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Superman Role Remains Uncast

18th June 2004

The new SUPERMAN movie will start shooting by the end of 2004, even though film makers have yet to cast an actor to play the superhero. JAKE GYLLENHAAL, BRENDAN FRASER and ASHTON KUTCHER have...

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Chan Turns His Home Into A Secret Lair

17th June 2004

JACKIE CHAN has turned his Hong Kong home into a 'Batcave' because he always dreamed of having secret spaces - just like his hero BATMAN. The martial arts movie star owns a three-storey, 1,860...

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Jake Lands Superman Role?

27th May 2004

JAKE GYLLENHAAL is reportedly the hot favourite to take over the role of SUPERMAN on the big screen. Hollywood insiders claim ASHTON KUTCHER and BRENDAN FRASER were both considered to take to the skies...

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Reeve Tells Bush Off

24th May 2004

SUPERMAN actor CHRISTOPHER REEVE has blasted American President GEORGE W BUSH for failing to increase federal spending on embryonic stem cell research. Reeve, who is paralysed from the neck down following a horse-riding accident...

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Seinfeld And Superman Team Up

21st May 2004

Comedian JERRY SEINFELD has teamed up with legendary hero SUPERMAN to make another short advertisement-movie for credit card giant AMERICAN EXPRESS. The first partially animated film, A UNIFORM USED TO MEAN SOMETHING, aired on...

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R Kelly Likens Himself To Elvis

5th May 2004

R KELLY has picked out the star whose life he believes is most like his own - rock legend ELVIS PRESLEY. The IGNITION singer, who's currently awaiting trial on child pornography charges, claims he...

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Crowe's Gladiator Voted Top Hero

25th April 2004

RUSSELL CROWE's brave Roman general MAXIMUS in GLADIATOR has been voted the greatest cinema hero of all time. The fearless fighter in the OSCAR-winning film has beaten SUPERMAN and ELLEN RIPLEY of ALIENS...

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The Rock Approached For Superman Role

1st April 2004

Wrestler-turned-actor THE ROCK was bombarded with offers to take on the title role in the troubled movie SUPERMAN, after he dressed up as the superhero in a comedy skit. The muscular screen star, real...

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Jetsetting Dreams Spur Jolie On To Become A Pilot

18th March 2004

Movie beauty ANGELINA JOLIE wants to become a pilot so she can ferry aid workers and food supplies around the world - and impress her young son MADDOX with jetsetting adventures. The TOMB RAIDER...

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Mcg To Direct Knievel Bike Movie

25th February 2004

CHARLIE'S ANGELS director McG has signed on to direct a biopic of legendary motorbike stuntman EVEL KNIEVEL. The director, who is also working on forthcoming big budget versions of SUPERMAN and HOT WHEELS, has...

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Welling Predicts Smallville End In 2006

24th February 2004

TV heart-throb TOM WELLING has predicted SUPERMAN drama SMALLVILLE will end in 2005. The CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN star, 26, has been playing the young caped crusader struggling to balance a normal teenage life...

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Kylie Loves The Darkness' Flamboyant Style

19th February 2004

KYLIE MINOGUE holds great admiration for British rockers THE DARKNESS - because they share her flamboyant fashion tastes. The sexy SLOW singer is thrilled to see a group of men dress in such over-the-top...

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Omar's Secret Movie

3rd February 2004

LAWRENCE OF ARABIA stars OMAR SHARIF and PETER O'TOOLE were once paid to star in a film to keep a producer's wife happy. The old pals teamed up to star in SUPERMAN producer ALEXANDER...

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Beyonce For Lois Lane?

2nd February 2004

Texan singer BEYONCE KNOWLES is being tipped to star opposite OSCAR-nominee JOHNNY DEPP in the forthcoming SUPERMAN movie. The CRAZY IN LOVE hitmaker, 22, is in discussions with WARNER BROS bosses about the possibility...

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Paul Walker Turned Down Superman Role

7th January 2004

Hollywood actor PAUL WALKER turned down the chance to become the new SUPERMAN, because he doesn't want to be remembered as the superhero for the rest of his life. THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS...

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Mckellen Attracts New Types Of Fan

8th December 2003

British actor SIR IAN McKELLEN has discovered he is hugely popular with ethnic groups since taking on a role in successful movie franchise X-MEN. The 64-year-old thespian is thrilled with his role as MAGNETO...

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Justin Says No To Superman

1st December 2003

Superstar JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE has turned down the lead role in the troubled SUPERMAN movie. The project has been beset by problems - actors JUDE LAW and JOSH HARTNETT both turned down the chance to...

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Portman For Lois Lane?

19th November 2003

STAR WARS beauty NATALIE PORTMAN is the frontrunner to play SUPERMAN's leading lady LOIS LANE in the upcoming blockbuster, according to reports in her native America. The brunette actress has been named as studio...

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Jenna Wants Lois Lane Role

13th November 2003

JENNA ELFMAN is begging producers of the new SUPERMAN movies to let her play LOIS LANE - because she's desperate to star alongside BRENDAN FRASER again. The former DHARMA + GREG actress was impressed...

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Fraser For Superman?

10th November 2003

Actor BRENDAN FRASER is the latest star to be earmarked for the role of SUPERMAN, but he's worried accepting the part will have a negative effect on his career. THE MUMMY star has confirmed...

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Enrique: I Feel Like Superman

10th November 2003

Pop star ENRIQUE IGLESIAS is such a big fan of SUPERMAN, he loves to parade around in underpants over his trousers. The ESCAPE singer adores the comic-book hero, and would love to be able...

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Timberlake To Take A Break From Music For Movies

10th November 2003

Pop hunk JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is planning a break from his successful solo career before moving into acting - to give himself time to learn the craft properly. The 'N SYNC frontman has been inundated...

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Israel Woos Hollywood Stars

22nd September 2003

In the wake of CHRISTOPHER REEVE's inspiring visit, the war-torn country of Israel is trying to attract celebrities to help raise morale among its weary population. The state's Los Angeles consulate praised SUPERMAN...

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Hartnett: Superman Would Have Been Too Easy

25th August 2003

PEARL HARBOR hunk JOSH HARTNETT is glad he turned down the role of SUPERMAN - because it wouldn't have stretched his acting ability. The Hollywood heart-throb is one of many high profile names to...

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Ginger Gets Her Eminem Sex Session After All

15th August 2003

Porn star GINGER LYNN is making the most of her 'fling' with EMINEM in his SUPERMAN video - she has teamed up with a SLIM SHADY look-a-like for a full-on sex pictorial in the pages...

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Ratner Explains Why He Abandoned Superman Project

12th August 2003

Hollywood film-maker BRETT RATNER's true reason for walking out on the troubled SUPERMAN flick is a clash with film bosses - who demanded a big name star. The RUSH HOUR director pulled out of...

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Superman Outfit + Ape Suit Sell At Auction

1st August 2003

LATEST: SUPERMAN's famous S-emblazoned outfit from the 1950s TV series sold at auction for $110,000 (GBP68,750) yesterday (31JUL03). The outfit, worn by KIRK ALYN was expected to fetch $150,000 (GBP93,750) at the PROFILES IN...

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Mariah Pokes Fun At Eminem

31st July 2003

Pop diva MARIAH CAREY is fuelling speculation her new song CLOWN is about EMINEM by dressing one of her dancers as the rapper for live performances. Carey refused to confirm whether the track is...

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Superman Suit For Sale At Auction

30th July 2003

SUPERMAN's famous S-emblazoned outfit is expected to sell for a massive $150,000 (GBP93,750) at auction on Thursday (31JUL03). PROFILES IN HISTORY, a Beverly Hills, California auction house, are putting 360 pieces of Hollywood memorabilia...

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Chistopher Reeve: Leave Science Alone To Find A Cure

30th July 2003

LATEST: Wheelchair-bound SUPERMAN actor CHRISTOPHER REEVE has a good chance of walking again - but only if "politics and religion" leave scientists alone to find a cure to his condition. The 50-year-old star is...

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