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Marlee Matlin & Tyler Pay Tribute To Ford 1654672 10th July 2011 Former addicts Marlee Matlin, Stevie Nicks and Steven Tyler have paid tribute to beloved former U.S. First Lady and rehab pioneer Betty Ford, who died on Friday (08Jul11).
Ford, who passed away at the Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, California, battled breast cancer, prescription drug addiction and alcoholism during her life.
She went on to set up the Betty Ford Center in Palm Springs, which has become a sanctuary for celebrities battling addictions - and several stars have paid tribute to Ford, the wife of Gerald Ford, the 38th president of the United States.
Tyler says, "Betty Ford took a risk at one of the worst times of her life and came forward to share a message of recovery in order to serve others.
"Her vision, passion and amazing heart led to the Betty Ford Center, the gold standard of treatment facilities. She will be missed, but her work in recovery will live on."
Actress Matlin adds, "She helped me beat my addiction and she was an angel," while Nicks simply states, "As far as I'm concerned, Betty Ford saved my life."
Hollywood star Gary Busey says, "To the Ford family - Celebrate her life on the new plateau she is on - The Busey-ism for Death is: Don't Expect A Tragedy Here. Betty's still living in a new dimension so celebrate her life now as you celebrated her life on earth!"
Maria Shriver has also paid tribute to Ford, adding, "Mrs. Ford was a courageous pioneer, a groundbreaking First Lady, and a forceful advocate for anyone suffering from addiction or breast cancer. America fought her struggles with her and learned alongside her. She was brave, outspoken and kind. My heart goes out to her entire family. Her daughter Susan is a dear friend of mine and continues to carry on Mrs. Ford's work in such a powerful way."
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Steven Tyler Looks Set For American Idol Return 2566600 9th July 2011
Steven Tyler, frontman of legendary rock band Aerosmith, is in negotiations at the moment, but looks likely to return along with Randy Jackson for season 11 of American Idol. Fellow judge Jennifer Lopez is currently "on the fence" as to whether to come back or not for another season.

Tyler spoke to FoxNews at the House of Blues, the venue of Boston Common magazine's summer bash, where he was asked about the Idol situation and stated "We're in negotiations", and would not comment further. He was also asked about his return to his hometown, "It's always great to be home. I've been away for so long," said Tyler. "You know, we jumped right into writing some songs; we got three already and the band is rockin'. We're working on the album right now," Steven continued, "We go on tour November/December, and we should have the album finished in a couple of months."

Jennifer Lopez was also questioned recently about whether she will stay for another season, "I haven't been forced to make a decision and I'm glad about that because, honestly, I'm very on the fence about it... I had an amazing time doing it and I loved it, but I have a lot of other things happening."
'Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?', Tyler's new autobiography, which candidly details his experiences with Aerosmith, was released on May 11th. news_studio_old 76687 1409330 Steven Tyler, Aerosmith, Randy Jackson, American Idol, Jennifer Lopez
Aerosmith Hit The Studio 2538484 7th July 2011

Aerosmith have started recording their 14th studio album.

The 'Walk This Way' rockers went into the studio yesterday (06.07.11) with producer Jack Douglas to lay down tracks for their first album since 2004's 'Honkin' on a Bobo' covers album.

Drummer Joey Kramer tweeted: "Aerosmith hits the studio with Jack Douglas today. One word bout 1st day n studio 'Inspiring.' (sic)"

As well as working on the album, the group - which also includes singer Steven Tyler, bassist Tom Hamilton and guitarist Joe Perry - have also announced an eight-day tour of Japan, starting on November 22, as they want to show their support for the country which was devastated by an earthquake and tsunami earlier this year.

Joe said: "Our prayers are with all of our Japanese fans and the people of Japan. They can use all of our prayers and whatever help we can give. We can't wait to be there and play for the people who have supported us for the past 40 years.

"Our fans know how much we love them and we are eager to return and give them the show of a lifetime, especially after the tragedy they have recently been through."

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Jennifer Lopez To Be Replaced By Shakira On American Idol? 1655229 4th July 2011 Jennifer Lopez is continuing to stall her contract negotiations with American Idol, but her plans could backfire as television executives begin to search for her replacement, according to the UK's Daily Mail. Lopez is the only judge yet to sign on for the show's eleventh season, with Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson already confirmed to return.
The multi-award winning singer is thought to be in two minds about returning to the reality singing contest. The heavy filming schedule is likely to add strain to her family life - she and husband Marc Anthony are parents to three years old twins Max and Emme. As Lopez continues to stall on a new contract, bosses at Fox have been forced to consider other options. Pop star Shakira and the country star Shania Twain are thought to head the list of potential replacements should Lopez look to move on. The singer was recently cast in the big-screen adaptation of the parenting book 'What to Expect When You're Expecting', which also stars comedian Chris Rock, supermodel Brooklyn Decker and the actress Cameron Diaz. The singer will play 'Holly', a woman who decides to adopt a child from overseas after having trouble conceiving.
Jennifer Lopez has also confirmed plans to release 'Papi' as the third single from her album 'Love?' An official release date is yet to be confirmed, but the singer has signalled her intention to put out a double A-side release. news_wenn_old 39979 1391383 Jennifer Lopez, American Idol, Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson, Marc Anthony, Shakira, Shania Twain, Chris Rock, Brooklyn Decker, Cameron Diaz
The Things They Say 22185 1655286 4th July 2011
"I remember my first conversation with my dad... he told me to cross my legs because I was sitting in a chair wearing a skirt and a big sweatshirt... I remember that vividly. And to this day, even when I get out of a town car and there's paparazzi, my knees are locked together!" Actress Liv Tyler learned an early lesson in how to behave like a lady from her rocker father Steven Tyler.
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Steven Tyler Treats Partygoers To Surprise Performance 1655304 4th July 2011 Rocker Steven Tyler delighted partygoers at a magazine bash in Boston, Massachusetts on Thursday (30Jun11) when he took to the stage for an impromptu performance.
The charismatic Aerosmith frontman was the guest of honour at the House of Blues event, celebrating his cover for local publication Boston Common, and he made a grand entrance on a lime-green motorcycle.
But Tyler decided to treat attendees to a special surprise and later jumped onstage unannounced to belt out a series of Aerosmith tracks, including a duet with blues harmonica player James Montgomery on his band's hit, Walking the Dog.
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Steven Tyler Is 'Still Attractive' According To Liv Tyler's Female Friends 2566608 3rd July 2011
Steven Tyler has been in the news recently, not only for agreeing to return to American Idol for a second series as judge, but for his new reveal-all autobiography entitled Does the Noise in my Head Bother You? Steven Tyler's daughter, the A-list Hollywood actress Liv Tyler also recently said that the book contained 'too much information' claiming '.There are certain things I just don't wanna know about', as Contactmusic reported on Friday.

Liv has also revealed, in an interview with the New York Post, that many of her friends have a crush on 68 year-old Steven, who has been in and out of rehab 8 times, and was famous for his womanising during the 70's and 80's. She commented: "I'm proud of my father. I admire his courage to do 'American Idol' at this time of his life. He's fabulous. Charming. Magical. Friends my age tell me, 'I have a crush on your father." She also said that she and her father work hard to stay in regular contact and have a close relationship: "We're both busy working, but we see one another. We speak. We text constantly." news_studio_old 76687 1409330 Steven Tyler, American Idol, Liv Tyler
Tyler's Grandson Has Queen Obsession 1655470 30th June 2011 Rocker Steven Tyler's grandson is obsessed with Queen.
The Aerosmith star's actress daughter, Liv Tyler, can't believe her son Milo is so into the music of Freddie Mercury and Brian May.
She says, "He knows, like, every single word to every Queen song. He'll sit in the back of the car and he mouths along with a real passion.
"He knows every word to Bohemian Rhapsody, to the point that the other night I woke him up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, just in case, and he sat upright in bed and said, 'Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me...' and then he, like, laid back down and went back to sleep."
Milo, six, has quite the rock background - as well as being Steven Tyler's grandson he is the son of British rocker Royston Langdon.
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Steven Tyler Duets With Rival Tv Judge Nicole Scherzinger 1655526 30th June 2011 Rocker Steven Tyler has teamed up with his rival TV talent show judge Nicole Scherzinger for a new solo single.
The Aerosmith frontman took up a seat on the panel of American Idol for a new-look series of the hit show alongside Jennifer Lopez after the departure of Simon Cowell.
He's heading back into the studio with his band next month (Jul11) to work on a new album, but Tyler is having one last taste of solo work with his new single (It) Feels So Good.
Former Pussycat Dolls star Scherzinger provides vocals on the track - the beauty is also a talent show judge, on Cowell's American version of his hit series The X Factor.
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Liv Tyler's Friends Crush On Her Dad 2538936 23rd June 2011

Liv Tyler's friends have crushes on her dad Steven Tyler.

The 33-year-old actress admits her pals find the 63-year-old Aerosmith singer - who is also a judge on 'American Idol' - very attractive and aren't shy to tell her.

She revealed: "I'm proud of my father. I admire his courage to do 'American Idol' at this time of his life. He's fabulous. Charming. Magical. Friends my age tell me, 'I have a crush on your father.' "

Despite their busy careers, Liv insists she and her father always make an effort to see each other and are constantly in contact.

She added: "We're both busy working, but we see one another. We speak. We text constantly."

Liv also revealed she has moved back to New York City with her six-year-old son Milo following a brief stint living in Los Angeles and she is very happy to have moved back.

Speaking at the premiere of her new movie 'The Ledge' at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema on Tuesday (21.06.11), she told New York Post columnist Cindy Adams: "You know what's great? Moving back here. I was born here. Always lived here. I moved to Los Angeles for over a year. But it's not for me. I must be in New York, which has everything. Freedom. Excitement. Life. Breath. Electricity. Diversity. It's also dirty, but so what? I moved back in August. Everything's great here. There's even a nearby playground where I bring my son. I can take time to be a real mother."

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J.lo's Remarks Leave Fox Execs On The Floor 2515899 16th June 2011 As if the controversy over the firing of Cheryl Crow from the upcoming X-Factor talent show weren't enough bad publicity to deal with, Fox executives on Wednesday now faced the possibility of losing Jennifer Lopez on American Idol for next season. In an interview with BBC radio, the singer -- who, with Steven Tyler, is being credited for re-energizing Idol following the departure of Simon Cowell -- said that she's not sure whether she'll continue on the show. "I haven't been forced to make a decision and I'm glad about that because honestly I'm very on the fence about it," she remarked. Media commentators were uncertain whether Lopez's comments were a negotiating ploy or whether they actually reflected her ambivalence. "I have a lot [of] other things happening, and it's going to come down to me making a choice of what I want to do for the next year," she said.

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Jennifer Lopez Envies Life Of Twins 2539237 15th June 2011

Jennifer Lopez's children have done more in their three years than she has in her whole life.

The 41-year-old singer- who has three-year-old twins Max and Emme with husband Marc Anthony - is envious of the facts the tots "see everything", and have already experienced many wonderful things, despite their young age.

She said: "They see everything, they go and do so much more then I have ever done in my whole life, in all my travels, and they're only three."

As well as being a mother to Max and Emme, Jennifer judges 'American Idol' alongside Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler.

However, having had to audition in front of music executives many times herself, the 'On The Floor' hitmaker admitted she is careful not to crush the spirits of any hopefuls.

She explained in an interview with UK radio station KISS fm: "I've been in that position, many times where I had to put myself out there and audition for somebody and I just thought to myself how would I want somebody to tell me it's not going to work out this time or whatever constructive criticism I can give them in a way that they don't walk away with a crushed spirit."

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Keith Moon Partied Too Hard For Alice Cooper 2539429 9th June 2011

Alice Cooper used to hide from Keith Moon because he couldn't handle how hard he partied.

The 'School's Out' rocker used to be a member of a drinking club called the Hollywood Vampires, which saw him joined by John Lennon, Ringo Starr and The Who drummer Keith, whom he said was like a "battery who never ran out" when it came to partying.

He explained: "There was only one rule at our club. Out-drink the other members and be the last man standing - which wasn't easy with Keith Moon around.

"Those guys could drink. When you party with Keith Moon your body really knows about it - one time he stayed with me for a week, and I literally wasn't allowed to sleep for seven days.

"Keith was like a battery that never ran out. It got to the stage with Keith where I'd hear he was in town and hide somewhere because I couldn't face another bender.

"That was the pace in Los Angeles at the time with all those guys."

The 'Poison' rocker feels lucky that he saw the damage all his partying was doing to his body and eventually quit - tackling his alcoholism in 1979 by stopping drinking and taking up golf - enabling him to escape an early death.

He added: "I watched on as my friends, one at a time, died as a result of it. I started to realise that either I had to stop eventually, or I would die. It was as simple as that.

"I was trying to keep up with people like Jim Morrison, who was like a professional drinker, along with Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, and I suddenly realised that each one of them collapsed and went down at 27.

"Your body just cannot keep up with that lifestyle. Those of us who survived were the slightly younger generation, who were lucky enough to work out what was going on. People like me and Steven Tyler from Aerosmith who are still working now, because we stopped just in time."

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Ac/ac Dc Rocker Brian Johnson Can't Stand Idol Shows 1657918 6th June 2011 Ac Dc frontman Brian Johnson refuses to watch his pal Steven Tyler on TV talent show American Idol - because he hates the programme.
The British rocker has no time for the reality TV series - because he hates to watch young wannabes have their hopes dashed.
He tells, "I don't like watching people getting humiliated. It hurts me. Some people are more nervous than others. When I was 16 and did my first gig, I was so terrified... Other guys, who maybe weren't as good... had bags of confidence.
"Of course, as the years went by, I got more confident. I'm just terrified these shows might knock the stuffing out of a guy who is nervous. It's toe-curling watching those people being told they're not good enough."
And Johnson fears it's not the starry-eyed hopefuls who benefit from shows like Idol.
He adds, "It's making somebody a bloody fortune and it's certainly not the artists."
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Scotty Mccreery Wins American Idol 2539899 26th May 2011

Scotty McCreery has won 'American Idol'.

The 17-year-old country crooner received more votes from the public than his fellow finalist Lauren Alaina and became the fourth male contestant in a row to win the FOX talent contest last night (25.05.11).

After his name was called out he said: "Never in my wildest dreams. I've got to thank the Lord first, though. He got me here."

Over 122 million people voted in the tenth season finale, favouring the baby-faced teen from North Carolina and his distinctly deep vocal style.

Scotty later said he was overjoyed to win the competition and praised the show's judges for being so down-to-earth despite being so famous.

He told MTV news: "They're wonderful. When they first walked out [during the audition], I was intimidated. I was like, 'Oh my goodness, it's Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson.' But after a few weeks, they were just like friends to us.

"They were just joking around with us backstage. It's been really great getting to know them. They're really normal people, they really are."

"I'll be smiling for a good while now, I promise that."

The musician also revealed he would like to record a duet with 16-year-old Lauren, whose performance suffered in the finale because of vocal chord damage she suffered during rehearsals.

He said: "Me and Lauren have talked about it for a while. We'll see if that works out. It'd be really cool."

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The Things They Say 21759 1658770 26th May 2011
"I never wanted to do American Idol. I turned around and said, 'The show sucks. How can kids be an American Idol? They haven't played clubs, they haven't paid their dues, they haven't done what we did.' I was wrong. They are out there, we just have to wade through a bunch of them." Rocker and new American Idol judge Steven Tyler was skeptical of joining Simon Cowell's talent show.
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American Idol's Scotty Mccreery Predicted As 'Clear Winner' 1658789 25th May 2011 American Idol moves into its season ten finale tonight, with two country singers vying for this year's crown. 16-year-old Lauren Alaina and 17-year-old Scotty Mccreery gave their final performances during last night's show, with the former gaining the evening's only standing ovation, reports Reuters.
Alaina wowed the Idol audience with her rendition of 'Like My Mother Does', and Jennifer Lopez commented, "With that song you may have just won". Rocker Steven Tyler echoed the praise, saying, "You are it in my eyes". However, despite the judge's feedback, MCCreery has been predicted as the clear winner by, which measures the busy signals on telephones used to cast votes and text messages. The system is considered to be less reliable since online voting was introduced, but is still regarded as a solid barometer of the general 'Idol' consensus., who called Tuesday's show "a super-boring affair" for those not familiar with country music, also called it for MCCreery based on his overall showing during the last five months.
American Idol has been one of Fox's highest rated shows since its launch in 2002, however, according to early viewing figures from last night, audiences favoured the Dancing With The Stars final on ABC. news_wenn_old 71866 1362281 American Idol, Lauren Alaina, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, Mtv, Dancing With The Stars
Steven Tyler Didn't Want Idol Job 2539914 25th May 2011

Steven Tyler didn't want to be an 'American Idol' judge.

The Aerosmith rocker has been a huge hit since joining Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson on the revamped judging panel for the 10th season of the talent show but he admits he was initially reluctant to take on the role because he didn't think there was enough talented people out there.

He told E! Online: "I never wanted to do 'American Idol'. I turned around and said, 'The show sucks. How can kids be [an] American idol? They haven't played clubs, they haven't paid their dues, that haven't done what we did.' I was wrong. They are out there, we just have to wade through a bunch of them."

Steven said there were lots of hopefuls who caught his eye, but it was finalist Lauren Aliana who had impressed him from the beginning.

He said: "When I first heard Lauren, seven months ago, it was the second city. You have to go through so many kids and she sang. She doesn't try to hit the notes, the words just go to that place. Everybody else is trying to hit the notes, and she's never had that problem with pitch. Maybe bad songs, but she's been perfect and right and great. I circled her months ago and said 'American idol.' Her and about six or seven others, but I heard her first. I mean how does a 15-year-old sing like that? How does that happen? That's magic, that's the gift, and that's what we're looking for."

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Lauren Alaina Set To Scoop American Idol Crown? 1658828 25th May 2011 Lauren Alaina, the 16-year-old country sensation, took a huge step towards becoming American Idol champion during Tuesday's final performances, reports the New York Daily News. Lauren Alaina edged out fellow country singer Scotty Mccreery during a tense final which saw the Georgia-born singer receive the only standing ovation of the night.
Alaina performed the Kristy Lee Cook track 'Like My Mother Does' as her third selection of the evening, receiving unanimous praise from the judges. Jennifer Lopez commented, "With that song you may have just won", while Steven Tyler declared, "You are it in my eyes". Randy Jackson gave her a standing ovation, as did the live studio audience. Alaina was considered to be the underdog having revealed she had damaged a vocal chord in rehearsals just hours before she was due on stage. However, American Idol has seen a number of unlikely victors in recent years, most notably Lee Dewyze's win over Crystal Bowersox and Kris Allen's shock victory over Adam Lambert in 2009. Elsewhere on Tuesday's show, Scotty performed the country hit 'Check Yes or No', chosen for him by Hall of Famer George Strait, while Lauren sang Pam Tillis' 'Maybe It was Memphis', as chosen by former 'Idol' winner Carrie Underwood.
Lauren Alaina and Scotty Mccreery will learn their fate during tonight's (25th May 2011) American Idol final results show. news_wenn_old 53960 1380550 Lauren Alaina, American Idol, Kristy Lee Cook, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson, Lee Dewyze, Crystal Bowersox, Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, George Strait, Pam Tillis, Carrie Underwood
American Idol Finalists Ready For Country Music Battle 2539960 24th May 2011

Country fans Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina are to battle it out for the title of 'American Idol' tonight (24.05.11).

The two teenagers - who share a love of the genre - have become the remaining two contestants on the tenth season of the talent show after favourite Haley Reinhart was eliminated.

With Scotty aged 17 and Lauren just 16, it will be the youngest ever final matchup in the Fox show's history.

Throughout the competition, Scotty has impressed the judging panel - comprised of Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson - with his old-school country style, singing songs such as Garth Brooks' 'The River'.

Meanwhile, Lauren has also put in consistently good performances with her renditions of songs by her favourite country female artists, including Faith Hill and Shania Twain.

After her elimination, Haley said she couldn't decide which of her former opponents will win because they have such a similar style.

She said: "It's so close because they're in such a close lane together, as far as country goes."

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Haley Reinhart Trips And Falls On American Idol Stage 2540124 19th May 2011

Haley Reinhart tripped and fell over halfway through her latest performance on 'American Idol'.

The 20-year-old beauty - who is one of the final three contestants on the US reality talent show - stumbled as she sang a rendition of Led Zepplin's 'What Is and What Should Never Be'.

However, she didn't let the accident ruin her performance, picking herself up off the floor and carrying on as though nothing had happened.

She was joined on stage during the number by her father playing the electric guitar and later received positive feedback from the judging panel.

Randy Jackson said: "This was one of your best performances ever! This girl is in it to win it!"

The Chicago blonde is up against Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina, who both also received high praise.

After Scotty's performance of 'Amazed' by Lonestar, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler told him: "I think you just keep getting better and better."

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Steven Tyler: 'I've Slept With A Man' 1659359 19th May 2011 Legendary Lothario Steven Tyler has sensationally revealed he once had sex with a man during his wild youth.
The Aerosmith rocker enjoyed flings with female groupies at the height of his band's fame, and went on to embark on a relationship with a teenage fan.
But despite having four kids and two ex-wives, the star has admitted he once had a same-sex fling - but didn't enjoy it.
In his new memoir, Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?, he reveals, "Gay sex just doesn't do it for me. I tried it one time when I was younger, but I just didn't dig it."
And he jokes about his reputation for being filthy-minded, insisting he always made female fans wash before he would sleep with them: "As dirty as my mind is, my body's pretty clean. Kelly (a member of the Aerosmith entourage) always made sure the girls were in the shower when I got in the room. I liked my pulchritude pristine! I can't kiss a girl that's been stage diving with 500 other guys."
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Joe Perry: 'Aerosmith Won't Perform On Idol Finale' 1659373 19th May 2011 Joe Perry has questioned his bandmate Steven Tyler's announcement Aerosmith will perform on the season finale of American Idol, insisting it's "not logistically possible".
Perry fell out with Tyler after he announced plans to take an indefinite hiatus from the band in late 2009. The group reunited last year (10) but their friendship hit the rocks again after Tyler took up his post on Idol, alongside Jennifer Lopez.
Tyler insists they have since made amends and are working on new music together - and earlier this month (May11) revealed he plans to get Aerosmith to perform on the final episode of the reality show, saying, "We're playing the last show of the season. When I came on board, of course they were talking about, 'Are you going to sing with the contestants?' I said, 'I'll do a song, sure,' but it was always my intention, always, to get Aerosmith on the show."
But now Perry has refuted his bandmate's claims in a series of posts on his page, revealing he'd be happy to perform - but not yet.
He writes, "(We're) not playing 'Idol' 'cause we were never asked by producers. (Guitarist) Brad (Whitford) has (a) gig that night with Experience Hendrix. It's not logistically possible. Aerosmith's looking forward to playing 'American Idol' next season when our new CD is out and we can prepare a kick-a** show if they ask us.
"Really looking forward to recording with Aerosmith this July (and) August to finish our long-awaited CD... There is no peace pipe to smoke because I have no problem with anything Steven is doing."
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Steven Tyler Admits Trying Gay Sex 2540163 18th May 2011

Steven Tyler "didn't dig" gay sex.

The Aerosmith frontman - who has four children from previous relationships - admitted to experimenting with other men when he was younger, but soon realised it wasn't for him.

He wrote in his new autobiography 'Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?': "Gay sex just doesn't do it for me. I tried it one time when I was younger, but I just didn't dig it."

The 63-year-old rocker - who has been married twice and has been in a relationship with Erin Brady since 2006 - admitted he has never been with a woman who trusted him because of his outrageous image.

The 'American Idol' judge - who claims to have lost his virginity when he was just seven - wrote: "I've never had a relationship with a woman who really trusted me. I'm this guy onstage with an outrageous, larger-than-life persona, a persona designed to be over-the-top, out there - and nasty."

But the females in his life may have been impressed by Steven's manhood, as former Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler recently revealed the singer has one of the biggest penises in rock.

He said: "Those extending pills don't work - I've tried them!

"After seeing Steven Tyler's rig with five different girls' hands wrapped around it, I'm lucky if I take my clothes off at all after that. I was devastated!"

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James Durbin Sobs After American Idol Elimination 2566762 13th May 2011
JAMES DURBIN, the 22-year-old singer from Santa Cruz, California, sobbed after being eliminated from American Idol during last night's results show (12th May 2011). JAMES DURBIN, a favourite with the show's judges, missed out on a place in the final three and looked visibly shaken when given the bad news by Ryan Seacrest.

The departure of rocker James leaves 17-year-old country singer SCOTT MCCREERY, 16-year-old LAUREN ALAINA and 20-year-old Haley Reinhart left in this year's competition. Durbin was widely regarded as a certainty to reach the finals after receiving universal praise from the judges on Wednesday's show, but he received the least amount of support from the record-breaking 72 million voters. With tears running down his face, a stunned Durbin said, "I worked so damn hard and I was hoping to get there. But I did so much stuff that's never been done on the show. I did what I came here to do, and that was to give metal a chance". Judge Jennifer Lopez began crying while Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler looked bewildered at the public's decision. During this week's performances, Haley Reinhart was heavily criticised for her rendition of Michael Jackson's 'Earth Song'.

Following his elimination, JAMES DURBIN took to the 'Idol' stage for one last performance, singing the Paul Mccartney track 'Maybe I'm Amazed', which he tackled during the second week of the live finals. news_studio_old 71866 1362281 American Idol, Ryan Seacrest, Haley Reinhart, Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler, Michael Jackson, Sir Paul Mccartney
The Things They Say 21621 1659891 13th May 2011
"I love it. I'm having too much fun to not (return). So we'll see what happens." Rocker Steven Tyler suggests he's sticking around as a judge for another season of American Idol.
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Haley Reinhart Angry At American Idol Judges 1659923 12th May 2011 Haley Reinhart, the 20-year-old American Idol semi-finalist, says she is "mad" at the show's judges for criticising her performance on last night's show, reports E! Online. Haley Reinhart's bluesy cover of Michael Jackson's 'Earth Song' was met with hostile comments from Jennifer Lopez and co, while the other contestants were lauded for their efforts.
In a rare show of negativity from this year's judges, Reinhart was criticised for her song choice and delivery. Lopez remarked, "James comes out and he sets the bar. You gotta think about that when you choose the songs", while Jackson echoed the comments, saying, "The song needed you to deliver it. This was Michael Jackson's pinnacle". Reinhart attempted to defend herself, saying, "I just felt it", but Steven Tyler replied, "It wasn't a hit song". The singer was reportedly "even angrier" when the cameras stopped rolling, "stalking off the stage and barely acknowledging the audience". Speaking after the show, Reinhart said, "Yeah I'm mad. Everybody else gets good feedback, and they really let me have it. They don't feel bad for me. Never have, never will. I got a little upset because that song is downright inspiring and emotional. No matter what, that hit me to the heart". During the advertisement break, host Ryan Seacrest and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe ran over to Jackson to speak with him, but the judge laughed, "threw up his hands" and said, "What am I supposed to do?".
After the harsh criticism, Haley Reinhart looks likely to leave the competition on tonight's results show. Lauren Alaina, Scotty Mccreery and James Durbin all delivered strong performances last night and were praised by the judges. news_wenn_old 67693 1308013 Haley Reinhart, American Idol, Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, Ryan Seacrest, Nigel Lythgoe
Jennifer Lopez Tells Scotty: 'I'm In Love With You' 2540356 12th May 2011

Jennifer Lopez has told 'American Idol' singer Scotty McCreery she is in love with him.

Scotty wowed the 'On the Floor' singer - who is a judge on the show alongside Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson - when he performed 'Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning' by Alan Jackson.

She said: "I'm in love with you. I can't help it. [I love] what you stand for. You know who you are and that is the make of someone who is meant to do this. I am glad we are here to witness it."

Aerosmith frontman Steven was also full of praise for a tearful Scotty, who is in the final of the competition alongside James Durbin, Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhart.

He added: "I get lost in your passion. It was beautiful."

Scotty - who played guitar during his performance and was accompanied by a violinist - was asked to sing a song that inspired him and Randy was particularly pleased with his choice.

He said: "I think that is the perfect song choice in country. You are headed for super stardom, and I hope you are ready for it."

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American Idol Judges Turn On Haley Reinhart In Semi Final 1659966 12th May 2011 American Idol moved into its 'final four' week last night (11th May 2011), with 20-year-old hopeful Haley Reinhart receiving harsh criticism from the all-star judging panel, reports Cbs News. American Idol's final four were mentored by the controversial pop singer Lady Gaga on a night that saw Scotty Mccreery make his case for this year's title.
James Durbin opened the show with a rendition of Journey's much-covered hit 'Don't Stop Believin'. Steven Tyler was impressed by the 22-year-old's delivery, saying, "You did it right, man", while Randy Jackson described the song as "the highest degree of difficulty". Haley Reinhart fared less well with the judging panel, receiving criticism for her performance of Michael Jackson's 'Earth Song'. Jennifer Lopez said, "James comes out and he sets the bar. You gotta think about that when you choose the songs", while Jackson said he was confused as to who she was as an artist, adding, "The song needed you to deliver it. This was Michael Jackson's pinnacle". Reinhart fought back, saying, "I just felt it", but Steven Tyler had the last word, saying, "It wasn't a hit song". Scotty Mccreery performed the Alan Jackson track 'Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning?" and received unanimous praise from the judges. 16-year-old country talent Lauren Alaina sang Martina Mcbride's 'Anyway' and dedicated the song to those in her home state who had suffered the recent tornado disaster.
One more contestant will be eliminated on tonight's American Idol results show, leaving just three contestants in this year's competition. After yesterday's performances, Haley Reinhart is the favourite to get the boot. news_wenn_old 71866 1362281 American Idol, Haley Reinhart, Cbs, Lady Gaga, Journey, Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson, Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Alan Jackson, Martina Mcbride
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"First of all, I've never been with a guy when I've been with three or four women. I just don't swing that way; I'm sorry... (and) I wasn't that promiscuous, let's just say he was dreaming about my schlong." Steven Tyler disputes former Guns N' Roses star Steven Adler's story about catching sight of the Aerosmith frontman's large manhood during a tourbus orgy.
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