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Mama Director To Helm The Mummy Reboot?

16th September 2013

'Mama' director Andy Muschietti is in talks to direct 'The Mummy' reboot.The filmmaker - who had a surprise hit with his horror film starring Jessica Chastain earlier this year - is being eyed to direct...

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Bruce Willis Set For G.i. Joe 2 Role

10th August 2011

Bruce Willis is in talks for a role in 'G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation'.The 56-year-old action legend is reportedly in negotiations with studio Paramount to play General Joe Colton, according to the Heat Vision blog.In the...

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50 Cent To Play Blind Dj

19th May 2011

50 Cent has signed up to play a blind DJ in director Stephen Sommers' movie adaptation of Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas.The rapper will join Anton Yelchin, Willem Dafoe and Patton Oswalt among the cast, according...

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Collins To Play Llewellyn In Odd Thomas

29th March 2011

Phil Collins' actress daughter Lily Collins has reportedly beaten out Julia Roberts' niece for the coveted role of Stormy Llewellyn in director Stephen Sommers' movie adaptation of Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas.In-vogue star Kat Dennings was...

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Sommers Ignored Miller's Bad Press

19th August 2009

Director STEPHEN SOMMERS refused to let negative stories about SIENNA MILLER put him off hiring her for G.I. JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA - because there are always going to be "internet haters" attacking pretty...

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The Things They Say 12711

25th June 2009

"STEVEN SPIELBERG saw it a week ago, and one of the first things he said was, 'Who is that actress who plays the Baroness? She's great.' And I said, 'It's Sienna Miller', and he said,...

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Huston Calls For An Ape-free Tarzan

27th January 2009

Ape lover ANJELICA HUSTON has penned a letter to THE MUMMY director STEPHEN SOMMERS in a bid to keep real monkeys out of his new TARZAN movie. The Oscar winner has asked Sommers to use computer-generated...

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Sommers Denies Miller's 'Breast' Claims

27th January 2009

Director STEPHEN SOMMERS has denied asking SIENNA MILLER to wear a cleavage enhancing costume for upcoming movie G.I. JOE - after the British actress was reportedly "mildly offended" by the request. The Alfie star recently hit...

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Fascinating Fact 6489

4th December 2008

THE MUMMY director STEPHEN SOMMERS is set to bring TARZAN back to the big screen in a new blockbuster. The filmmaker is to team up with Australia screenwriter Stuart Beattie for the latest adaptation of...

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Miller Wears Fake Boobs For G.i. Joe

23rd June 2008

Actress SIENNA MILLER was forced to wear fake breasts for her role in forthcoming action movie G.I. JOE - because her own cleavage was not big enough for director STEPHEN SOMMERS. The Alfie star joins...

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The Mummy Maker To Tackle G.i. Joe

24th August 2007

THE MUMMY moviemaker STEPHEN SOMMERS has been given the task of bringing action toy G.I. JOE to life on the big screen. Sommers will direct the live-action movie, based on toy firm Hasbro's action figure...

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Weisz: 'I Want To Make The Mummy Iii'

2nd February 2007

English actress RACHEL WEISZ hasn't given up on appearing in another THE MUMMY movie - she's appealing to writer STEPHEN SOMMERS to pen a third installment in the blockbuster film series. Weisz scored her Hollywood...

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Cohen Set To Direct Mummy 3

10th January 2007

THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS director ROB COHEN is set to direct the third installment of the popular MUMMY series of movies. BRENDAN FRASER and RACHEL WEISZ have also been in discussions to reprise their...

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Spielberg To Remake When Worlds Collide

7th December 2005

Movie mogul STEVEN SPIELBERG is set to produce a remake of 1951 science fiction thriller WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE. The original film, which sees a group of people fleeing to another planet to escape a...

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Kutcher To Flash

10th August 2004

Hollywood hunk ASHTON KUTCHER is set to don a lycra suit to play FLASH GORDON in a new remake of the 1936 action film. The PUNK'D host, who is reportedly set to wed his...

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The Mummy Stars Unveil New Terror Ride

29th June 2004

THE MUMMY co-stars ARNOLD VOSLOO and BRENDAN FRASER reteamed to unveil UNIVERSAL STUDIOS new theme ride REVENGE OF THE MUMMY in California last week (27JUN04). Fraser told journalists he is seriously thinking about a...

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Jackman Horrifies Director With Tap Dancing

5th May 2004

Actor HUGH JACKMAN horrified the director of his new thriller VAN HELSING - because he took tap dancing lessons on the movie's set. The X-MEN star needed to learn the fancy footwork for his...

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