A Taggart fan has won the best Scottish-themed tattoo at the Scottish Tattoo Convention in Edinburgh. John Cuthbert’s tattoo in homage to the crime drama was even more impressive given that he claimed the tattoo wasn’t even finished yet. It features Mark McManus, who played the role of Taggart for 11 years on ITV, with his successor James McPherson also set to be added. No word yet on Alex Norton.

According to the BBC, Cuthbert, an IT worker, explained his tattoo as thus: "It's got the Glasgow skyline alongside McManus's face - who for me is just amazing.” Cuthbert did say that more iconic Glasgow references would be added to the design, which is one of the many that makes up the 60% of the 34 year-old’s body that’s been inked.  He commented that his wife Joanne, who has no tattoos of her own, understandably took a while to get used to it. "She is fully supportive about this," he said. "But I think at first when she rolled over in the night and saw McManus' face staring back, she was getting a bit of a shock."

As for James Aitken, the Scottish Tattoo Convention organiser, he commented: "The category was aimed at finding the best Scottish-themed tattoo and John certainly delivered that. Taggart is something that every Scotsman knows and it's pretty much unique to our country."