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14th January 2015

Producer/writer David E. Kelley has been tapped to adapt Stephen King's detective novel Mr. Mercedes for the small screen.

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Gina Gershon Back Onstage In Stephen King's Haunted Musical

11th November 2014

Actress Gina Gershon headed back to the stage on Saturday (08Nov14) to star in a new tour of Stephen King and John Mellencamp's supernatural musical Ghost Brothers Of Darkland County.The Showgirls star has joined forces...

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Alexandre Aja's Horns Sends Daniel Radcliffe In A New Direction

By Rich Cline | 31st October 2014

As Daniel Radcliffe continues to experiment with movie genres, he has frequently mentioned that he is happiest about his role in the new thriller 'Horns', directed by maverick filmmaker Alexandre Aja. The 36-year-old writer-director has...

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J.j. Abrams To Produce Stephen King's Kennedy Assassination Thriller

23rd September 2014

Star Trek and Star Wars director J.J. Abrams is bringing writer Stephen King's 11/22/63 to the small screen after signing up to executive produce a series based on the 2011 novel.Executives at Tv streaming company...

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As Amazon Appeals To Ebook Authors In Hachette Dispute, Bestselling Writers Take Out Ad Against The Online Bookseller

By Victoria Pavlova | 10th August 2014

It’s no secret that times have been tough for both authors and traditional publishers since the advent of Amazon. Recently, the conflict has received renewed attention because of the lengthy court battle with publisher Hachette...

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Amazon Respond To Authorsunited's Criticism

By Hannah Woodhead | 10th August 2014

The argument between online sales giant Amazon and publisher Hachette Book Group has been rumbling on for a while, but now a group of over 900 authors have banded together to publish an open letter...

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900 Authors Take Out Ad "To Stop Amazon Harming Livelihoods"

By Michael West | 9th August 2014

Over 900 authors including JK Rowling, James Patterson and Donna Tartt, have backed a full-page ad in the New York Times, calling on Amazon "to stop harming the livelihood of the authors on whom it...

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Hundreds Of Authors Join Amazon Book Dispute

8th August 2014

Stephen King, John Grisham and James Patterson are among 900 of the world's most famous authors who have waded into an ongoing publishing dispute with bosses at book retailer Amazon.Hundreds of writers, also including blockbuster...

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Mark Romanek To Direct Overlook Hotel

21st July 2014

Mark Romanek is in talks to direct 'Overlook Hotel'.The 'Never Let Me Go' director is in negotiations with Warner Bros. to helm the upcoming prequel to Stanley Kubrick's 1980 classic 'The Shining' - which was...

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Maria Bello To Star In Tv Movie Adaptation Of Stephen King's Big Driver

24th June 2014

Actress Maria Bello has been cast to star in a Tv movie adaptation of Stephen King's Big Driver.The film will be based on the horror author's novella Full Dark, No Stars and will also star...

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20th May 2014

Acclaimed author Stephen King is set to make a cameo in the upcoming second season premiere of the Tv adaptation of his novel Under The Dome. King will also write the episode. The series debuted...

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Josh Boone Tapped To Adapt Stephen King's The Stand

26th February 2014

A planned film adaptation of Stephen King's classic horror The Stand is one step closer to the big screen after director Josh Boone entered talks to take on the long-delayed project.Harry Potter moviemaker David Yates...

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Stephen King "Used The Wrong Word" To Describe Dylan Farrow's Sex Abuse Claims

By Lauren James | 6th February 2014

Stephen King has been compelled to apologise profusely after comments that he made regarding Woody Allen's daughter, Dylan Farrow, and her claims that her father sexually abused her when she was a young girl. In...

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Paul Greengrass In Talks To Helm The Stand

28th November 2013

Paul Greengrass is in talks to direct 'The Stand'.The 58-year-old filmmaker is negotiating a deal with Warner Bros. to helm the film adaptation of Stephen King's 1978 novel after director Scott Cooper stepped down earlier...

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Chloe Moretz's Brothers Are Like Spice Girls

28th November 2013

Chloe Moretz says her family is like the Spice Girls.The 'Carrie' actress grew up in a single parent household with her four older brothers doting on her and she claims her siblings are all so...

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Paul Greengrass In Talks To Revive The Stand

27th November 2013

Filmmaker Paul Greengrass has been tipped to direct a movie adaptation of Stephen King's classic The Stand.The Bourne Supremacy director is reportedly in talks with bosses at Warner Bros. to create a new film based...

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Samuel L. Jackson Unaware Cell Character Is Gay

15th November 2013

Actor Samuel L. Jackson had no clue his new character in the upcoming movie adaptation of Stephen King's Cell is gay.The Pulp Fiction icon will reteam with his 1408 co-star John Cusack to bring the...

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Samuel L. Jackson To Join John Cusack In The Cell

4th November 2013

Samuel L. Jackson is teaming up with John Cusack again to bring another Stephen King tale to the big screen.The actors will co-star in apocalyptic thriller The Cell about a virus spread via a cell...

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Hilarious & Terrifying 'Carrie' Prank Stuns Coffee Shop Customers [Video]

By Lauren James | 9th October 2013

Ahead of the November release of the modern reboot of Stephen King's horror classic, Carrie, promotions are underway to build up as much buzz around the new movie as possible. The team chose to pull...

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Stephen King Performs A Masterstroke With The Horror Sequel 'Doctor Sleep'

By Nick Hill | 29th September 2013

The long-awaited sequel to Stephen King's 1977 horror classic 'The Shining' has finally been released in the form of 'Doctor Sleep' which was published on September 24th 2013.'The Shining' cemented King's dominance in the horror...

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'Doctor Sleep' Released: 5 Of The Weirdest 'The Shining' Conspiracies

By Lauren James | 24th September 2013

Fans of Stephen King will be excited to learn that he has finally penned a follow-up to his 1977 horror novel, The Shining. Entitled Doctor Sleep, the new book will return to the characters of...

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Stephen King Revisits The Shining Kid In New Book

20th September 2013

Stephen King is bringing the creepy child from The Shining back to life in his new book.The legendary horror writer admits he decided to revisit Danny Torrance, the psychic son of Jack Nicholson's crazed character...

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Stephen King Will Follow-up 'The Shining' Story In New Book, 'Doctor Sleep'

By Joe Wilde | 20th September 2013

Stephen King has a new book coming out, but with his latest release the literary champion has promised something a little extra as he revisits one of his most famous works: The Shining. His new...

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Stephen King Will Pick Up Where 'The Shining' Left Off With 'Doctor Sleep'

By Joe Wilde | 19th September 2013

Stephen King will pay Danny Torrance another visit as he returns to one of his most celebrated and famous works to date; The Shining. King has finished writing Doctor Sleep, the follow-up to the well-known...

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'Under The Dome' Debuts On UK Tv After Us Success: Are Critics Won Over?

By Lauren James | 20th August 2013

Under The Dome, the premise is simple: the residents of small American town Chester's Mill find themselves separated from the rest of the world by a giant physical barrier, known as 'the dome.' No one...

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UK Gets Stephen King's 'Under The Dome,' Tonight

By Jack de Aguilar | 19th August 2013

The trials, tribulations and population of Chester's Mill – the fictional town in which Under The Dome, Stephen King's sci-fi drama is set – will become all too familiar to UK TV audiences tonight (Mon,...

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'50 Shades' Author E.l James Rakes It In As Forbes' Richest Author

By Lauren James | 13th August 2013

They say sex sells, and now author EL James can attest, as the Fifty Shades of Grey creator perches on top of Forbes' author rich list. Amazingly, on the back of her raunchy trilogy alone,...

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Chloe Grace Moretz: Carrie Delay Was For More Scares

9th August 2013

Chloe Grace Moretz says 'Carrie' was delayed to make it ''scarier''.The 'Kick Ass 2' star explained how the horror movie - the third adaptation of Stephen King's novel of the same name - was pushed...

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Cbs Wins Bidding War For Steven Spielberg's Astronaut Series 'Extant'

By Michael West | 8th August 2013

Steven Spielberg's futuristic thriller Extant - a serialized drama - has been picked up by CBS Television Studios for next summer. Spielberg, Greg Walker and Mickey Fisher, who penned the script, will executive producer alongside...

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New Steven Spielberg Series, 'Extant,' Green-lit By Cbs

By Joe Wilde | 8th August 2013

Steven Spielberg's newest television project, Under The Dome, is proving to be the latest success for CBS in it's late night programming. In a bid to capitalise on this current run of success, the TV...

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