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One Direction Film Set To Topple Box-office Record

21st August 2013

ritish bookmakers Ladbrokes are offering 4-1 odds that a concert documentary, This Is Us, featuring the boy band One Direction, will break the British box-office record of $160 million set by the James Bond movie...

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Cnn Hires Morgan Spurlock To Produce "Nonfiction" Show

24th August 2012

CNN has struck a deal with Super Size Me filmmaker Morgan Spurlock to produce a weekly documentary series, Inside Man, that will air on weekends beginning next April as part of the news channel's move...

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Spurlock: `We Didn't Find Osama Bin Laden'

18th April 2008

SUPER SIZE ME filmmaker and star MORGAN SPURLOCK has come clean about his movie hunt to find OSAMA BIN LADEN - on the day of his latest project WHERE IN THE WORLD IS OSAMA BIN...

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Has Spurlock Found Bin Laden?

6th December 2007

SUPER SIZE ME documentary maker MORGAN SPURLOCK has reportedly done what thousands of U.S. troops have been unable to do - find terrorist leader OSAMA BIN LADEN. According to American news network MSNBC, Spurlock showed...

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Spurlock Shocks High School

26th March 2006

SUPER SIZE ME film-maker MORGAN SPURLOCK shocked a Pennsylvania high school a Friday (24MAR06) when joked about the intelligence of MCDonald's employees and marijuana-smoking teachers. Spurlock, who was nominated for an Oscar for his 2004...

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Black Calls In Gourmet Food Firm To Beat The Burgers

22nd December 2005

Larger-than-life funnyman JACK BLACK has signed up for a new delivered gourmet food diet plan in a bid to wean himself off fast food dinners. The SHALLOW HAL star has ordered a "satchel of...

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Spurlock Plans Fiji Nuptials

3rd September 2005

SUPER SIZE ME director MORGAN SPURLOCK has announced plans to jet off to Fiji next year (06), to marry his vegan chef girlfriend ALEX JAMIESON. The couple opted for quiet, romantic nuptials after being...

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Osbourne: 'Super Size Me Changed My Life'

20th July 2005

Rocker OZZY OSBOURNE credits fast food documentary SUPER SIZE ME with changing his life - because he now refuses to put anything unhealthy into his body. MORGAN SPURLOCK directed and starred in the 2004...

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Spurlock Inspires Millions To Ditch Junk

14th June 2005

SUPER SIZE ME creator MORGAN SPURLOCK is amazed by the number of people who have changed their lives for the better as a result of his fast-food documentary. The award-winning movie maker, who spent...

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Spurlock Sued For $40 Million Over Super Size Profits

19th May 2005

SUPER SIZE ME director and star MORGAN SPURLOCK is being sued for a staggering $40 million (GBP21 million) by a company which claims he's failed to share the film's profits with them, despite signing a...

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Super Size Me Director Fronts 30-Day Tv Challenges

3rd May 2005

SUPER SIZE ME director and star MORGAN SPURLOCK is set to front a new reality TV series which challenges people to spend 30 days in challenging circumstances. The award-winning documentary maker, who spent 30...

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Spurlock Slams Mcdonald's Changes As 'Pr'

26th April 2005

Film-maker MORGAN SPURLOCK has blasted fast-food chain McDONALD'S reaction to his award-winning movie SUPER SIZE ME as pure "PR". The eatery is fighting to restore its reputation following the 2004 documentary, which saw Spurlock...

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Mcmahon Impacted By Super Size Me

30th March 2005

NIP/TUCK star JULIAN McMAHON has reduced his McDONALD'S food intake since watching the award-winning documentary SUPER SIZE ME. McMahon was amazed to watch Super Size Me director MORGAN SPURLOCK suffer a string of health...

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Rappers Offered Incentive To Name Check Big Mac

29th March 2005

Fast-food chain McDONALD'S hopes to persuade rap stars to name check its Big Mac burger in songs - by offering to pay them money each time the relevant tracks air on the radio. The...

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Spurlock Holds Us Responsible For Fast Food

25th February 2005

SUPER SIZE ME film-maker MORGAN SPURLOCK holds American export McDONALD'S responsible for society's insatiable demand for fast food. The OSCAR-nominee, who suffered severe health risks in his documentary after he spent a month eating...

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Spurlock Honoured By Writers Guild Of America

16th February 2005

SUPER SIZE ME director and star MORGAN SPURLOCK won the WRITER'S GUILD OF AMERICA's inaugural Documentary Feature Writing gong at last night's (15NOV05) ceremony in Los Angeles. Organisers of the annual event decided to...

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Spurlock Takes Super Size Me To School

14th February 2005

SUPER SIZE ME director MORGAN SPURLOCK is continuing his fight to ensure America's children eat healthily - by releasing a newly edited version of his hit documentary for schools. Spurlock shot to fame last...

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Moore's Fahrenheit Fails To Win Wga Nomination

28th January 2005

MICHAEL MOORE has been snubbed by the WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA (WGA) - following his failure to secure an ACADEMY AWARD nomination. The documentary film-maker's controversial FAHRENHEIT 9/11 has failed to gain a nomination...

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Spurlock Gets Engaged

21st January 2005

SUPER SIZE ME director MORGAN SPURLOCK has got engaged to his girlfriend ALEXANDRA JAMIESON, after proposing to her in Mexico. Spurlock popped the question while they were hiking through a butterfly sanctuary, writes website...

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Beyonce Justifies Mcdonald's Contract

4th November 2004

Pop beauty BEYONCE KNOWLES has leapt to the defence of her contract with fast food giants McDONALD'S - insisting she has always loved eating the chain's food. Knowles' group DESTINY'S CHILD have signed a...

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Super Size Me Dents Mcdonalds' Profits

28th September 2004

Controversial documentary SUPER SIZE ME has been hailed as partly responsible for causing profits to slump in the British arm of fast-food chain McDONALD'S. The movie, which follows director MORGAN SPURLOCK as his health...

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Mcdonald's Defence Delights Film-maker

25th August 2004

SUPER SIZE ME director MORGAN SPURLOCK has blasted as "laughable" newspaper advertisements taken out by fast-food giant McDONALD'S to reassure the public their food is healthy. The chain took out adverts in five British...

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Potter's Magic Scores Another Us Number One

7th June 2004

HARRY POTTER's magic has cast a spell on the American box office again after raking in $92.6 million (GBP51.4 million) in its opening weekend (04JUN-06JUN04). HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN ended SHREK...

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