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Singer Says 'Threat Levels' Up In Superman Returns Sequel

12th March 2008

Bryan Singer has confirmed that there will be a sequel to Superman Returns and has promised high-octane action for the movie.The director has said that the follow-up to the 2006 film, which has been rumoured...

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$5 Million Pop Memorabilia Collection To Be Auctioned Off

29th February 2008

A vast collection of pop memorabilia including JOHN LENNON's coat, SUPERMAN's red cape and INDIANA JONES' whip is to go under the hammer in Las Vegas next month (Mar08). The famous items are owned by...

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Hollywood Writers Beat The Justice League

17th January 2008

The much-anticipated new action movie that was to bring comic book heroes SUPERMAN, WONDER WOMAN and BATMAN together on the big screen has been shelved due to the ongoing Hollywood writers strike, according to internet...

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Justice League Abandoned

17th January 2008

Long-awaited comic-book adaptation Justice League of America has been abandoned indefinitely, it has been confirmed.According to Variety, Warner Bros studios has decided to let its casting options lapse for the DC Comics movie, after problems...

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Stuntman Knievel Dies

1st December 2007

Legendary motorcyclist Evel Knievel has died aged 69 after a long illness.The stuntman who won fame for his death-defying stunts finally succumbed to a less glamorous death, reportedly caused by lung failure.He had had a...

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Pinewood Plans Expansion

19th November 2007

The company behind Pinewood Studios has unveiled a major expansion plan which could help rejuvenate the British film industry.Pinewood Shepperton (PS) proposes creating a "live-work" community consisting of permanent sets and zones replicating a range...

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Marsden In The Box

2nd November 2007

James Marsden's career resurgence is to continue with a starring role in upcoming horror movie The Box, it has emerged.After his character Cyclops was tossed aside without a blink in Brett Ratner's disappointing X Men...

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Hollywood Reports Bumper Summer

4th September 2007

Hollywood studios have reported an exceptional summer with worldwide ticket sales crossing the $4 billion (2 billion) mark and beating sales records set in 2004.Trade magazine Variety reports that films performed extremely well, as earnings...

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Welling In Talks To Take Superman To The Big Screen

27th August 2007

TV's latest SUPERMAN is set to take the caped superhero to the big screen after reportedly landing a leading role in new movie JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA. Smallville star Tom Welling is in talks to...

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Last Reel Of Potter To Screen In 3-D At Imax Houses

6th July 2007

Moviegoers attending screenings of the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in IMAX theaters will be able to view the last 20 minutes of the movie in 3-D, the New York Post...

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The Things They Say 4980

23rd June 2007

"As far as I know it is going to be called SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL. I have to get back to the gym. I've let myself go." Actor BRANDON ROUTH prepares to suit up as...

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Batman Voted Best Superhero

25th April 2007

BATMAN is Britain's favourite superhero ever, beating SUPERMAN and SPIDER-MAN, in a poll by a British DVD rental service. The Caped Crusader topped the poll with over 20 per cent of the vote. Superman came...

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Superman Costume Nets $115,000

7th April 2007

An unusual costume from The Wizard of Oz matched the price achieved by the original Superman costume worn by Christopher Reeve on Thursday.Both netted $115,000 (57,927) at an auction of rare Hollywood memorabilia held by...

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Superman Costume Sells At Auction For $115,000

6th April 2007

Late actor CHRISTOPHER REEVE's SUPERMAN costume has sold at auction for $115,000 (GBP59,000) on website The red and blue ensemble, worn by Reeve in the 1978 movie, had been expected to fetch between $50,000...

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Reeve's Superman Costume Up For Sale

5th April 2007

Late actor CHRISTOPHER REEVE's SUPERMAN costume is up for sale on internet auction site The red and blue ensemble, valued at between $50,000 and $70,000 (GBP25,600 and GBP35,800), is being sold by memorabilia firm...

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Tmnt Toys Led To Movie, Says Studio Exec

27th March 2007

Although some critics had suggested that the sole reason for reviving the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie franchise was to sell toys, Warner Bros.' distribution chief Dan Fellman has indicated that just the opposite may...

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Gyllenhaal To Play Captain Marvel?

14th March 2007

Executives at Hollywood film studio New Line are desperately trying to sign BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN star JAKE GYLLENHAAL as CAPTAIN MARVEL in SHAZAM! The studio is looking to bid on a big franchise along the lines...

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Superman Promises More Action Next Time Around

14th March 2007

Brandon Routh, the actor who played Superman in last year's franchise revival, has indicated that the producers of the next sequel were sensitive to audience and critical complaints that the film lacked sufficient action sequences....

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'More Fights, Action' For New Superman Flick

14th March 2007

SUPERMAN RETURNS star BRANDON ROUTH has hinted that the next film in the super franchise will feature more action and fights scenes and a new villain for the Man of Steel.Speaking to Empire magazine, the...

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Cage's Debt To Comic Books

7th March 2007

Hollywood fanboy NICOLAS CAGE was desperate to star in comic book adaptation GHOST RIDER - because he learned to read using graphic novels. The actor saw the project as his opportunity to repay a debt...

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Star Wars Cloak Auctioned

6th March 2007

Obi-Wan Kenobi's cloak from the Star Wars franchise is part of the largest amount of film and TV costumes to be auctioned in the UK today.Worn by Sir Alec Guinness, the cloak is expected to...

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Warner Bros Eyes Justice League Of America Movie

23rd February 2007

The superhero bandwagon is continuing to roll steadily onwards, adding GHOST RIDER and a new FANTASTIC FOUR film to its load. But rumours of yet more costumed, super people movies are in the wings, most...

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Cage Wanted To Name Baby Kyle

13th February 2007

NICOLAS CAGE wanted to name his new baby son KYLE, but chose the name KAL-EL after his wife ALICE decided they should select something more exotic. The couple decided the name, which is derived from...

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Good News For Reeve's Daughter

30th January 2007

The daughter of tragic SUPERMAN star CHRISTOPHER REEVE has something to smile about - she's planning to wed her longtime boyfriend. ALEXANDRA REEVE, 23, who lost her crippled father and stepmother DANA REEVE within 18...

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Guiness' Jedi Knight Cloak To Go Under The Hammer

29th January 2007

SIR ALEC GUINNESS' Jedi knight cloak is expected to fetch more than GBP50,000 ($98,000) when it is auctioned next month (FEB07). The STAR WARS outfit is part of a London sale of some of cinema's...

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Skinny Bosworth Watches Dinner Date Dine At Tao

10th January 2007

KATE BOSWORTH isn't wasting any time moving on from her broken romance with ORLANDO BLOOM - she was spotted enjoying a romantic meal with new beau JAMES ROUSSEAU at Las Vegas restaurant Tao last night...

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Superman Makes A Smashing Return On Dvd

8th December 2006

Superman Returns produced super results as it debuted on DVD last week, finishing first on both the sales and rental charts, according to trade reports. The film made an especially strong showing at rental stores,...

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Superheroes Add Superzeros To Hollywood's Bank Balance

8th December 2006

As this week saw the release of the latest superhero flick on DVD, SUPERMAN RETURNS, Hollywood movie-makers continue to seem quite happy to carry on churning out more of the super-money-making franchises from the classic...

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X-men Illustrator Dies

30th November 2006

X-MEN illustrator DAVE COCKRUM has died from complications of diabetes. He was 63. Cockrum reinvented the comic franchise in the mid-1970s by introducing a host of new characters and overhauling the entire look of the...

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Elton John Outbid For Superman Role

22nd November 2006

SIR ELTON JOHN was left heartbroken yesterday (21NOV06) when his dreams of appearing in the next SUPERMAN movie were dashed at a celebrity auction. The ROCKET MAN singer bid GBP40,000 ($72,000) for the walk-on part...

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