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Time For "Transformers: Age Of Extinction" To Prove Its Metal With Early Release In China

By Victoria Pavlova | 26th June 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction opens in Hong Kong today, after months of anticipation. Since the previous movies of the franchise performed so well on the Chinese market (which is now the second biggest film market...

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Li Bingbing Can't Get A Boyfriend

24th June 2014

Li Bingbing says she can't get a boyfriend because men are scared of the characters she plays. The 41-year-old actress is currently starring as Su Yueming alongside Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz and Stanley Tucci in...

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Transformers 5 Has 2016 Release Date

19th June 2014

The fifth 'Transformers' film is to be released in 2016.Paramount has today (19.06.14) unveiled its official 2016 slate, revealing that the fifth movie in the sci-fi-action series will be in cinemas in two years time,...

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'22 Jump Street' Tops Us Box Office But Are New Releases This Weekend Serious Threats?

By Elinor Cosgrave | 16th June 2014

22 Jump Street and How To Train Your Dragon 2 have topped the US weekend box office. The two newcomers gained, respectively, first and second position knocking, The Fault In Our Stars off the top...

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A Week In Movies: Cannes Winds Down, Episode Vii And Batman V Superman Cranks Up, New Trailers Promise Lots Of Action For Summer And Autumn

By Rich Cline | 23rd May 2014

As the Cannes Film Festival winds down this weekend, a handful of films are emerging as frontrunners for the prestigious awards ceremony. Higher-profile contenders include David Cronenberg's 'Map to the Stars' starring Robert Pattinson, Mike...

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Stanley Tucci Loves Doing Animations

8th May 2014

Stanley Tucci ''loves'' doing animation films since he doesn't have to wear make-up.The 53-year-old actor - who was catapulted to the spotlight following his performance in 2009's 'The Lovely Bones' - lends his voice to...

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Mark Wahlberg: Transformers Is Most 'Iconic' Film Franchise

25th March 2014

Mark Wahlberg thinks 'Transformers' is the ''most iconic'' franchise ever.The 42-year-old actor can't wait for the fourth instalment of Michael Bay's alien robot action films, 'Transformers: Age of Extinction', to hit the big screen later...

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Christian Bale To Play Steve Jobs? Other Actors Who Could Suit The Role

By Sophie Miskiw | 25th March 2014

Let’s hope the next attempt at making a movie about the life of American entrepreneur and late CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs is an improvement on the last one. Ashton Kutcher tackled the role in...

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Alien Robots Use Earth As Their Battlefield In 'Transformers 4: Age Of Extinction' [Trailer + Pictures]

By Jack de Aguilar | 5th March 2014

With all that Oscars nonsense out of the way, it’s time to focus on explosions, Mark Wahlberg and massive robots. Luckily,Transformers 4: Age of Extinctionis basically made up of those three things; showcased by the...

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'The Wind Rises': It's A Tragedy Hayao Miyazaki's Wondrous Final Act Missed Out On The Oscar [Clips + Pictures]

By Lauren James | 3rd March 2014

The Wind Rises may not have been the flashiest or most talked-about movie at last night's Academy Awards but could prove to be one of the most arresting animated movies of all time upon its...

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First 'Transformers: Age Of Extinction' Dinobot Mayhem Trailer Excites Super Bowl Audience [Video]

By Lauren James | 3rd February 2014

Fans at Sunday's Super Bowl were given an exclusive sneak peek into the new Transformers movie, Age of Extinction, in what was the first public show of scenes from Michael Bay's ultra-cool new space robot...

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Joseph Gordon-levitt, Emily Blunt Join The Wind Rises

18th December 2013

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emily Blunt will provide voices for 'The Wind Rises'.The 'Looper' stars will reunite to voice the lead characters in the English-language version of acclaimed Japanese filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki's final movie before he...

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Oscar Isaac Replaces Javier Bardem In A Most Violent Year

4th December 2013

Oscar Isaac has replaced Javier Bardem in 'A Most Violent Year'.The 'Inside Llewyn Davis' actor has signed up to star alongside Oscar-nominated starlet Jessica Chastain in the new period drama directed by J.C. Chandor, according...

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Jennifer Lawrence Stuns On 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Red Carpet [Pictures]

By Joe Wilde | 12th November 2013

The Odeon Cinema in London's Leicester Square was host to the world premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Monday night (Nov 11), and the stars and guests were on hand to make a...

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Mr. Peabody In A Brand New Adventure For 2013, Cartoon To Big Screen [Trailer + Pictures]

By Jack de Aguilar | 1st November 2013

It’s not easy being the world's smartest and most brilliant dog. In fact, it’s pretty darn difficult. Mr. Peabody is taking his endless adventure pallet onto the big screen, with a time-travelling yarn through ancient...

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The Final Trailer For 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Sets Fan Anticipation Into Overdrive

By Joe Wilde | 28th October 2013

The Hunger Games will be back in less than one month, when The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is release worldwide in cinemas and IMAX. The big event will roll up on 22 November (that's only...

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Michael Bay Attacked On Transformers Set

17th October 2013

Michael Bay was attacked on the set of 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' in Hong Kong.The action director - who is currently shooting the fourth instalment of the alien robot franchise in China - received injuries...

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Benedict Cumberbatch Wins Praise For His Portrayal Of Julian Assange In 'The Fifth Estate'

By Elinor Cosgrave | 11th October 2013

The Fifth Estate has received mixed reviews in time with its release in US cinemas. The film follows the rise of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks to prominence. Although many have described the film as lacking...

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Kim Kardashian To Play Alien In American Dad

25th September 2013

Kim Kardashian is to play an alien in 'American Dad!'. The 32-year-old reality TV star will lend her voice to the part of an extra-terrestrial whose spaceship crash lands in the animated sitcom's fictional suburb...

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Emma Watson To Star In Your Voice In My Head

9th September 2013

Emma Watson will star in 'Your Voice In My Head'.The 23-year-old actress was originally set to team up with her former 'Harry Potter' director David Yates for the adaptation of Emma Forrest's memoir a few...

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Stanley Tucci Dreams Of Owning Restaurant

9th September 2013

The Hunger Games star Stanley Tucci is still dreaming of opening his own restaurant after helping to develop the Finch Tavern in Croton Falls, New York.The food and wine-loving movie star, who tasted culinary success...

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Transformers 4 Titled 'Age Of Extinction': No Jokes, Please

By Michael West | 4th September 2013

The Transformers franchise just keeps on trucking and now, armed with Mark Wahlberg as his leading man, Michael Bay has dreamed up a title for his brand new big-budget action sci-fi. Transformers 4: Age of...

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'Transformers 4' Title Revealed

4th September 2013

'Transformers: Age of Extinction' is the official title of the forthcoming sci-fi film.Paramount pictures disclosed the name of the fourth installment in the hit series alongside a sand-covered poster which also contained the release date,...

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Hayley Atwell 'So Nervous' Making Captain America

7th August 2013

Hayley Atwell was ''so nervous'' making 'Captain America: The First Avenger' she ''became uptight''.The British actress played the lead female role in the 2011 Marvel superhero movie - starring alongside Chris Evans - and she...

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'Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters': Take A Sneak Peek Into The New Fantastical Adventure [Clips]

By Lauren James | 5th August 2013

Get ready for the new installation of the magic and adventure of Percy Jackson & The Olympians series, the brand new fantasy spectacle that's about to propel its way into cinemas across the world.Percy (Logan...

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"The Fifth Estate" Is Not The Wikileaks Film Julian Assange Wanted To See

By Victoria Pavlova | 18th July 2013

The first wave of WikiLeaks movies is finally seeing its day and director Bill Condon’s The Fifth Estate like it’s going to be the first fictionalized account out of the gate. The first trailer for...

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Benedict Cumberbatch Stars As Julian Assange In Wikileaks Thriller 'The Fifth Estate' [Trailer]

By Elinor Cosgrave | 18th July 2013

Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) stars in The Fifth Estate as Julia Assange. The trailer was released yesterday (17th July) and the film is due out in US cinemas this autumn.Benedict Cumberbatch at the London premiere of...

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The Fifth Estate: Wikileaks Thriller Starring Cumberbatch As Assange [Trailer + Pictures]

By Jack de Aguilar | 17th July 2013

The Fifth Estate – the WikiLeaks movie already denounced by Julian Assange himself – has its first trailer, in which we see Benedict Cumberbatch star as the founder of the controversial website. The film "traces...

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Jimmy Kimmel Married, But Why Did Two Brides Turn Up To The Wedding?

By Lauren James | 15th July 2013

Jimmy Kimmel and his long-term lover MollyMcNearney have married in a romantic Californian ceremony. The star-studded ceremony was packed with A-list guests, including Matt Damon, his wife Luciana, Emily Blunt, Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck, Ellen...

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The Things They Say: 3741138

30th June 2013

"It's amazing. I only have one experience, but I love being married to Stanley. I would hope that for everybody." Emily Blunt's sister Felicity Blunt is enjoying married life with her actor husband Stanley Tucci.

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