Sullivan Walker's widow has taken steps to preserve the late actor's memory by releasing a collection of his unpublished writings and plays.

The Cosby Show star, who was born in Trinidad, died of a heart attack on 20 February, 2012 and his wife Carol Walker is teaming up with executives to stage a handful of his Caribbean-themed plays in a bid to carry on the 65 year old's legacy, .

The retired school teacher tells the New York Daily News, "He has a number of stories... that have to be readied for distribution.

The first thing I want to do is Caribbean Woman. It was out before, but the publisher went out of business. We did it (the play) in Trinidad and it was quite nice. We only did it for two days, but it got good reviews."

The actor also penned a children's book and several other stories prior to his death, all of which Carol hopes to get published, and she insists focusing on her former lover's work has been helping her to heal.

She says, "For anyone who's lost someone, the emptiness... is intense. But love crosses time and space. You always feel as if the person is there. Their love is there."