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Glover In Paparazzi Punch-up

21st April 2006

LETHAL WEAPON star DANNY GLOVER has lashed out a paparazzi photographer, allegedly branding him a "motherf**ker" and throwing punches. The Hollywood star, who is in London to promote and star in death penalty play THE...

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Grazer Splits From Wife

19th April 2006

Hollywood film-maker BRIAN GRAZER has split from his wife, novelist GIGI LEVANGIE-GRAZER after eight years of marriage. The producer, 54, filed for legal separation from Levangie-Grazer in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday (17APR06), citing...

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Sarandon: 'This Is 1984'

3rd April 2006

Movie star SUSAN SARANDON is terrified US society is mirroring GEORGE ORWELL's chilling book 1984 - because individual rights are being trampled on. The THELMA + LOUISE star was stunned by the "fraudulent" 2000 election...

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Sarandon Tempted By Boob Job

24th March 2006

Oscar-winning actress SUSAN SARANDON is considering surgery to enlarge her breasts so she can compete with busty leading ladies. The 59-year-old is proud of her figure, but feels the demand to stay sexy. She says,...

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Sarandon To Portray War Activist

21st March 2006

Hollywood star SUSAN SARANDON is in talks to portray American anti-war protester CINDY SHEEHAN in an upcoming movie biopic. Attending yesterday's (20MAR06) star-studded Bring 'Em Home Now! concert for peace, the actress admitted her plans...

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The Things They Say 1673

20th March 2006

"He can get away with stuff, God knows, he's like an overgrown eight-year-old." SUSAN SARANDON on her young-at-heart ROMANCE AND CIGARETTES co-star JAMES GANDOLFINI.

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Sarandon 'Disappointed' By Clinton

17th March 2006

Oscar-winner SUSAN SARANDON insists HILLARY CLINTON should not be allowed to return to The White House as America's first female president, because she failed to vote against the war in Iraq. The THELMA AND LOUISE...

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Sarandon Romances Fireman On Tv

15th March 2006

Oscar winner SUSAN SARANDON is set to raise temperatures on US firefighter drama RESCUE ME when she plays a rich socialite who attempts to seduce one of the show's regulars. The THELMA + LOUISE star...

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Sarandon: 'Team America Was Crass'

15th March 2006

Hollywood actress SUSAN SARANDON has hit out at the makers of TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE, claiming the puppet film was unfair and unsophisticated. Sarandon was ridiculed in the movie for her liberal politics, along with...

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Spanking Scene From Secretary Sexiest

14th March 2006

The spanking scene from the movie SECRETARY has been named the Sexiest Moment on Film by a new survey. DVD company Lovefilm conducted the poll, which gave the top honour to the scene in the...

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Sarandon Blasts Media Intrusion On Kids

10th March 2006

Hollywood actress SUSAN SARANDON has slammed the media for intruding on the private life of her son in 2003, following reports she and husband TIM ROBBINS "brainwashed" their children with political jargon. Robbins was reported...

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Glover Hits Out At Death Penalty

28th February 2006

Hollywood actor DANNY GLOVER has slammed the death penalty as an imperfect form of justice that has sent many wrongly-convicted, innocent people to their deaths. The LETHAL WEAPON star, one of a list of...

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Fascinating Fact 893

25th January 2006

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star TERI HATCHER is the latest celebrity to sign on as the face of L'OREAL, joining fellow actresses HALLE BERRY, JULIANNE MOORE, SUSAN SARANDON and KATE BOSWORTH....

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Sarandon's Belly Dance Agony

1st November 2005

Academy Award-winner SUSAN SARANDON is recovering from a belly dancing injury she sustained while practising for her role as the late tobacco billionairess DORIS DUKE. The THELMA AND LOUISE star was embracing the part...

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Simpson's Assets Crowned Best Cleavage In Hollywood

27th October 2005

Pop beauty JESSICA SIMPSON has beaten a long list of busty beauties to top a new Best Cleavage in Hollywood poll. While Simpson has recently battled constant magazine reports that her marriage to NICK...

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Bloom Embarrassed By Dance Scene

26th October 2005

Actor ORLANDO BLOOM was highly frustrated by the presence of the paparazzi as he shot his new movie ELIZABETHTOWN - because he was embarrassed about filming a dance scene in front of them. The...

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Sarandon's Lesbian Shame

25th October 2005

Movie star SUSAN SARANDON was left redfaced when her son JACK asked her about her lesbian sex scenes with CATHERINE DENEUVE in THE HUNGER. The actress prides herself on the wide range of characters...

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Fiennes To Play Sarandon's Butler

21st October 2005

British actor RALPH FIENNES has signed up to play SUSAN SARANDON's gay butler in the new movie DORIS AND BERNARD. After portraying the evil LORD VOLDEMORT in HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE,...

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Sarandon Shocked By Zellweger/chesney Press Coverage

17th October 2005

Film veteran SUSAN SARANDON was horrified by the amount of press attention devoted to the short-lived marriage of RENEE ZELLWEGER and KENNY CHESNEY, while millions of people are suffering in Sudan. The DEAD MAN...

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Crowe Found Mother's Acting 'Immediately Embarrassing'

17th October 2005

Film-maker CAMERON CROWE had doubts about casting his mother ALICE in his latest movie ELIZABETHTOWN because he didn't want her harassing SUSAN SARANDON. Crowe - who wrote, directed and produced the movie - regularly...

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Sarandon: 'Keep Covering The Hurricane Disaster'

10th October 2005

SUSAN SARANDON is urging the US news media to keep covering the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, because she fears Americans will quickly forget about the horrors of the August (05) storm. The hurricane left...

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Sarandon Teams Up With Nun To Save The Children Of Katrina

3rd October 2005

Movie star SUSAN SARANDON is teaming up with the 'Death Row angel' she portrayed in hit movie DEAD MAN WALKING in a desperate effort to relocate the children left homeless by Hurricane Katrina. The...

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The Things They Say 322

29th September 2005

"I've been approached a number of times about playing BETTE DAVIS, but they never really found an isolated story that makes you live in that moment with Bette Davis." SUSAN SARANDON on playing the screen...

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Theron And Phoenix Up For Hollywood Honours

29th September 2005

Movie stars CHARLIZE THERON and JOAQUIN PHOENIX will be honoured at the ninth Hollywood Awards ceremony on 24 October (05). Theron's performance as a sexually harassed miner in NORTH COUNTRY has earned her the...

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The Things They Say 297

27th September 2005

"I liked when she speaks in tongues; it's hard what she had to do. What's interesting is that I also spoke in tongues while having sex (in WHITE PALACE), so, for once, I could give...

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The Things They Say 284

26th September 2005

"I kinda feel like I'm buying coupons for me to do things when he's doing things... I give him a lot of rope." SUSAN SARANDON on how she copes with partner TIM ROBBINS' movie sex...

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The Game Auctions Bentley For Charity

17th September 2005

Hip-hop star THE GAME is donating his brand new customised Bentley Continental GT to MORGAN FREEMAN's charity to raise funds for Hurricane Katrina victims. The rapper, real name JAYCEON TAYLOR, has donated his luxury...

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Sarandon: 'I Don't Care If Men Are Paid More'

7th September 2005

THELMA AND LOUISE star SUSAN SARANDON complains the financial gender gap in Hollywood is still alive and kicking, but she insists female parts are always the best. The ageing beauty is aware male actors...

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Stars Support West's Outburst

7th September 2005

JAY-Z, SEAN 'DIDDY' COMBS and MATT DAMON are among a host of stars who have applauded KANYE WEST for his public attack on US President GEORGE W BUSH on Friday (02SEP05). During an appearance...

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Sarandon's Wax Figure Comes To Life

25th August 2005

Children admiring a wax model of SUSAN SARANDON were left stunned recently, when the statue suddenly came to life. As schoolchildren eyed what they thought was a simple likeness of the THELMA + LOUISE...

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