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Fascinating Fact 13420

18th May 2012

Singer Robert Schwartzman's latest music video is a family affair - the promo for new single Second Chances features his actor brother Jason Schwartzman and his mum, Rocky actress Talia Shire.

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Rocky The Musical To Open In Germany

22nd November 2011

'Rocky The Musical' is to open in Germany next year.The Oscar-winning 1976 boxing movie has been turned into a stage show in a joint production between Sylvester Stallone - who portrayed the underdog pugilist -...

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Shire Dreams Of Coppola Family Film Get Together

8th June 2009

ROCKY star TALIA SHIRE is keen to bring her family together for one Coppola epic.The actress is moviemaker Francis Ford Coppola's sister and she'd like him to helm a film featuring the entire clan, including...

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Brody's 'Adrian' Embarrassment In Front Of Shire

6th October 2007

ADRIEN BRODY was left red-faced at THE DARJEELING LIMITED's world premiere last month (Sep07) - when photographers calling his name actually wanted to take pictures of TALIA SHIRE. Shire, who plays Sylvester Stallone's homely wife...

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Rocky Star Makes Rooney Cameo

23rd August 2007

ROCKY star TALIA SHIRE had a good reason for appearing in rock group ROONEY's new video WHEN DID YOUR HEART GO MISSING - she's singer ROBERT SCHWARTZMAN's mother. The actress, who played SYLVESTER STALLONE's homely...

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Coppola To Direct Autobiographical Movie

13th February 2007

Veteran filmmaker FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA is making an autobiographical movie based on the conflicting generations of an artistic family. TETRO, which Coppola will produce and direct, is based on what the 67-year-old describes as his...

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Schwartzman Keeps It In The Family

16th October 2006

Actor JASON SCHWARTZMAN prefers working with his famous film-making family - because they understand his feelings better. The 26-year-old star, whose mother is TALIA SHIRE and uncle is director FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA, admits being directed...

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Cage Had No Plans To Act

26th November 2004

Hollywood superstar NICOLAS CAGE refuses to accept it was inevitable he moved into film-making, despite being related to THE GODFATHER director FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA and ROCKY actress TALIA SHIRE. Cage claims to have had...

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