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David Soul Making Ernest Hemingway Documentary In Cuba

4th July 2013

Starsky & Hutch star David Soul has taken full advantage of his British citizenship by travelling to Cuba to make an Ernest Hemingway documentary.The American actor is currently working on a film about the famed...

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Paul Michael Glaser Brands Drug Arrest Absurd

3rd July 2013

Starsky & Hutch star Paul Michael Glaser is still fuming about his arrest on drug charges last year (12), branding the incident "ridiculous" and "absurd".The veteran actor was taken into custody by police in Bowling...

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Adam Ant's Royal Pride

3rd December 2011

Adam Ant felt like "the world stopped" during the royal wedding. The eccentric singer - who admits he is a royalist - enjoyed watching Britain's Prince William marry Duchess Catherine at London's Westminster Abbey on...

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Glaser Forced To Pay Half Daughter's School Fees

15th September 2011

A judge has ordered Starsky And Hutch star Paul Michael Glaser to pay for his daughter's tuition, after his ex-wife slammed him for refusing to cover the costs.According to recent court documents filed by Tracy...

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Glaser Sued By Ex-wife

11th May 2011

Starsky And Hutch star Paul Michael Glaser is facing legal action from his ex-wife after allegedly failing to make child support payments.The actor, who played Detective David Starsky in the classic 1970s cop series, is...

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Glaser Granted Restraining Order Against Fan

6th May 2011

Starsky And Hutch star Paul Michael Glaser has been granted a restraining order against a woman after she bombarded him with hundreds of emails.The actor, who played Detective David Starsky in the classic 1970s cop...

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Glaser Wants Restraining Order

20th April 2011

Starsky And Hutch star Paul Michael Glaser has applied for a restraining order against a woman who has left him fearing for his safety.The actor, who played Detective David Starsky in the classic 1970s cop...

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Snoop Dogg's Huge Wish

29th June 2010

Snoop Dogg attempted to hire a country for his new music video.The 'Drop It Like It's Hot' star is believed to have wanted a large outdoor area to film his next release and asked authorities...

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Soul's Stunts Aggravated Back Pain

29th October 2009

STARSKY AND HUTCH star DAVID SOUL has opened up about the crippling back pain he has suffered for the last three decades.The actor has struggled with chronic aches and has even undergone three operations in...

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Juliette Lewis Praises 'Super Father' Brad

2nd September 2009

Juliette Lewis thinks her ex-fiance Brad Pitt is a "super father".The 'Starsky and Hutch' star is in awe of Brad's parenting skills and is amazed he manages to raise six children - Maddox, eight, Zahara,...

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Starsky And Hutch Star Hamilton Dies

2nd January 2009

Former STARSKY AND HUTCH star BERNIE HAMILTON has died aged 80. The actor, who played police captain Harold Dobey in the hit 1970s TV cop series, passed away following a cardiac arrest last week (20Dec08)...

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Wilson And Hudson Fall Out

16th May 2008

KATE HUDSON and OWEN WILSON have reportedly fallen out and sources close to the couple claim they have split on bad terms.Eonline reports that the couple are no longer on speaking terms following an argument...

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The Things They Say 8168

30th April 2008

"What boobs? She doesn't have big boobs, they're like fried eggs!" STARSKY AND HUTCH legend DAVID SOUL is unimpressed by model JERRY HALL's breasts...

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Snoop Dogg To Clean Toilets

12th October 2007

Rapper Snoop Dogg will rake leaves and clean toilets as part of his punishment for carrying a collapsible baton at a US airport. The Drop It Like It's Hot star pleaded guilty last month to...

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'Wilson Discharged From Hospital'

3rd September 2007

Hollywood actor Owen Wilson has been discharged from hospital a week after an apparent suicide attempt at his home in Los Angeles, according to reports.People magazine reports that the actor is now at home and...

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La Police Confirm Wilson Suicide Bid

29th August 2007

The Santa Monica police visited Owen Wilson's house over an attempted suicide bid, according to the department's police log.The law-enforcement agency's Call for Service report, available online, shows that officers had attended to an attempted...

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Owen Wilson Hospitalised

28th August 2007

Hollywood actor Owen Wilson has asked the public to respect his privacy after being admitted to a hospital in Los Angeles for undisclosed reasons.A spokeswoman for the Cedars-Sinai medical centre, Cynthia Harding, said that the...

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Snoop Dogg Denied UK Visa

24th March 2007

Rapper Snoop Dogg may be forced to cancel the UK leg of his international tour after being denied a UK visa.The 35-year-old performer, who has also had acting roles in films such as Starsky and...

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Chris Penn Found Dead

25th January 2006

SEAN PENN's actor brother CHRIS was found dead at his Santa Monica, California condominium yesterday (24JAN06). The 43-year-old was discovered in his bed by police, but authorities are baffled by the death, and insist...

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Stiller: 'Owen Wilson Is Lazy'

3rd January 2006

Comic actor BEN STILLER insists his STARSKY AND HUTCH co-star OWEN WILSON is the laziest actor he has ever worked with. Stiller, who has acted with pal Wilson in five other films including MEET...

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Drivers Fall For The 'Love Bug'

11th December 2005

Screen car HERBIE has topped a new poll as the vehicle movie-loving motorists would most like to drive. The white Volkswagen Beetle, known as the "Love Bug", stole the hearts of drivers who voted...

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Dogg Knows Studio Bosses Are Wary Of Meeting Him

14th February 2005

SNOOP DOGG enjoys surprising Hollywood executives with polite behaviour, because they have no idea what the controversial rapper-turned-actor will be like. Dogg has starred in a string of hit movies including STARSKY AND HUTCH...

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Wilson Grows Beard To Eradicate 'Stoner' Label

1st February 2005

Hollywood star OWEN WILSON is growing a beard in an effort to abolish the "stoner" tag the media have tainted him with. The STARSKY AND HUTCH funnyman - famous for his laid-back, slow-speaking movie...

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Phillips Quit Borat After Receiving Death Threats

19th January 2005

LATEST: STARSKY AND HUTCH director TODD PHILLIPS quit the set of mock-documentary BORAT after receiving death threats. Last week (ends14JAN05), the film's star SACHA BARON COHEN caused outrage at a rodeo event in Virginia...

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Ali G Star's Fall-out With Director

18th January 2005

STARSKY AND HUTCH director TODD PHILLIPS has left the set of BORAT after falling out with the mock-documentary's star SACHA BARON COHEN. ALI G funnyman Cohen and Phillips disagreed over the creative direction the...

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Howlett 'Proud' Of Appleton's Jungle Stint

23rd November 2004

PRODIGY star LIAM HOWLETT is "so proud" of his wife NATALIE APPLETON's tearful determination to battle her fears in the Australian jungle. The former ALL SAINTS singer has been irritating fellow contestants on British...

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Farrell Insists Miami Vice Will Be Serious

19th November 2004

The movie remake MIAMI VICE will be a modern adaptation and not a parody of the 1980s cop show, according to star COLIN FARRELL. Farrell and JAMIE FOXX have signed to star as DETECTIVE...

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Stallone's Caine Voted Worst Remake

1st November 2004

SYLVESTER STALLONE's 2000 reworking of the SIR MICHAEL CAINE crime thriller GET CARTER has been voted the worst film remake of all time in a new poll. In a survey of 2,000 film fans...

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Jerry Springer Opera To Close

25th October 2004

London show JERRY SPRINGER - THE OPERA is reportedly facing imminent closure after a year of dreadful ticket sales. The West End stage production - based on Springer's scandalous chat show - opened last...

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Jerry Springer Opera Caught Up In Money Wrangles

13th August 2004

The date of JERRY SPRINGER - THE OPERA's Broadway debut has been thrown into jeopardy, following money wrangles. The show is scheduled to be unveiled in New York city in the autumn of 2005,...

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