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Kitaen Charged With Dui

28th November 2009

Actress TAWNY KITAEN has been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) following her arrest in September (09).The 48 year old was pulled over by police near John Wayne Airport in California, allegedly making "contact...

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Kitaen Arrested For Dui

27th September 2009

Actress TAWNY KITAEN was arrested on Saturday afternoon (26Sep09) on suspicion of driving under the influence, according to U.S. reports.The 48 year old was caught by police near John Wayne Airport in California, allegedly making...

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Kitaen Settles Lawsuit With Ex

16th April 2009

Actress TAWNY KITAEN has settled a lawsuit with her ex-boyfriend after accusing him of cheating her out of $3 million (£2.07 million) in assets during their four-year relationship. The Bachelor Party star, 47, launched legal action...

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Kitaen Still Friends With The Husband She Beat With A Shoe

14th November 2008

Actress TAWNY KITAEN insists she's still close to the ex-husband she once battered with a stiletto. Police were called when The Bachelor Party star attacked baseball pitcher Chuck Finley after he threatened to divorce her...

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Busey Serves As Camp Counsellor For Celebrity Rehab Show

10th June 2008

GARY BUSEY, rocker STEVEN ADLER and 1980s pin-up TAWNY KITAEN will join GREASE star JEFF CONAWAY for the second season of hardhitting U.S. reality show CELEBRITY REHAB. Conaway, who quit the show's first season days...

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Kitaen Charges Dropped If She Completes Rehab

14th December 2006

Actress TAWNY KITAEN will complete a rehabilitation programme in return for her freedom as prosecutors in Orange County, California agree to drop felony drug charges against her. The 45-year-old BACHELOR PARTY star found herself in...

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Kitaen Faces Cocaine Possession Charges

22nd November 2006

BACHELOR PARTY star TAWNY KITAEN has been charged with possessing 15 grams of cocaine in California. A statement by the Orange County district attorney's office said police found the cocaine on 21 May (06) in...

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Kitaen Back With Ex Husband

30th March 2006

Actress TAWNY KITAEN is back in the arms of the ex-husband she once beat with her stiletto shoe after reportedly suffering a drug overdose. The former wife of WHITESNAKE rocker DAVID COVERDALE is recovering at...

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Fascinating Fact 1186

9th March 2006

The latest cast of US network VH1's reality show THE SURREAL LIFE features SMASHMOUTH singer STEVE HARWELL, POISON guitarist CC DeVILLE, Playboy model ANDREA LOWELL and 1980s video vixen TAWNY KITAEN.

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Coverdale Slams Celebrity Marriages

22nd February 2006

Former DEEP PURPLE and WHITESNAKE rocker DAVID COVERDALE has vowed never to marry another celebrity after discovering they are usually riddled with insecurities. The British singer, once married to actress TAWNY KITAEN, blasts famous...

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Kitaen Bitches About Alley After Romance Tangle

17th February 2006

Actresses KIRSTIE ALLEY and TAWNY KITAEN are locked in a nasty war of words following reports they're dating the same guy. Kitaen, the former wife of WHITESNAKE star DAVID COVERDALE, is upset by claims...

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Kitaen Urges Women To Starve Rockers Of Sex

23rd March 2005

Model and actress TAWNY KITAEN has useful advice for women hoping to land rocker boyfriends - make them wait for a few months before giving them sex. Kitaen, whose former beaus include JOHN TAYLOR,...

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Tommy Lee's 'Cocaine-fuelled Knife-throwing Session'

23rd March 2005

Rocker TOMMY LEE enjoyed throwing knives at walls while he was high on cocaine, according to his ex-girlfriend TAWNY KITAEN. Kitaen, who dated the former MOTLEY CRUE drummer in 1985, admits their nights out...

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Roth Accused Of Making Actress Transport Drugs

23rd March 2005

Rocker DAVID LEE ROTH often made TAWNY KITAEN carry his drugs whenever he was travelling, according to the actress. Kitaen dated a string of rockers, including TOMMY LEE and DURAN DURAN star JOHN TAYLOR....

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