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Stallone & Richards Land Bollywood Bananas

15th March 2010

SYLVESTER STALLONE and former Bond girl DENISE RICHARDS have been handed Golden Kela Awards for terrible performances in India.The two Hollywood stars 'won' the Have You Gone CRAZY Award for roles in Bollywood romantic comedy...

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Stallone And Richards Land Bollywood 'Razzies'

27th February 2010

SYLVESTER STALLONE and former BOND girl DENISE RICHARDS' Bollywood debuts have been panned by critics - they have both received nominations for worst movie performance at India's annual Golden Kela Awards.The American stars appear together...

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Dolly Parton's 3am Makeover

5th February 2010

Dolly Parton gets up at 3am to put her make-up on.The country singer - who has had a number of cosmetic surgery procedures, including having her breasts enlarged to a 40DD cup - still takes...

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Stallone Releases X-rays

13th January 2010

Hollywood hard man SYLVESTER STALLONE has released a set of X-rays to prove the seriousness of his recent neck injury, following accusations he exaggerated the story to promote his latest movie.The action star had to...

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Stallone Prefers Painting To Acting

12th January 2010

Hollywood hard man SYLVESTER STALLONE prefers painting to acting - because he is much happier with a brush in his hand.The action star, 63, has been dabbling in art in his spare time for 30...

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Sylvester Stallone's Art Love

11th January 2010

Sylvester Stallone prefers painting to acting. The 'Rockie' actor, who has had his paintings displayed at Art Basel Miami Beach, claimed films rarely live up to the hype because of the scale of production. He...

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Stallone Fractured Neck During Expendables Fight

6th January 2010

SYLVESTER STALLONE was forced to undergo major surgery after an epic fight scene for new action blockbuster THE EXPENDABLES went wrong - he fractured his neck in a freak accident.Stallone, 63, who performed his own...

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Stallone's Paintings Sell For Thousands

3rd December 2009

Hollywood action man SYLVESTER STALLONE has made a splash in the art world - one of his paintings has just sold for $50,000 (£31,250).The Rambo star, 63, has been a part-time painter for 30 years...

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Stallone Sues Over Stolen Car

2nd December 2009

SYLVESTER STALLONE is suing the owner of a car company over a vehicle the movie star insists was stolen from him 15 years ago.The Rocky star claims the custom-built 1950 Mercury, which featured in his...

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Stallone Blasted For Driving Offence

25th November 2009

SYLVESTER STALLONE has been slammed for flouting driving regulations by squeezing two children into the passenger seat of his car.The action man was snapped in his Mustang on Sunday (22Nov09) with two young girls sharing...

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Rourke Thanks Stallone And Jones For Support

11th November 2009

MICKEY ROURKE has publicly thanked SYLVESTER STALLONE and SEX PISTOLS star STEVE JONES for standing by him when he hit rock bottom.The actor made a triumphant return to the big screen last year (08), with...

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The Things They Say 13618

29th September 2009

"He's my best friend now. It's strange, given what big rivals we used to be. He's still ridiculously competitive, though. This watch, this is the only one of its kind in the world, so I...

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Stallone's Expendables Gets New Summer Release Date

3rd September 2009

SYLVESTER STALLONE fans will have to wait another four months to see his all-star action movie THE EXPENDABLES - the film's release date has been pushed back to next summer (10).The picture, which also features...

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Peta Go Wild Over Sandler's Zookeeper Movie

13th August 2009

Animal rights activists at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have written a series of fuming letters to stars including ADAM SANDLER, CHER, ROSARIO DAWSON and SYLVESTER STALLONE over their new movie THE...

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Stallone To Be Honoured At Venice Film Festival

12th August 2009

Hollywood action man SYLVESTER STALLONE will be feted at the upcoming Venice Film Festival with the prestigious Glory to the Filmmaker award.The Rocky star's career as an actor and director will be one of the...

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Katy 'Rocky' Perry

22nd July 2009

Katy Perry "looks like Rocky" when she is working out.The 'Waking Up In Vegas' singer takes inspiration from the fictional boxer - played by Sylvester Stallone in the hit film franchise - and skips at...

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Stallone Turns To Hindu Herbs For Knee Problems

7th July 2009

SYLVESTER STALLONE has turned to Indian mysticism in an effort to end persisting knee pain.The action man has embraced ayurveda, the ancient system of medicine of India, after befriending alternative medicine experts as he prepares...

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Sequels To Stallone's The Expendables Already Planned

6th July 2009

Hollywood hardman SYLVESTER STALLONE can bank on a busy few years - movie bosses are already planning to turn his upcoming movie THE EXPENDABLES into a franchise.The action man has lined up an all-star cast,...

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Bullock Was Never Approached For The Expendables

6th July 2009

Actress SANDRA BULLOCK is baffled by reports she was due to join the all-star line-up for SYLVESTER STALLONE's action movie THE EXPENDABLES - because she was never approached about the project.The Speed star was alleged...

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Seagal Scraps Stallone Film Over Producer

8th June 2009

Action man STEVEN SEAGAL has turned down the chance to team up with pal SYLVESTER STALLONE, MICKEY ROURKE and DOLPH LUNDGREN in new film THE EXPENDABLES over a reported dispute with one of the movie's...

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Stallone, Routh & Richards Sign Up For Bollywood Film

10th May 2009

SYLVESTER STALLONE, SUPERMAN BRANDON ROUTH and former BOND girl DENISE RICHARDS have reportedly shot secret cameos alongside Bollywood pin-up AKSHAY KUMAR in a colourful new Indian movie about a Hollywood stuntman. Kumar will play the stuntman...

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Stallone Returns To Rambo For Bollywood

17th April 2009

Hollywood hardman SYLVESTER STALLONE is bringing JOHN RAMBO back to the big screen - for a Bollywood blockbuster. The actor, who has played the iconic Vietnam war veteran in four films, is set to shock fans...

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Pictures Of Stallone's The Expendables Released

14th April 2009

The first stills from forthcoming SYLVESTER STALLONE action movie THE EXPENDABLES have been released.Although the film has only been shooting for a couple of weeks, images of the production's efforts so far have already been...

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Murphy Joins All-star Expendables Line-up

9th April 2009

BRITTANY MURPHY is to play MICKEY ROURKE's girlfriend in SYLVESTER STALLONE's new all-star action film THE EXPENDABLES. The bubbly Just Married star will make her return to the big screen in the film after taking two...

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Weaver Tops Ultimate Action Hero Poll

31st March 2009

ALIEN star SIGOURNEY WEAVER has been named the ultimate action hero in a new poll - beating Hollywood hardmen ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and SYLVESTER STALLONE to the title. The actress' role as Ellen Ripley in the sci-fi...

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50 Refutes Stallone Sacking Reports

25th March 2009

Rapper 50 CENT has denied he was axed from the cast of SYLVESTER STALLONE's forthcoming movie THE EXPENDABLES - insisting he pulled out to concentrate on his music career. The In Da Club hitmaker signed up...

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50 Cent Ditched By Stallone?

24th March 2009

Rapper 50 CENT has reportedly been dropped from the cast of [SYLVESTER STALLONE}'s forthcoming movie THE EXPENDABLES - just days after the [RAMBO] star defended his decision to cast the rapper. The Candy Shop hitmaker was...

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Russell Turned Down Stallone's Expendables Offer

23rd March 2009

SYLVESTER STALLONE was stunned when he asked his TANGO & CASH co-star KURT RUSSELL to appear in his forthcoming movie THE EXPENDABLES - after the actor's agent ordered him to make the request by formal...

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Stallone Defends Casting 50 Cent In Whitaker Role

19th March 2009

Hollywood tough guy SYLVESTER STALLONE has defended his decision to cast rapper 50 CENT in his forthcoming movie THE EXPENDABLES - after fans slammed the casting call in an online forum. The Rocky veteran is currently...

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Stallone Injured Rehearsing Fight Scenes

7th March 2009

Movie tough-guy SYLVESTER STALLONE is nursing an injured hand - he damaged his thumb practising fight scenes for his new action film THE EXPENDABLES. Stallone has recruited an all-star cast of Hollywood hardmen - including Jet...

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