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Channing Tatum Appreciates His Manhood

9th March 2011

Channing Tatum "appreciates" his penis "a lot more" since it healed from scalding.The 30-year-old actor suffered an agonising injury to his manhood when a set assistant poured boiling water down his wet suit during filming...

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Pettyfer's Chance Meeting With Fry Led To Stardom

17th February 2011

British hunk ALEX PETTYFER stumbled upon stardom on a school trip, when he accidentally walked into a room where STEPHEN FRY was auditioning young hopefuls for a TV movie.The Stormbreaker actor, who stars in highly-anticipated...

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Fry Cancels Japan Visit Over Bomb Jokes

4th February 2011

British funnyman STEPHEN FRY has been forced to cancel a planned trip to Japan after he was criticised for making light of the country's atomic bomb horrors in a recent TV appearance.The actor/comedian came under...

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Stars Pay Tribute To Barry

31st January 2011

Stars including SIMON LE BON, STEPHEN FRY and SIMON PEGG have led tributes to Bond composer JOHN BARRY, who died on Sunday (30Jan11).The Oscar-winning musician, who wrote the iconic theme tunes for 007 films including...

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Fry Receives Honorary Doctorate

29th January 2011

British actor STEPHEN FRY was made an honorary doctor by a British university on Friday (28Jan11) in recognition of his charity work.The funnyman was awarded the degree in front of 1,000 students at the University...

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Bbc Issues Apology Over Fry's Bomb Jokes

24th January 2011

Bosses at Britain's BBC have issued an apology after comedian STEPHEN FRY sparked a number of complaints by making jokes on TV about the atomic bombs dropped on Japan during World War II.During an episode...

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Nutini Joins Gervais And Fry In Fish Fight

24th January 2011

Scottish singer PAOLO NUTINI has joined funnymen RICKY GERVAIS and STEPHEN FRY in backing a campaign to stop fishermen wasting their unwanted catch.British chefs Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall are encouraging famous faces and members...

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Fry, Pegg & Lucas Join Twitter Campaign To Find Missing Teenager

4th January 2011

British stars STEPHEN FRY, SIMON PEGG and MATT LUCAS have all joined a campaign to help find a missing teenager who disappeared in London last month (Dec10).Serena Beakhurst, 14, was last seen in the...

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Stars Celebrate English Cricket Victory

29th December 2010

Cricket fans LILY ALLEN and STEPHEN FRY have returned to after a Christmas break to salute England's cricket heroes, after they defeated Australia Down Under to retain the coveted The Ashes trophy.Pop star Allen...

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Fascinating Fact 10373

19th November 2010

British funnyman STEPHEN FRY is preparing for an almighty new role - he has signed up to play God in Christmas nativity play Star Child, which will be shown for one night only in London...

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Fry Embroiled In Online Dispute

16th November 2010

British funnyman STEPHEN FRY is at the centre of fresh controversy after becoming embroiled in an online war of words with a student who criticised his decision to help a man convicted of a Twitter-based...

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Fry Offers To Pay Court Costs For Convicted 'Tweeter'

12th November 2010

British actor STEPHEN FRY has offered to pay legal bills for a fellow user who was fined for joking about blowing up an airport in a post on the microblogging site.Paul Chambers hit the...

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Fry Triumphs At Book Awards

11th November 2010

British funnyman STEPHEN FRY was the toast of the publishing world on Wednesday night (10Nov10) after his latest autobiography won a top prize at the Galaxy National Book Awards.The second installment of his life story,...

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The Things They Say 18885

10th November 2010

"He is possibly the worst correspondent I know. He has a smart phone and a BlackBerry but he doesn't use them to email anyone I know. He isn't made for this modern world of constant...

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Klass Shows Support For 'Good Guy' Fry

8th November 2010

British singer-turned-TV presenter MYLEENE KLASS has defended STEPHEN FRY over a controversial interview in which he allegedly suggested women don't enjoy sex.The gay actor came under fire last week (01Nov10) for comments made to Britain's...

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Sheen Steals The Show With Bawdy Britannia Awards Speech

5th November 2010

BETTY WHITE, JEFF BRIDGES and directors RIDLEY and TONY SCOTT were big winners at the Britannia Awards in Los Angeles on Thursday night (04Nov10) but FROST/NIXON star MICHAEL SHEEN stole the show with a bawdy...

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Stephen Fry Explains Comments With Twitter Return

4th November 2010

STEPHEN FRY, the British actor, writer, and broadcaster, has returned to Twitter after temporarily shutting down his page in protest of being misquoted in a recent interview. The 53-year-old signed off from the social networking...

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Fry Fuming Over 'Misquoted' Sex Comments

1st November 2010

British actor STEPHEN FRY is adamant he doesn't deserve the furious backlash over a controversial new interview - because he was "misquoted" when he allegedly suggested the only women who enjoy sex "wish to be...

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Fry In Trouble Over Harry Potter Tweets

31st October 2010

Veteran British actor STEPHEN FRY has been reprimanded after he posted photos of the HARRY POTTER set on his page on Thursday (28Oct10).Fry was filming the Sherlock Holmes sequel in England's Leavesden studios next...

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The Things They Tweet 1254

28th October 2010

"Just wandered round the Harry Potter Privet Drive on the studio backlot. Already looking a little overgrown. Time is so cruel." STEPHEN FRY gets nostalgic for Harry Potter as he takes a break from filming...

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The Things They Tweet 1249

20th October 2010

"RDJ still Holmes and Jude Law the faithful Watson - I'm playing brother Mycroft. Can't say where we're filming, but it's a night shoot." STEPHEN FRY confirms he has joined Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude...

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Fascinating Fact 10127

13th October 2010

Scientists in Britain are conducting a new study into the musings of celebrity users including BRITNEY SPEARS, STEPHEN FRY and LILY ALLEN. The posts will analysed for a report about identity construction and social...

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Robert Downey Jr And Sandra Bullock Team Up For Big-budget Movie

8th October 2010

It looks like ROBERT DOWNEY JR, the Golden Globe winning actor, has finally found a lead actress to star alongside him in the new movie 'Gravity'. A part in the outer-space thriller, currently scheduled for...

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Sting Celebrates Birthday

4th October 2010

Sting celebrated his 59th birthday on Saturday (02.10.10) with a host of famous friends.The Police frontman marked the date by partying at London members' club Bungalow 8 with his wife Trudie Styler, actor Richard E....

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Fascinating Fact 10075

4th October 2010

STING celebrated his 59th birthday on Saturday (02Oct10) with an evening out at a London nightclub. The rocker was joined by his wife TRUDIE STYLER, British funnyman STEPHEN FRY and actor RICHARD E. GRANT for...

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Stephen Fry Joins Sherlock Holmes 2

27th September 2010

Stephen Fry has been added to the cast of 'Sherlock Holmes 2'. The actor-and-TV presenter will play Sherlock's older brother Mycroft in the Guy Ritchie-directed project. Mycroft appears in four of the original books about...

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Fry To Play Sherlock Holmes' Brother

27th September 2010

Funnyman STEPHEN FRY is to join the cast of the upcoming SHERLOCK HOLMES sequel - as the super sleuth's brother.The actor will play Mycroft Holmes, the older sibling of the title character - portrayed by...

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Fry: 'I'm Only 90 Per Cent Gay'

20th September 2010

Veteran British actor STEPHEN FRY is convinced he's only "90 per cent gay" - because there are two women in the world who have stirred his emotions.The openly gay comic has only ever dated men,...

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Fry Replaces Attenborough On Theatre Trust

16th September 2010

Veteran British actor STEPHEN FRY has replaced LORD RICHARD ATTENBOROUGH as chairman of a charity trust set up to protect a historic London theatre.The Criterion Theatre Trust was created in 1992 when a new property...

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Fry Blasts Blair Over War

13th September 2010

STEPHEN FRY has blasted former British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR over the war in Iraq, insisting the politician made the decision to send in troops while there was a "storm" raging in his mind.The actor...

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