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Jeri Ryan Engaged

17th July 2006

STAR TREK: VOYAGER star JERI RYAN is engaged to her boyfriend, French chef CHRISTOPHER EME. The two are partners in Ortolan, an award-winning West Hollywood, California restaurant where Eme is the head chef. The 38-year-old...

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Damon's Kirk Casting In Doubt

28th June 2006

Film-maker KEVIN SMITH has cast doubt on speculation MATT DAMON is being lined up to fill WILLIAM SHATNER's shoes as the new CAPTAIN KIRK. MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III director JJ ABRAMS reportedly wants Damon to play...

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Damon The New Captain Kirk?

23rd June 2006

Hollywood actor MATT DAMON is being lined up to fill WILLIAM SHATNER's shoes as the new CAPTAIN KIRK in the next STAR TREK movie. MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III director JJ ABRAMS wants Damon to play the...

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Shatner Honoured By Us Television Industry

21st June 2006

STAR TREK legend WILLIAM SHATNER has been hailed by the television industry for his inspirational performances by joining the Academy of Television Art + Sciences Hall of Fame. The sci-fi star has notched up more...

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Fans Make Star Trek Episodes

19th June 2006

In the absence of new STAR TREK adventures, fans have taken to shooting their own episodes and broadcasting them on the internet. With no plans currently in place to continue the cult sci-fi TV show...

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Montalban's Singh Tops Out-of-this-world Poll

12th June 2006

STAR TREK's KHAN NOONIEN SINGH, played by actor RICARDO MONTALBAN, has topped a new list of TV's Most Out-Of-This-World characters. The WRATH OF KHAN character beat THE DOCTOR from cult British show DOCTOR WHO and...

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Shatner's Kidney Stone Cash Buys New Charity Home

9th June 2006

Christmas cash from the cast of legal drama BOSTON LEGAL and money the show's star WILLIAM SHATNER made by auctioning off his removed kidney stone is helping to build a home. The cast of the...

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Former Child Star Convicted Of Illegal Demonstrating

27th May 2006

Former child activist PAMELYN FERDIN has been convicted of illegally demonstrating outside the house of an animal services employee in Los Angeles. The 47-year-old animal rights campaigner provided the voice of LUCY in cartoon PEANUTS,...

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Shatner Plans Life After Death

25th May 2006

WILLIAM SHATNER is desperately trying to organise his affairs for his fourth wife ELIZABETH MARTIN, over fears he could die at any minute. The Hollywood star, 75, lost third wife NERINE KIDD in a drowning...

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Shatner Reveals The Truth Behind The Myth

25th May 2006

WILLIAM SHATNER has laughed off rumours he was forced to wear a corset to hold in his waist whilst playing CAPTAIN JAMES T KIRK in STAR TREK. The TV legend explains an unfortunate accident led...

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Star Trek Memorabilia Up For Auction

18th May 2006

Over 1,000 pieces of memorabilia from STAR TREK will be auctioned off to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the franchise. Christie's auction house will be selling items including costumes, props, sets, weapons and models. Christie's...

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The Things They Say 2045

18th May 2006

"I don't like sci-fi - I don't want to do anything with sci-fi. STAR WARS? STAR TREK? I'd rather eat turpentine and p**s on a brush fire." MATCH POINT star JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS.

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Stewart Names Us Government Trekkies

17th May 2006

Legendary actor PATRICK STEWART has slammed critics who stereotype STAR TREK fans, claiming former US Secretary of State MADELEINE ALBRIGHT is a stalwart follower of the show. The 65-year-old actor, who played CAPTAIN JEAN-LUC PICARD...

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Stewart's Thanks To Inspirational Teacher

15th May 2006

PATRICK STEWART will show off his talents to the man who launched his acting career this summer (06) when he performs Shakespeare for his English teacher. The 64-year-old STAR TREK actor credits CECIL DORMAND with...

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Connery Is Sexiest Male Pensioner

9th May 2006

Scottish screen icon SIR SEAN CONNERY has beaten STAR TREK actor PATRICK STEWART to be voted Britain's sexiest male pensioner. The former JAMES BOND star swept the poll, winning over half of the votes, while,...

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Stewart Loves Star Trek Healing Powers

3rd May 2006

PATRICK STEWART never ceases to be amazed by the healing powers of STAR TREK, particularly when fans write to thank him for helping them through difficult times. One fan letter in particular left Stewart -...

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Abrams Slams Star Trek Rumours

27th April 2006

LATEST: MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III director JJ ABRAMS is hitting back at unauthorised reports he is directing the next STAR TREK movie. The ALIAS creator is furious the news was released prematurely and is also upset...

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Abrams Gets The Job Of Reviving Star Trek

21st April 2006

The man who TOM CRUISE handpicked to direct him in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III has been selected to breathe new life into the STAR TREK franchise. Film-maker JJ ABRAMS will produce and direct the 11th Star...

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Takei Joins Gay Student Rally

19th April 2006

STAR TREK actor GEORGE TAKEI joined a group of student gay activists trying to visit a Christian university in Minneapolis on Monday (17APR06) - helping them raise awareness about homosexuality. Takei, who played HIKARU SULU...

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Rollins Hangs Out With Shatner

6th April 2006

Former BLACK FLAG frontman HENRY ROLLINS has an unlikely best friend - STAR TREK's WILLIAM SHATNER. The pair met when musician BEN FOLDS produced Shatner's album and invited Rollins to sing a duet. Rollins explains,...

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Takei's Fan Mail Increased After Coming Out

28th March 2006

STAR TREK actor GEORGE TAKEI's fan mail rocketed after he revealed he is gay in 2005 - after keeping his relationship with partner BRAD ALTMAN a secret for 18 years. The Japanese-American star, who played...

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Final Frontier Postponed For Scotty

27th March 2006

Plans to rocket late STAR TREK actor JAMES DOOHAN's ashes into space have been put on hold after a similar spacecraft developed a fuel leak and crashed into the Pacific Ocean. Doohan, who played engineer...

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Parks Remembered At Service

15th March 2006

African-American directing pioneer GORDON PARKS was remembered at a star-studded memorial service in New York City on Tuesday (14MAR06). The SHAFT director, who spent 20 years working as a photographer for Life magazine, died last...

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The Things They Say 1564

7th March 2006

"I don't want STAR TREK meets f**king Russia. I want it kind of, like, authentic - like FIDDLER ON THE ROOF meets f**king PHANTOM (OF THE OPERA)." OZZY OSBOURNE has fixed plans for his RASPUTIN...

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No Launch For Star Trek 11

28th February 2006

Plans for an 11th STAR TREK film have fallen flat with creators of the sci-fi series and films keen to take a long break from the project. Despite plans to develop a new Star...

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Scotty To Be Beamed Up For Last Time

21st February 2006

STAR TREK actor JAMES DOONAN's ashes will be beamed into space next month (MAR06) on a rocket ship and scattered across the galaxy. The actor played chief engineer MONTGOMERY SCOTT on the classic TV...

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Shatner Death Riddle To Be Exposed By Homicide Investigator

8th February 2006

A British homicide investigator is planning to ruin WILLIAM SHATNER's 75th birthday celebrations in March (06) by going public with sensational claims about the death of the actor's wife NERINE KIDD. PETER RYDYN is...

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Fascinating Fact 898

26th January 2006

STAR TREK actor WILLIAM SHATNER will host the inaugural Golden Groundhog Awards on 2 February (06) to honour the best underground movie of 2005. To qualify, competing films must have made less than $1 million...

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Star Trek Supermovie

19th January 2006

STAR TREK is set to return to the big screen with its most famous stars WILLIAM SHATNER, PATRICK STEWART and LEONARD NIMOY. The Sci-fi show's bosses want to reunite CAPTAIN KIRK, CAPTAIN JEAN-LUC PICARD...

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Shatner Sells Kidney Stone

18th January 2006

STAR TREK actor WILLIAM SHATNER has raised $25,000 (GBP14,000) for a housing charity by selling his kidney stone to an online casino. Gambling website are the lucky new owners of the 74-year-old's unique...

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