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Baldwin's Drug Abuse 'Triggered By Dad's Death'

19th January 2010

STEPHEN BALDWIN's sister ELIZABETH is convinced the actor's descent into drug abuse was triggered by their father's death.The Usual Suspects star's dad Alexander passed away in 1983 after a battle with lung cancer and the...

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Born-again Baldwin Gets 'Fanatical' On Reality Show

7th January 2010

STEPHEN BALDWIN takes his faith so seriously, he'd watch his own daughter die in the name of religion.The actor reinvented himself as a born-again Christian following the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America, and his wife...

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Baldwin To Celebrate 21 Years Sober

5th January 2010

STEPHEN BALDWIN is looking forward to 21 January (10) - the date will mark 21 years sober for him.The 43 year old battled drink and drugs demons in his early 20s, but managed to overcome...

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Jones & Baldwin Head Into Britain's Celebrity Big Brother

3rd January 2010

VINNIE JONES and STEPHEN BALDWIN are spending their first night under round-the-clock observation - as contestants on Britain's new series of CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER.Baldwin, who has starred in a string of U.S. reality shows in...

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The Things They Say 14765

22nd December 2009

"At this point, I'd be happy just being his butt double." Actor STEPHEN BALDWIN is disappointed he wasn't chosen to stand in for his more successful brother ALEC, who refused to bare his backside in...

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Baldwin Files For Bankruptcy

22nd July 2009

STEPHEN BALDWIN filed for bankruptcy on Tuesday (21Jul09), after landing in more than $2.3 million (£1.4 million) worth of debt, according to a U.S. report.The Usual Suspects actor, who appeared on U.S. TV show I'm...

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Baldwin's Guest Arrested For Heroin Possession

9th July 2009

A homeless man actor STEPHEN BALDWIN allowed to live on his New York property has been arrested on charges of heroin possession.Baldwin reportedly opened his doors to 51-year-old Jimmy Parks, who moved from a tent...

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Baldwin Speaks Out About 'Smear Deal'

23rd June 2009

Actor STEPHEN BALDWIN has spoken out about reports he has lost his home, calling the story a "smear deal" against his good name.While The Usual Suspects star filmed U.S. reality TV show I'm A Celebrity......

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Baldwin Quit I'm A Celebrity Over Insect Bites

22nd June 2009

STEPHEN BALDWIN quit reality TV show I'M A CELEBRITY... GET ME OUT OF HERE! after insects laid their eggs under his skin.The actor proved popular on the programme and was tipped to win the series...

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Baldwin Quits Reality Show

20th June 2009

STEPHEN BALDWIN has quit reality TV show I'M A CELEBRITY... GET ME OUT OF HERE!, according to U.S. reports.The actor has proved popular on the series and was hotly tipped to win the survival competition,...

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Baldwin's House Not Up For Auction

16th June 2009

Actor STEPHEN BALDWIN's publicist is fighting off reports THE USUAL SUSPECTS star is struggling to save his home as he battles for survival in the jungle on U.S. TV show I'M A CELEBRITY... GET ME...

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Stephen Baldwin's Home In Foreclosure

12th June 2009

STEPHEN BALDWIN's New York home is set to be auctioned off by authorities after the actor defaulted on more than $824,000 (£549,330) in outstanding mortgage payments.Documents filed in Rockland County show the Hollywood star and...

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Baldwin Won't Get 'Uncool' Gomez Tattoo

28th November 2008

STEPHEN BALDWIN has shown his loyalty to teen star MILEY CYRUS - after telling reporters the HANNAH MONTANA's Disney rival SELENA GOMEZ isn't "cool" enough for him to have her initials tattooed on his arm....

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Baldwin: 'Obama Comment Was A Joke'

19th November 2008

Republican actor STEPHEN BALDWIN will stay in the U.S. - he was "just joking" when he vowed to flee the country if Democratic politician BARACK OBAMA was elected president. The star stunned fans when he...

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Stephen Baldwin Has Hannah Montana's Initials Tattooed On His Arm

12th November 2008

MILEY CYRUS has been forced to hand actor STEPHEN BALDWIN a guest appearance on her Disney TV show, after she dared him to have her initials tattooed on his arm - and he called her...

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Stephen Baldwin Explains His Obama Blast

21st October 2008

LATEST: Actor STEPHEN BALDWIN has defended his attack on U.S. presidential candidate BARACK OBAMA, accusing the Illinois senator of blocking a bill to protect unborn babies. The Usual Suspects star, a strong supporter of Democrat...

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Baldwin Challenges Obama To Boxing Match

16th October 2008

Actor STEPHEN BALDWIN has found inspiration in LINDSAY LOHAN's father MICHAEL - challenging U.S. presidential candidate BARACK OBAMA to a fighting match in the boxing ring. Baldwin reportedly sat ringside in support of Lohan during...

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Morgan Rants About Baldwin's Conflicting Values

19th June 2008

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT judge PIERS MORGAN was not impressed by his CELEBRITY APPRENTICE castmate STEPHEN BALDWIN - claiming the actor is a religious hypocrite. Morgan took part in property mogul Donald Trump's reality TV show...

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Piers Morgan Wins Celebrity Version Of Us Apprentice

28th March 2008

Former tabloid editor Piers Morgan has won the celebrity version of The Apprentice in the US.Donald Trump, America's answer to Sir Alan Sugar, hailed his winner as a "vicious guy".The billionaire had likened Morgan's final...

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Fascinating Fact 5045

19th March 2008

LINDSAY LOHAN's born-again Christian dad MICHAEL has set up an online store for wholesome Americans with actor STEPHEN BALDWIN. Profits made by the Christian Values Network will go to churches and charities.

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Trump Bids To Boost Baldwin's Career

4th January 2008

DONALD TRUMP is so impressed with STEPHEN BALDWIN's performance on CELEBRITY APPRENTICE, he's convinced the show will kickstart his acting career. The Usual Suspects star has failed to live up to early promise and emulate...

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Baldwin Injured After Bull Riding Fall

8th August 2007

Actor STEPHEN BALDWIN is considering his future on U.S. reality show TY MURRAY'S CELEBRITY BULL RIDING CHALLENGE after falling from a bucking beast and smashing ribs and shoulder bones. The Usual Suspects star took an...

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Baldwin Breaks Bones In Bull Throw

2nd June 2007

Actor STEPHEN BALDWIN has been rushed to hospital to receive treatment for a broken shoulder and rib after being thrown off a bucking bull while filming a reality TV show in Texas. The 41-year-old Usual...

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Baldwin And Garrett Set For Bull Riding Show

30th May 2007

Actors STEPHEN BALDWIN and LEIF GARRETT are among the celebrities volunteering to learn the dangerous sport of rodeo for an upcoming reality series. The pair will join rapper Vanilla Ice and six other stars on...

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Michael Lohan Lands Ministry Job With Baldwin Brother

4th May 2007

LINDSAY LOHAN's father MICHAEL is working as a religious minister helping young people kick addictions to drugs and alcohol, with actor STEPHEN BALDWIN. Lohan began his training while serving a prison sentence for "aggravated unlicensed...

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Lohan's Dad Teams Up With Baldwin To Help Kids

14th April 2007

LINDSAY LOHAN's father has reportedly teamed up with actor STEPHEN BALDWIN to help bring God to troubled teens. Michael Lohan became a born-again Christian while serving a prison sentence last year (06) and is now...

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Baldwin Brothers Still Strong

19th September 2006

Born again Christian STEPHEN BALDWIN insists his religion hasn't alienated himself from actor brothers ALEC, WILLIAM and DANIEL. The USUAL SUSPECTS star has embraced Christianity and even has a new reality TV show planned about...

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Baldwin Prays For Cruise

13th September 2006

Actor and born-again-Christian STEPHEN BALDWIN prays for his BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY co-star TOM CRUISE. Baldwin claims the superstar has changed since they starred in the 1989 Vietnam War film together and misses...

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Baldwin Thrilled With Daughter's Christian Values

2nd September 2006

Born-again Christian STEPHEN BALDWIN is thrilled his teenage daughter is taking religion so seriously - she has pledged to remain a virgin until she weds. THE USUAL SUSPECTS star insists turning his family onto Christian...

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Baldwin Plans Christian Comic Books

2nd September 2006

THE USUAL SUSPECTS star STEPHEN BALDWIN is launching a series of graphic novels to help his spread the word of Christianity to teenagers. The born-again Christian is the brains behind the SPIRIT WARRIOR series of...

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