundation dedicated to conserving film documents in 1990,...

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