Rocker Steve Howe will kick off his post-Asia life by giving guitar lessons at an upcoming summer music retreat.

The musician will host the inaugural Cross Styles Music Retreat in August (13) at the Full Moon Resort in the Catskill Forest Preserve, bear Woodstock, New York.

Howe, who recently announced he had quit the supergroup he co-founded in the 1980s to concentrate on other projects, says, "This year I'm getting back to doing some solo dates, and the Cross Styles Music Retreat is an extension of that. I'll be enjoying the different things the event will demand of me, as opposed to just doing shows."

The Yes star will lead workshops that "explore the development and technical aspects of his playing, writing, recording, and performing".

He adds, "As I'm self-taught and don't read music, I come at doing workshops from a different perspective than many who teach. I'll be bringing my experience to the fore through performances, interactions with campers, and daily master classes."