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Brad Pitt Goes To Candy Store?

24th August 2012

Brad Pitt is in negotiations to star in crime thriller 'Candy Store'. The 'Curious Case of Benjamin Button' actor is in talks alongside Denzel Washington for a role in the project, from writer and director...

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Syriana Film-makers Win Plagiarism Battle

19th June 2006

LATEST: The makers of GEORGE CLOONEY movie SYRIANA have triumphed in their legal wrangle against STEPHANIE VERGNIAULT, after being accused of plagiarism by the French screenwriter. Vergniault claimed the thriller, written and directed by STEPHEN...

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Syriana Film-makers Deny Plagiarism

30th May 2006

The film-makers behind GEORGE CLOONEY's Oscar-winning movie SYRIANA denied the script plagiarised work by screenwriter STEPHANIE VERGNIAULT in a Paris, France court on Monday (29MAY06). Vergniault claims the oil thriller, written and directed by STEPHEN...

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The Things They Say 1400

22nd February 2006

"You spend 15 hours a day, seven days a week, for four years, and all that people can think to say about your work is, 'Don't you think it's too confusing?' No, I don't."...

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Scacchi's Syriana Anguish

19th February 2006

British actress GRETA SCACCHI considered taking legal action when her entire role was cut from GEORGE CLOONEY blockbuster SYRIANA. The 46-year-old hoped the movie would relaunch her career, but was stunned when executive producer...

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Fascinating Fact 998

13th February 2006

Actor GEORGE CLOONEY is nominated for an Oscar for co-writing the screenplay for GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK, which puts him up against STEPHEN GAGHAN, who wrote and also directed SYRIANA. Clooney is also nominated...

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Capote And Syriana Tie At Scripter Awards

16th January 2006

The writers of CAPOTE and SYRIANA tied at the annual University Of Southern California Scripter Award, which honours the year's best film adaptation of a book, novella or short story. Capote, based on the...

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Syriana Actor Praises Hollywood's Take On Middle East

21st December 2005

An Egyptian star of GEORGE CLOONEY's Middle East movie SYRIANA has praised Hollywood's take on the regions problems. AMR WAKED plays a suicide bomber recruiter in the political thriller. He says Hollywood has...

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Ramadan Thirst Problems On Clooney's Syriana Set

21st November 2005

The cast and crew of GEORGE CLOONEY's new political drama SYRIANA smuggled water and sodas onto the set of the film because they didn't want to offend Muslims fasting for Ramadan. The movie was...

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Clooney Takes On The Cia

11th December 2003

Suave Hollywood star GEORGE CLOONEY is lining up a role in a new movie based on the memoirs of a former secret service agent set at the close of the Cold War. According to...

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