'Escape Plan' stars the two biggest action movie actors from the last 30 years, but is it just too late to deliver a classic macho-man tale that the two aging icons were so successful with during their younger days?

The action movie depicts Stallone as a security expert escapist called 'Ray Breslin', whose career is to test prisons around the country (USA) discovering if they are escapable, he trials the weak security systems by going undercover as an inmate.

Escape Plan
Stallone and Schwarzenegger team up to escape from 'The Tomb'

However, Ray's career takes an unexpected turn when the CIA cons him into entering 'The Tomb', the most high tech security prison facility ever built, but the only problem is they plan to keep the escapist incarcerated for life.

To escape from this prison Ray is going to need help and non-other than his old rival form the 80's joins him in order to win back their freedom. Schwarzenegger plays 'Emil Rottmayer' an inmate who helps Ray turn on 'Warden Willard Hobbs' (Jim Caviezel) as they plan a break out.

The 2 hour thriller premiered in the US on Friday 18th October but how did the action superstars fare against the critics as they attempt to relive their heroic proficiency of their youth?

MaryAnn Johanson from Flick Filosopher praises the film for its simplicity "Nothing here is as clever as it is desperately trying to be, but Stallone and Schwarzenegger are game to give us a good time."

Kyle Smith from the New York Post thought Schwarzenegger as a whitty counterpart to Stallone was the highlight of the movie as he says, "Schwarzenegger misses no opportunity to be hilarious. How many actors can make you chuckle even when they're being waterboarded?"

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However, not all critics were happy with the overdue collaboration of the two action movie icons as Gary Wolcott of the Tri-City Herald ruthlessly stated the film is "Barely fresh. Stallone. Schwarzenegger. In the same movie. Let the debate rage over who is the worst actor. And somewhere in all that bad acting is an equally bad plot."

Kofi Outlaw of ScreenRant was equally as negative about the pairing of Stallone and Schwarzenegger, with his conclusion reading, the film was "a shoddy, silly, testosterone-fueled action film throwback, which teeters between clever self parody and an embarrassingly bad attempt to create an actual action blockbuster."

Stallone (67) and Schwarzenegger (66) are well into their years but both actors aren't showing their age so this maybe the last opportunity a moviegoer can witness the pair collaborating in relatively good shape before demanding action scenes are no longer possible.

Or it could be said their successful masculine leading man roles are in the past and they should stay there?

'Escape Plan' premiered on Friday 18th 2013 in theatres around the US.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Crtics were impressed with Arnold's whitty humour in 'Escape Plan'

Slyvester Stallone
Stallone's portrayal of a secuirty expert was not well recieved by a large portion of critics