Mark Balelo, the star of A&E reality TV show Storage Wars, has been found dead in his garage at his home in Simi Valley, California. According to, Balelo was left distraught after being arrested over the weekend for alleged possession of a controlled substance. Armando Chavez, senior deputy medical examiner, refused to provide further information as to Balelo's cause of death, though an autopsy will be conducted on February 12, 2013.

Sources say Balelo got out of jail on Sunday and asked his fiancee to come over because he was afraid he might hurt himself. The pair met at his office and talked for a few hours before the reality star took a 4 hour nap. His fiancee left the office, though one of Balelo's employees found his body on the Monday morning. The 40-year-old was one of the deep-pocketed buyers featured on Storage Wars, a reality show depicting the excitement of storage unit auctions. Balelo had a knack for bargaining and finding treasures amongst piles of trash. He was instrumental in helping the actor Nicolas Cage recover a mint-condition copy of a 1938 Action Comics book that was stolen from his storage locker. The issue was valued at a cool $1 million.

He was best known for beating the competition by showing up to auctions carrying more than $50,000 in cold hard cash.