A convicted sex offender who used an alias to work as a casting assistant on director J.J. ABRAMS' SUPER 8 movie has been arrested in Los Angeles.
Jason James Murphy was convicted of kidnapping and molesting an eight-year-old boy in Washington state in 1996. He served five years in prison and underwent counselling as a sex offender before relocating to California in 2005.
He registered there as a sex offender, but then went to work as Jason James to land work in Hollywood, hiding his true identity.
State law requires sex offenders to notify authorities to any name changes, nicknames or pseudonyms, and bans convicts from working directly with children.
Murphy had also worked with young stars on the sets of Bad News Bears, The School of Rock, Cheaper by the Dozen 2 and the much-anticipated new movie The Three Stooges.
No known complaints have been filed against Murphy, but he was arrested on Friday (09Dec11) and charged with two felony counts for failure to file a name change and a change of address, reports the Los Angeles Times.
He was released on his own recognisance later on Friday.
Murphy, 35, faces up to three years in prison if convicted of the two charges.
Director Abrams recently expressed his shock after learning of Murphy's criminal history.
He said, "To think that someone like this was among us is unthinkable."