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The Things They Tweet: 3348571

29th October 2012

"The movie itself was good, if a bit too long. And the lip- and hand-synching was out as well. It should be spot on. This is the modern age." Status Quo star Rick Parfitt is...

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Rick Parfitt Lost Hair On Fiji Movie Shoot

29th October 2012

Status Quo star Rick Parfitt decided to cut his trademark long hair earlier this year (12) after it began falling out when the band worked on a new movie.The rockers make their film debut in...

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Lady Gaga Pushed Coty With Innovation

13th July 2012

Lady Gaga has ''pushed'' Coty with her ideas for new fragrance Lady Gaga Fame.The 'Born This Way' hitmaker releases her debut fragrance - a black liquid which sprays clear - next month and excited the...

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Status Quo Stars' Hair-raising Movie Stunts

2nd July 2012

Status Quo rockers Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt have proved their tough-guy credentials by performing daredevil stunts for their movie debut.The veteran musicians told in April (12) that they had signed up to play themselves...

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Status Quo To Star In Movie

16th April 2012

Rockers Status Quo are swapping the stage for the screen after signing up to star in their first movie.The British band, fronted by Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt, will play themselves in the 90-minute action...

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Rupert Murdoch Takes Off The Gloves

29th March 2012

Amid new allegations of potentially criminal wrongdoing by units of his News Corporation, Rupert Murdoch took to Twitter today (Thursday), vowing to fight back. "Seems every competitor and enemy piling on with lies and libels,"...

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Fascinating Fact 12933

26th February 2012

The original Status Quo line-up has reunited for the first time in 25 years. Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt, Alan Lancaster and John Coghlan put aside their differences for a studio session filmed for the upcoming...

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Rick Parfitt Undergoes Second Operation

22nd January 2012

Status Quo rocker Rick Parfitt has undergone a second operation following a pre-Christmas (11) heart procedure, according to a U.K. report.The singer underwent a routine operation to clear a blocked artery and fit a stent...

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Rick Parfitt's Heart Scare

13th December 2011

Status Quo's Christmas (11) tour was nearly derailed after frontman Rick Parfitt was hospitalised in London just hours before the rockers kicked off the shows.The singer underwent a routine operation to clear a blocked artery...

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Rockers Support Sir Cliff Over Radio Ban

18th November 2011

The Who's Roger Daltrey and Status Quo star Francis Rossi have come to the defence of Sir Cliff Richard after his music was banned from a U.K. radio station's playlist.Executives at Britain's new Absolute Radio...

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Moby Wants To Make Porn Movie

11th September 2011

Moby wants to make a porn movie starring men with small penises.The 'Porcelain' singer can't understand why X-rated films feature men with larger-than-average manhoods and wants to create a flick which won't make viewers feel...

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1st July 2011 had to be evacuated from his London hotel tonight (01.07.11) after a fire broke out. The Black Eyed Peas star was among 1,500 people who had to leave the London Hilton Hotel as billows...

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Francis Rossi Wants Women To Cover Up

1st June 2011

Status Quo frontman Francis Rossi is urging sun worshippers to cover up, insisting he hates the sight of naked flesh.The former hellraising rocker, who bedded hundreds of groupies in the band's heyday, insists he is...

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Status Quo Shamed By Live Tv Blunder

25th May 2011

British rockers Status Quo were left red-faced after their stage equipment malfunctioned while they were performing on live TV on Tuesday (24May11).The band was playing its new single Rock 'n Roll 'n You on U.K....

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Biffy Clyro To Be Named Best British Band

23rd May 2011

Biffy Clyro are set to be named Royal Albert Hall Best British Band at the Nordoff Robbins O2 Silver Clef Awards in July.The Scottish trio, who were nominated for the Mercury Music Prize last year,...

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Status Quo To Get Lifetime Achievement Award

16th May 2011

Status Quo will be honoured for their career at the Silver Clef Awards 2011.The 'Rockin all Over the World' group - who have have over 20 top ten hits in the UK over a forty...

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The Things They Say 21638

13th May 2011

"You go out with a bunch of guys, you pull a girl. You get back to the hotel and think, 'I shouldn't have done this'. You go for a leak (to the toilet) and come...

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Status Quo Re-record Army Anthem For Injured Soldiers

13th May 2011

Rocker Francis Rossi and his Status Quo bandmates felt compelled to re-record In The Army Now for their upcoming album as a tribute to Britain's armed forces.The track was the title of their 1986 album,...

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The Things They Say 21624

13th May 2011

"I don't think I'm a very good father or I wouldn't have had children and been in rock 'n' roll. However, I love my children to death, they want for nothing and they're reasonably well...

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Status Quo Rock Out For Charity Fundraiser

4th April 2011

British band Status Quo rocked out at a charity gig in London last week (ends03Apr11) to raise awareness of Crohn's disease.The band performed a set at The Hurlingham Club in the U.K. capital on Thursday...

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Bob Geldof Blasts Christmas Single

29th November 2010

Bob Geldof has blasted charity single 'Do They Know It's Christmas?' as one of the "worst songs ever".The former Boomtown Rats singer and charity campaigner co-wrote the festive staple - which was recorded by a...

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The Things They Say 19055

18th November 2010

"It gives everybody a big day out, flag waving and stuff like that, we're looking forward to it." STATUS QUO rocker RICK PARFITT was pleased to hear the news that PRINCE WILLIAM had proposed to...

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Michael Kors Bullied

21st October 2010

Michael Kors used to bullied over his love of fashion.The renowned designer admits he was picked on while he was at school because he would rather have gone shopping than played sports. Talking on a...

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The Things They Say 18279

5th October 2010

"We've played in front of her at charity concerts, and she said to us once, 'You're really rather good, aren't you?' But I didn't have the heart to tell her that we were miming on...

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Status Quo Re-join The Army

16th August 2010

Status Quo are to release a new version of 'In The Army Now'.The veteran rockers are recording the track - which reached number two in the UK singles charts when first released in 1986 -...

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Bob Geldof's Live Aid Worries

14th July 2010

Bob Geldof was terrified he wouldn't be able to pull off Live Aid.The singer-and-political activist - who organised the event alongside rocker Midge Ure on July 13 1985 to raise funds for famine relief in...

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Live Aid Memories Still Extra Special For Proud Parfitt

13th July 2010

STATUS QUO star RICK PARFITT still counts opening LIVE AID among his greatest honours - 25 years after the historic event.The British group kicked off the global music extravaganza at London's Wembley Stadium on 13...

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Recovering Addict Rossi Is Whisky Boss

10th July 2010

STATUS QUO frontman FRANCIS ROSSI has become the boss of a whisky company - more than a decade after overcoming his alcohol addiction.The teetotal rocker has been made chairman of Glen Rossie whisky after purchasing...

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Council Boss Apologises For Status Quo Slur

11th June 2010

City officials in Brighton, England have apologised to STATUS QUO rockers FRANCIS ROSSI and RICK PARFITT after poking fun at them in an online recruitment ad.Marketing bosses at Brighton and Hove City Council upset the...

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