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Leguizamo Names + Shames Super-serious Stars

6th November 2006

Actor JOHN LEGUIZAMO is getting brutally honest about his Hollywood encounters, poking fun at stars like PATRICK SWAYZE and STEVEN SEGAL in his new book PIMPS, HOS, PLAYERS, HATERS + ALL THE REST OF MY...

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Segal Sued By Production Company

10th June 2005

Hollywood hardman STEVEN SEGAL has been hit with a $14 million (GBP7.4 million) lawsuit after he allegedly delayed the production process for two movies he starred in. The EXIT WOUNDS actor, famed for his...

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Segal Triumphs In German Legal Wrangle

3rd July 2003

Action hero STEVEN SEGAL has won his court case against a women who accused him of trashing the houses she let to him in 2001. The NAVY SEALS star rented several properties from the...

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