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Zoe Saldana's Basic Training

22nd December 2009

James Cameron made the cast of his latest movie 'Avatar' live without modern comforts for three days while filming. Zoe Saldana, who plays the role of the alien Neytiri in the sci-fi film, said the...

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Munn: 'I'm Single'

21st December 2009

OLIVIA MUNN has cast doubt over rumours she's dating STAR TREK star CHRIS PINE by declaring she's "officially single".The pair was rumoured to be romantically entangled by a U.S. tabloid report last month (Nov09) that...

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Harry Swoops Up To First Place On Dvd Charts

18th December 2009

As expected, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince made its pre-Christmas debut on DVD last week and instantly bounded to the top of the Nielsen EDI VideoScan sales chart. (Early in the week it was...

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The Things They Say 14683

15th December 2009

"I did STAR TREK earlier this year and now AVATAR, so I've pretty much been in space all year." Actress ZOE SALDANA is out of this world.

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Angels & Demons & District 9 Lead Special Effects Oscars Shortlist

14th December 2009

Boffins behind films like ANGELS & DEMONS, DISTRICT 9 and STAR TREK will battle it out for a Visual Effects Oscar nomination spot after landing on the latest shortlist.Fifteen features are now under consideration for...

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Shatner In Talks For Abrams' Star Trek Sequel

10th December 2009

WILLIAM SHATNER is in talks to return to the world of STAR TREK, despite attacking director J.J. ABRAMS for leaving him out of his 2009 blockbuster prequel.The original Captain Kirk reveals he and Abrams met...

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Shatner Sick Of Star Trek Feuds

30th November 2009

WILLIAM SHATNER has given up trying to make peace with his "bitter" former STAR TREK co-stars - insisting "nothing seems to work".The 78-year-old, who shot to fame as Captain Kirk on the original 1960s show,...

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Heston's Embarrassment Over Baldness

27th November 2009

Movie icon CHARLTON HESTON was so embarrassed by his thinning hair he wore two wigs on stage, according to STAR TREK's GEORGE TAKEI.The Planet of the Apes actor was starring in A Man For All...

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Shatner Did Have A Role In Star Trek Movie, Script Reveals

25th November 2009

Appearing to settle the question of whether director JJ Abrams wanted William Shatner to appear in last year's Star Trek movie, the website on Tuesday claimed that two "alternate" scenes in which Shatner would...

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The Things They Say 14373

25th November 2009

"I've become a little action whore. I've always gravitated toward the Sigourney Weavers, the f**king Linda Hamiltons, the Angelina Jolies. I just love strong women that are in tune with their bodies - that don't...

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The Things They Say 14360

24th November 2009

"I did (approach Damon), but not for the role of James Kirk. I went to Damon for the role of Kirk's father, and he declined in the most gracious and understandable and logical of reasons....

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Original Star Trek Pilot Found, Out On Blu-ray

17th November 2009

Paramount Home Video's Blu-ray Disc release of the 24 digitally restored episodes of Star Trek that aired in 1968-69 will include what the company describes as a "long-lost alternate version of the pilot episode." The...

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Pine Finds Love With Munn

11th November 2009

STAR TREK star CHRIS PINE is reportedly smitten with actress OLIVIA MUNN after just one month of dating.The actor's romantic exploits last hit the headlines in May (09) when he was spotted enjoying a dinner...

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Hall Of Fame Honour For Star Trek's Roddenberry

11th November 2009

Late STAR TREK creator GENE RODDENBERRY is to be inducted into the U.S. Television Academy's Hall of Fame to mark his work on the sci-fi franchise.The producer, who died in 1991, was responsible for seven...

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Wal-mart Sets Off Dvd Price War

9th November 2009

Wal-Mart touched off a DVD price war on Friday when it announced a special pre-release price of $10 for many soon-to-be-released titles, including Terminator Salvation, Angels & Demons, Julie & Julia, and Star Trek. Target...

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Fascinating Fact 8233

27th October 2009

"We're working on it. They were calling to see where we were going to be and how my schedule is next year. Just that was worth me doing a cartwheel when I got the phone...

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Pine & Janney Win Theatre Award Nominations

20th October 2009

STAR TREK actor CHRIS PINE and ALLISON JANNEY have landed nominations for Los Angeles' top theatre awards.Pine is recognised for his role in Farragut North, while Janney lands a Best Actress nod for her part...

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Paisley & Quinto Team Up For Nashville Drama

17th October 2009

Country star BRAD PAISLEY and STAR TREK actor ZACHARY QUINTO have joined forces to produce a new TV drama set in Nashville, Tennessee.The odd couple created the show with writers Neal Dodson and Matt Bomer...

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Pine To Play Jack Ryan

14th October 2009

STAR TREK star CHRIS PINE is to step into BEN AFFLECK and HARRISON FORD's shoes after signing up to play beloved movie character JACK RYAN in a new movie.Pine becomes the fourth actor to portray...

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Nimoy To Sell Off Spock Ears To Benefit Theatre Charity

13th October 2009

STAR TREK icon LEONARD NIMOY is to auction off a pair of his Mr. Spock ears to raise cash for charity.The actor will be honoured at an upcoming Company of Angels charity gala in Los...

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Roddenberry's First Apple Macintosh Computer Up For Sale

17th September 2009

The first Apple MACintosh Plus computer, which was given to STAR TREK creator GENE RODDENBERRY, is to be auctioned off.California auction house Profiles in History will place the item under the hammer during a Hollywood...

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Fascinating Fact 7995

15th September 2009

J.J. ABRAMS' STAR TREK trailer has entered the Guinness Book of Records after it was downloaded 1.8 million times on the day of its release online.

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Nimoy & Shatner Thrill Star Trek Fans At Atlanta Convention

5th September 2009

LEONARD NIMOY poked fun at STAR TREK pal WILLIAM SHATNER during a rare and much-anticipated meeting of the two sci-fi icons at an Atlanta, Georgia convention on Friday (04Sep09).Organisers of the Dragon-Con event couldn't believe...

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Actor Reimers Dies

17th August 2009

Actor ED REIMERS, who appeared in STAR TREK and THE MILLIONAIRE, has died. He was 96.The star passed away at his daughter's house in New York on Sunday (16Aug09), his nephew Dean Lindoerfer has confirmed....

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Decent Time Traveler Eric Bana

13th August 2009

Eric Bana was picked to star in 'The Time Traveler's Wife' because of his "obvious decency". The Australian actor - who plays Henry DeTamble, a man who involuntarily travels through time - was chosen for...

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Burton Sued For Outstanding Grocery Bill

9th August 2009

STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION star LEVAR BURTON is facing a lawsuit from bosses of a U.S. supermarket chain who have accused the actor of failing to pay $2,000 (£1,330) in grocery bills.In a suit...

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Nimoy To Lead Historic Space Show

29th July 2009

STAR TREK star LEONARD NIMOY is to narrate the first astronomic orchestral concert on the lawn outside Hollywood landmark the Griffith Observatory.Film and TV's Mr. Spock will be backed by the 67-piece Symphony in the...

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Star Trek's Burton Hospitalised After Car Crash

14th July 2009

STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION star LEVAR BURTON is recovering after he was involved in a car crash on Monday night (13Jul09).The 52 year old was travelling in a vehicle in Los Angeles when it...

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Success Is Revenge 'S Revenge Against Critics

30th June 2009

Ticket sales for Transformers Revenge of the Fallen on Sunday fell a whopping $3 million below Paramount's estimate. Nevertheless, the studio claimed that the movie earned $200.1 million over its first five days, only about...

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The Fallen Rises

29th June 2009

Paramount's Transformers Revenge of the Fallen came within inches -- well, $2.6 million -- of overtaking last year's The Dark Knight as the film with the best 5-day opening of all time. According to studio...

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