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Christian Blasts Shatner

9th January 2007

Actress CLAUDIA CHRISTIAN has launched a scathing attack on WILLIAM SHATNER, insisting the STAR TREK star tried to kiss her when they were working together in the 1980s. BABYLON 5 star Christian, 41, and 75-year-old...

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Craig's Star Trek Secret

5th January 2007

JAMES BOND star DANIEL CRAIG is hiding a secret acting ambition - he dreams of appearing in STAR TREK. The suave screen idol is a massive fan of the sci-fi franchise and would jump at...

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Fascinating Fact 2630

3rd January 2007

STAR TREK actor WILLIAM SHATNER has been named the master of ceremonies for the Space Camp Hall of Fame induction banquet in June (07), celebrating the 25th anniversary of the US Space Camp. The event...

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Damon Keen To Play Kirk

14th December 2006

MATT DAMON has secret dreams to go where WILLIAM SHATNER boldly went before him - and bring CAPTAIN JAMES KIRK back to the big screen in the next STAR TREK movie. The actor admits he...

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Hepburn's Tiffany Dress Sells For $800,000

5th December 2006

The iconic black dress AUDREY HEPBURN wore in the 1961 movie BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S fetched $800,000 (GBP410,000) at auction in London today (05DEC06). The lot was only expected to fetch $135,000 (GBP70,000), with all proceeds...

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Takei Targetted By Homophobic Hate Mail

24th November 2006

STAR TREK actor GEORGE TAKEI was targetted by hateful homophobes who were left dismayed when he revealed his sexual orientation. In October 2005 the 69-year-old, who played HIKARU SULU in the sci-fi show, told the...

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Star Trek Fans Set For Christmas Bonanza As Props Go On Sale

22nd November 2006

STAR TREK fans can get an early start on Christmas (06) when props and costumes from the cult sci-fi show go under the hammer next month (DEC06). Hollywood production and wardrobe store It's A Wrap,...

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Ryan Thrilled By French Lover's Lingerie Skills

20th November 2006

Former STAR TREK: VOYAGER star JERI RYAN's chef fiance thrills her in the bedroom because he's the first man she has met who really appreciates her lacy lingerie. The actress, who was previously married to...

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German Trekker Treks To Hollywood For Meal With His Heroine

15th November 2006

An obsessed STAR TREK fan flew all the way from Germany to Los Angeles just to dine at his favourite alien's new restaurant. The young Trekker was flown to Hollywood for dinner at actress JERI...

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Shatner: 'New Kirk Is Uncastable'

11th November 2006

WILLIAM SHATNER insists director JJ ABRAMS will struggle to cast the role of CAPTAIN JAMES T KIRK in his new STAR TREK film, because the part is "uncastable". The 75-year-old played Kirk in the original...

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The Things They Say 3249

2nd November 2006

"It was miserable to wear. It took 20 minutes to get in and out of it. If I needed a bathroom break, production would shut down." Actress JERI RYAN was not a fan of the...

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Jeri Ryan Plans Loire Valley Wedding

1st November 2006

Former STAR TREK: VOYAGER star JERI RYAN is "scoping out" venues in France's Loire's valley for an intimate June 2007 wedding to fiance CHRISTOPHER EME. The German-born actress has fallen in love with the French...

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Tom Cruise To Boldly Go...?

24th October 2006

TOM CRUISE is in negotiations to reteam with MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 3 director JJ ABRAMS for the next STAR TREK movie The movie superstar is reportedly a huge fan of the sci-fi franchise and jumped...

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Actress Jane Wyatt Dies At 96

23rd October 2006

Jane Wyatt, best known for her role as Robert Young's TV wife on the long-running Father Knows Best in the 1950s and early '60s, died Friday of natural causes in Los Angeles at age 96,...

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Tv's Quintessential Mother Wyatt Dies At 96

23rd October 2006

JANE WYATT, the star of 1950s TV series FATHER KNOWS BEST, has died at her Bel-Air home in Los Angeles, California. She was 96. The American actress died in her sleep on Friday (20OCT06) from...

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Hawking To Hit The Big Screen

15th October 2006

Physicist STEPHEN HAWKING is to hit the big screen in a film adaptation of his legendary book, A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME. BEYOND THE HORIZON, which will be shown in 3D, is based on the...

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Top Prices Paid At Cher Auction

11th October 2006

Every auction item turned out to be trés cher at a Sotheby's/Julien's Auctions sale of 700 items belonging to Cher that went under the hammer in Los Angeles Wednesday night. The auction house said that...

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Star Trek Auction Tops $7 Million

9th October 2006

LATEST: STAR TREK fans from around the world have spent more than $7 million (GBP4 million) snapping up memorabilia from the TV and movie franchise at a three-day New York City auction celebrating its 40th...

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Fascinating Fact 2225

7th October 2006

STAR TREK legend WILLIAM SHATNER will host new US quiz show SHOW ME THE MONEY.

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Star Trek Auction Exceeds Expectations

6th October 2006

STAR TREK fans from around the world have snapped up memorabilia from the TV and movie franchise at a New York City auction celebrating its 40th anniversary. Bidders wearing costumes from the cult show paid...

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Virgin To Make Astronaut Idol

29th September 2006

Virgin empire boss SIR RICHARD BRANSON is in negotiations with British television networks to launch a talent show for aspiring astronauts. The BBC and ITV have held talks about the proposed ASTRONAUT IDOL, similar to...

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Parlez-vous Klingon?

28th September 2006

The producer of a film about Star Trek fans who have learned to speak Klingon and who come together in annual conventions to converse in their second language has come to their defense. In an...

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Christie's Auction Over 1000 Star Trek Items

27th September 2006

New York auction house Christie's is auctioning over 1000 items of STAR TREK memorabilia to mark the cult show's 40th anniversary. The props, varying from models of the Starship Enterprise to costumes worn by CAPTAIN...

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Fascinating Fact 2156

25th September 2006

Original STAR TREK star GEORGE TAKEI will age 30 years for a new internet film, shot by fans of the sci-fi series. The 'episode' will air on the Star Trek New Yoyages website in March...

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Enhanced Star Trek Blasted By Fans

11th September 2006

A re-release of 1960s sci-fi series STAR TREK featuring updated special effects has been slammed by fans as an "horrendous artistic affront". Computer-generated wizardry sees the clumsy Starship Enterprise replaced by a new model that...

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Shatner: 'Don't Send Me Into Space'

6th September 2006

STAR TREK legend WILLIAM SHATNER is refusing a free trip into space on SIR RICHARD BRANSON's first Virgin Galactic passenger flight in 2008 - because he fears he will never come back down. Shatner admits...

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Nimoy Abandons Acting For Photography

5th September 2006

STAR TREK star LEONARD NIMOY insists he has no plans to return to acting and has long since turned his attention toward photography. The star, who played MR SPOCK on the classic series, is satisfied...

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Actor Byron Morrow Dies

5th September 2006

BYRON MORROW, a veteran character actor in television and films whose distinguished look often led him to be cast as a top military officer, police chief or judge died on 11 May (06). He was...

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Star Trek Reunion Soured By Shatner

3rd September 2006

The surviving members of STAR TREK have ditched plans for a reunion - because many of them insist they are still scarred by fellow actor WILLIAM SHATNER's hurtful attitude on set. Relations between the show's...

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Fascinating Fact 2053

2nd September 2006

WILLIAM SHATNER is revisiting his STAR TREK character, CAPTAIN JAMES T KIRK, in a series of new children's books. The actor has signed a deal with publishers Simon + Schuster to pen books about the...

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