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Steve-o Under Investigation By Texas Police Over Bridge Jump

19th March 2014

Tv prankster Steve-O is facing prosecution from Texas police after performing a dangerous backflip off a bridge in the city of San Antonio.The former Jackass star, real name Stephen Glover, hurled himself off the San...

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Steve-o: 'Emergency Services Pranks Should Be Illegal'

13th February 2014

Former Jackass prankster Steve-O has distanced himself from a seizure stunt at a Hollywood cafe that angered members of Los Angeles' emergency services on Tuesday (11Feb14), and now he's calling for such acts to be...

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Steve-o Angers Emergency Workers With Seizure Stunt

13th February 2014

Former Jackass prankster Steve-O angered members of Los Angeles' emergency services by faking a seizure in a coffee shop on Tuesday (11Feb14).Steve-O - real name Stephen Glover - and three friends pretended they had fallen...

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Johnny Knoxville Doubted Steve-o Would Get Clean

14th October 2013

Jackass star Johnny Knoxville feared castmate Steve-O would never be able to beat his drug addiction issues.Steve-O was first hospitalised for substance abuse and mental issues in 2008 and pleaded guilty to felony possession of...

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Elisabetta Canalis And Steve-o Rekindle Romance

25th July 2012

Elisabetta Canalis and Steve-O have rekindled their romance.While the 'Jackass' star - who has been sober since entering rehab for drug abuse and bipolar disorder in 2008 - apparently called time on the relationship because...

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Steve-o Makes Plea To Ban Experimenting On Chimps

8th March 2012

Steve-O has written a letter pleading for experimenting on chimpanzees to be banned. The 'Jackass' star - whose real name is Stephen Glover - has sent a note to Democratic Party Senator Barbara Boxer begging...

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Elisabetta Canalis And Steve-o Dating?

31st January 2012

Elisabetta Canalis and Steve-O are reportedly dating. The 33-year-old beauty - who split from George Clooney in June 2011 after being with him for almost two years - has been spotted sharing a kiss on...

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Paul Mccartney Immortalised On Peta Stamp

28th November 2011

Sir Paul McCartney, Natalie Portman and Ellen DeGeneres are among stars to feature on a new stamp range featuring the 20 most famous vegetarians of all-time.The trio of famous faces have agreed to lend their...

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Hilton In Trouble After Steve-o Confession

9th January 2006

TV stuntman STEVE-O has landed PARIS HILTON in hot water after confessing he "might have given her some mind-altering substances" just minutes before her November (05) car crash. The outrageous former JACKASS star appeared...

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Steve-o Gets Controversial Gang Tattoo

7th January 2006

Former JACKASS star STEVE-O is courting controversy with his new Christmas present from pal 50 CENT - a Los Angeles gang tattoo. The heavily-tattooed TV stuntman allowed 50 Cent's official tattoo artist to etch...

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Steve-o Drug Controversy Lands Friends In Trouble

7th January 2006

Outrageous former JACKASS star STEVE-O has landed his famous pals in trouble with Los Angeles police officers after two cops who let him off with a warning after he was spotted carrying a bag of...

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Steve-o Under Investigation For Marijuana Joke

19th November 2005

Los Angeles police chiefs have launched an internal investigation after viewing Internet footage of JACKASS star STEVE-O allegedly smoking marijuana in front of cops. A cameraman working for new entertainment website caught the...

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Steve-o Proud Of Drunk Talk Show Appearance

28th September 2005

Wild JACKASS star STEVE-O is stunned by his controversial foul-mouthed appearance on US talk show TOO LATE WITH ADAM CAROLLA, because he can't remember a thing. The drunk star tried to tackle Corolla, swore...

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Wild Boyz Stars Stick Leeches In Their Pants

19th September 2005

Pranksters CHRIS PONTIUS and STEVE-O caused a stir on JAY LENO's chat show on Friday night (16SEP05), when they stripped down to their underwear and covered themselves with bloodsucking leeches. As soon as they...

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Steve-o's Jolie Tribute

14th August 2005

JACKASS star STEVE-O is so obsessed with beautiful actress ANGELINA JOLIE, he is copying all of her tattoos. Steve-O - who already has a lifesize tattoo of his own face on his back -...

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Knoxville: 'Jackass Is Too Much Fun To Quit'

12th August 2005

He may be a movie star now, but JOHNNY KNOXVILLE isn't ready to give up his JACKASS persona, because he's having too much fun. Knoxville's new movie THE DUKES OF HAZZARD sits atop the...

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Steve-o Bitten By Alligator

11th March 2005

Television prankster STEVE-O put himself through more pain for the sake of entertainment on Wednesday night (09MAR05), when he allowed a baby alligator to bite him on his buttocks. The former JACKASS daredevil, real...

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Steve-o Joins The Crue

11th December 2004

Former JACKASS star STEVE-O has become the fifth member of reformed rockers MOTLEY CRUE after stalking the group around Canada when he was a teenager. Drummer TOMMY LEE admits the stuntman was adopted as...

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Knoxville And Steve-o Simulate Sex

14th July 2004

Former JACKASS star JOHNNY KNOXVILLE has shocked celebrity onlookers by stripping naked with pal STEVE-O and simulating sex in a plush American nightclub. The 33-year-old drank "gallons" of vodka with Steve-O - real...

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Steve-o Infuriated By Gay Porn Spin-off

29th June 2004

Former JACKASS prankster STEVE-O is horrified after learning his new hit show WILDBOYZ has inspired a new gay porn movie. Wildboyz follows Steve-O - real name STEPHEN GLOVER - and co-star CHRIS PONTIUS as...

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Wildboyz And Electric Six Battle After Egg Pelting

17th June 2004

Rebellious WILDBOYZ entertainers STEVE-O and CHRIS PONTIUS have been embroiled in a violent battle with rockers ELECTRIC SIX on Saturday (11JUN04) - after they urged an audience to pelt the band with eggs. At...

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Flying Fear Grips Steve-o

19th May 2004

WILD BOYZ star STEVE-O has finally proved to fans he's not as fearless as he seems, when he backed out of performing a bungee jump over Costa Rica's shark-ridden waters. The prankster - who,...

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Tv Wild Boyz Check Into Emergency After Ant Attack

4th May 2004

TV daredevils STEVE-O and CHRIS PONTIUS scored a first during a recent trip to Brazil's rain forests - they needed medical treatment after getting stung by red ants. The wacky former JACKASS stars filmed...

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Sickening Start For Steve-o Show

27th April 2004

JACKASS star STEVE-O got the second series of his new show WILD BOYZ (corr) off to a sickening start in America on Sunday night (25APR04) - by throwing up after licking an Indian man's deformed,...

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Jackass Pranks Force Radio Show Off Air

1st April 2004

A Canadian radio presenter was taken off the airwaves after JACKASS stars STEVE-O, CHRIS PONTIUS and WEE MAN caused chaos on his morning show last week (26MAR04). The trio were repeatedly warned about their...

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Johnny Knoxville Predicts Jackass Stars' Deaths

10th March 2004

JOHNNY KNOXVILLE insists STEVE-O and PARTY BOY will be the first of his former JACKASS co-stars to die. The former TV prankster, who is now an actor, expects at least one of the two...

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Kilmer Upstaged By Steve-o's Penis

26th September 2003

VAL KILMER was upstaged as he walked down the red carpet with gorgeous girlfriend DARYL HANNAH at the premiere of his new movie WONDERLAND - by JACKASS star STEVE-O's penis. The cheeky prankster stripped...

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Steve-o Furious With Tv Censors

23rd September 2003

JACKASS star STEVE-O is fuming with American TV censors after he branded his flesh for an episode of the prankster show, only to find out the scene got banned. The controversial screen star, real...

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Snoop Dogg Takes On Comedy Role

10th September 2003

Rap superstar SNOOP DOGG has reinvented himself as a comedian for a new television comedy project. Viewers will see the GIN AND JUICE rapper team up with JACKASS stars STEVE-O and WEE MAN for...

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